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Paterson Project Management builds a townhome community in south Florida

that exudes sophistication and luxury.

By Janice Hoppe

Florida’s Lauderdale by the Sea is a small urban beach town offering more than a mile-and-a-half of sandy beaches, a fresh ocean breeze and a progressive vibe. It was the perfect location for Paterson Project Management Inc. President and CEO Terry Paterson to bring his new townhome development – SkY230 – to life.

“Myself and two partners bought the land in 2013 from someone who was trying to develop this project since 2007,” Paterson remembers. “The design was very Mizner-style, but we changed the whole project and it is now very contemporary. It was a big risk to take at the time, but it worked out great to change it because it’s all what you see being built today. Every building and house is going contemporary.”Paterson Fact Box

Redesigning the entire project prevented Paterson Project Management from beginning construction until December 2013 on the first five of 29 townhomes. “We started slowly to get some movement and help with the sales, and finished those in 2015,” Paterson says. “The second phase is the next 12 townhomes – all of which are sold in addition to the first five whose owners are already living there. Stage two is under construction and we expect to finish around August or September.”

Phase three will consist of the final 12 townhomes and construction is expected to begin in August. Sales for this phase are open now and Paterson can be contacted for more information. The company just began selling the final dozen and expects them to move quickly. SkY230 townhomes range in price from $1 million to $2.5 million.

Great Outdoors

SkY230 townhomes are designed to exude sophistication and luxury. The units are three or four bedrooms and four or four-and-a-half bathrooms, ranging up to 4,500 square feet. “Inside the units are 2,800 to 3,500 square feet and the gross living space is about an additional 1,000- to 1,500-square-foot because we have big rooftop terraces, and covered or uncovered balconies,” Paterson explains. “There is a lot of outdoor living space.”

The development got its name because its located at 230 Shore Court and the fourth-floor is a rooftop terrace open to the sky above, which Paterson says, most townhomes don’t have. “When people buy townhouses they are sandwiched without a lot of outdoor space,” he explains. “We have 500- to 1,000-square-foot rooftop terraces and balconies in every unit.”

Outdoor amenities include a private boat dock with deep-water access on a quiet waterway one block east of the Intercostal, waterfront views of Silver Shores Waterway and dockside gated entry for waterfront villas. The balconies and patios include 24 X 48 porcelain tiles and glass railings and the rooftop terraces feature artificial turf, as well as a kitchen and grill area.

The development also includes two communal pools and Jacuzzis. “We have an amazing pool area with 360-degree infinity edges and glass railings all the way around,” Paterson describes. “We have the most beautiful commercial pool area you have ever seen.”

SkY230 is located on the waterfront and very close to the ocean, which is why every home is built to withstand a hurricane. Paterson Project Management built the townhomes with CBS block concrete and steel with concrete floor and roof structures to prevent movement and cracking. “There is no ability for a major hurricane to cause any damage,” Paterson says. “That was very important being so close to the ocean when bringing in buyers from in and out of state. That’s what their concerns are.”

The company also connected four city blocks of power, cable and phone lines to the main trunk lines underground, which are the first to be fixed in an emergency, such as a hurricane. “That means we should either experience no power loss or a very short power loss because the main trunk lines get fixed and maintained first due to being connected to emergency services,” Paterson explains.

Adding Style

Interiors are tailored to homebuyer’s style and personalized by interior designer Steven G, known as the interior design guru of Miami. “Most townhouse or condo developments are ‘designer-ready’ when you buy them,” Paterson says. “People purchase their units and still have to spend a couple hundred thousand to do the finishes. But at SkY230, when I’m done, you’re done. There’s nothing more a buyer has to do.”

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SkY230 townhomes include Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, high-efficient air conditioning units and gas hot water heaters, and LED lighting. “Our finishes are high-end,” Paterson notes. “We first started going with basic finishes and offering upgrade options like any other development, but found with it being a high-end development everyone was choosing the higher end products, so we scraped the basics.”

Because SkY230 includes high-end materials, homebuyers are customizing the space rather than upgrading the units. “We customize to their taste,” Paterson explains, “for example, where they want outlets, certain lights or a wet bar. Some people have asked me to take a four-bedroom and make it into a three-bedroom for more space and two buyers are getting glass elevators. It’s those kinds of things that we can do because Paterson Project Management, the general contractor doing the construction, is a high-end custom homebuilder.”

Staying Classy

In 2001, Paterson founded Paterson Project Management, a construction company focused on building single-family waterfront homes in south Florida. He got his start in the industry in Cape Town, South Africa, which is one of the birthplaces of the current contemporary style. “There are famous contemporary architects and contemporary homes that come out of there, and have been since the 1970s,” he says.

Paterson came to south Florida in 1999 for a vacation and fell in love with the area and the market. “I immediately started buying real estate and taking advantage of the huge appreciation between 1999 and 2003,” Paterson remembers. “What kept me here was the economy and then I fell in love with south Florida and its luxurious lifestyle, the water, the Bahamas and boating. That definitely keeps me here. I love it here.”

Paterson used his years of experience as a single-family and multi-family luxury homebuilder to develop and build SkY230, his first master-planned community. Paterson Project Management had constructed duplexes and five or six townhome developments in the past, but this was the company’s first 29-unit community. “This is the direction I want to go for all of my developments in the future,” he says. “This is the way to go. You can offer so much more value due to the quantity.”

With that mission in mind, Paterson says to “keep an eye out for future big developments coming up.” The company has purchased the land around SkY230 with the intent to continue the success of the project onto the neighboring land.


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