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These are exciting times for homebuilders. For the first time since the height of the housing boom, the North American housing market is showing real signs of recovery. Most importantly, uncertainty is waning and historically low interest rates are bringing a growing number of consumers back to the market. For builders, designers and other players in the housing market, these indicators offer unprecedented opportunities.

Modern Home Builder is the must-read resource for industry professionals in this reemerging marketplace. Each issue features in-depth interviews with industry leaders and showcases the builders and designers of extraordinary residences. Whether it’s a 30,000-square-foot estate or a successful, well-received affordable housing development, you’ll read about it in the pages of Modern Home Builder.

Our readers are the “who’s who” of this dynamic market, and include elite builders and designers of single and multifamily homes throughout North America. Featuring world-class photography and interviews straight from the luminaries of homebuilding and design, every issue of Modern Home Builder is as unique as the residences within. Through our print and digital magazines, website, editorial and social media outlets, Modern Home Builder keeps the players in this reemerging sector informed of market and style trends, notable projects and industry leaders. If you want to read about or reach the homebuilding market, Modern Home Builder is your go-to resource.

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