A fine-tuned process and attention to detail allows Rendon Remodeling & Design to excel in the Northern Virginia market.
By Staci Davidson

Project Manager Joey Rendon describes a recent renovation and addition to a home in Arlington, Va., as a “perfect project” for Rendon Remodeling & Design. First the project’s homeowner was referred to Rendon Remodeling by a friend who had used the company multiple times in the past, and both the homeowner and his friend work in commercial construction, so they know quality work when they see it.


Fairfield Home and Garden succeeds with in-house employees and control over project time frames.

By Mark Lawton

Fairfield House & Garden was founded in the late 1930s as a contracting service, engaged in tree landscaping, masonry and home improvement work. The founder’s son John R. Conte got involved in the business in the 1980s and increased the amount of home improvement work including house additions and landscape construction.

DEAN Custom Homes

The owners of DEAN Custom Homes have a winning formula for delivering homes.

By Alan Dorich

When DEAN Custom Homes Inc. builds a customer’s dream house, it avoids giving them “more of the same” that they could find elsewhere in the market. “We try really hard to keep up with the trends [and] add a level of uniqueness to it,” co-owner Noha Elbermawy asserts.

RCIBuildersNow at its 20th anniversary, RCI Builders expands on its strength in central Virginia with substantial land positions and a process to ensure homeowner satisfaction.

By Staci Davidson

At RCI Builders, Co-Owner and Co-Founder Todd Rogers likes to say, “you can’t build houses on air.” Yes, it’s a silly phrase, but its truth goes deeper to why RCI Builders operates the way it does. The company focuses on having strong land positions in its market around Hanover County, Va., so homes built there are more attractive to buyers.

SierraSierra Sustainable Builders quickly made a name for itself in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., for its responsible building methods and remains just as innovative 15 years later.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Longtime friends Cory Hannaford and Danny Webb grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where they experienced firsthand the impact that large scale forestry practices had on the wild places they loved. This rapidly changing landscape left an indelible mark on them both. Years later, when they began working in the construction industry, Webb and Hannaford witnessed firsthand the connection between the devastating clear-cuts of their childhood backyards, and the wasteful approach to building they currently experienced.


Concept Homes keeps its finger on the pulse of trends in the housing industry.

By Alan Dorich

When Concept Homes builds a house, it makes sure that it is on the same page as its subcontractors and designers. This requires an environment of open communication and transparency. Without it, “The house just won’t flow,” Project Director Adam Koch says.

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