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In his 2016 State of the State address, New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that his theme for the year is “Built to Lead.” Cuomo adopted this theme in recognition of New York’s heritage as a standard bearer throughout U.S. history, the progress the state has made in the past five years, and New York’s capacity to lead the nation in addressing some of today’s most pressing challenges. 

“In five years we have accomplished much for New York State,” said Governor Cuomo in his address. “Yet with all that we’ve done, we are not immune to the problems vexing our nation. From crumbling infrastructure to climate change to the widening gap between the wealthy and everyone else, we too are faced with significant challenges. I know that New York can conquer these issues, however, because we have done it before. We have proven the capacity to take on the toughest issues of the day, and done what was once dismissed as impossible. Together, we will build an even smarter, stronger and fairer New York than ever before – and we will show the nation the way forward once again.”

Much of the governor’s plans for the year involve improving the state’s infrastructure, including:

    Expanding and improving transportation on Long Island;
    Investing $250 million in support for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects;
    Investing $700 million more in Thruway infrastructure;
    Launching a $22 billion multi-year campaign to upgrade critical roads, bridges and other vital transportation infrastructure throughout the state;
    Expanding and improving access to high-speed Internet in communities statewide.

And with improved infrastructure comes more residential development. In this issue, Modern Home Builder is featuring some of New York’s top builders, companies that know exactly how to make the most of improved communities and maintain quality even when faced with challenges. Just like numerous areas throughout the rest of the nation, New York has struggled with a very slow recovery from the last decade’s housing collapse. But the builders featured in this issue faced those challenges and found success by delivering quality and focusing on customer satisfaction. With those strengths, these companies continue to build market share. 

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