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Mitchell Wilk Architecture's efficiency, experience and belief in closely communicating with homeowners throughout the new home construction process more than make up for the firm's small staff. 

“We are a small company that can handle large custom home design in a way that many companies my size can’t,” partner and President Doug Wilk says, noting that all three of the company's employees are senior architects with more than 55 years of combined experience. “We believe in exploring designs, but are very efficient in how we go about things. We know how to put a house together and can do it in a short time frame.”

Based near the Connecticut border in Rye, N.Y., Mitchell Wilk Architecture provides new designs and plans to clients in Westchester, N.Y., and Fairfield, Conn., counties as well as in the Hamptons region of Long Island, New York. Homes designed by Mitchell Wilk Architecture range in value from $1 million to $10 million. “We will do small or large renovations for any client who appreciates fine architecture and wants designs that are thoughtfully done,” Doug Wilk adds. 

Staying Current

Homes designed by Mitchell Wilk Architecture are distinguished by their intricate details and attractive materials. “For us, quality means being thoughtful about details and material choices and how they're put together,” Wilk says. “It is also critical to work in concert with an experienced contractor.”  

Materials used in the firm's homes include concrete, glass, lighter metals and millwork that has a “less heavy” look and feel than that traditionally used in homes. One recent home design included glass railings as well as concrete mantle surrounds and copper and metal cladding.  

The firm contracts out projects to homebuilders who bid for the job. Mitchell Wilk Architecture regularly communicates with both contractors and clients during construction. “I'm always keeping clients informed on all kinds of decisions ranging from construction scheduling, to material choices, and my office is constantly sending e-mails and sketches,” Wilk adds. “Every piece of documentation we handle is very thorough, so change-orders are minimized from our perspective.”

Many of the homes designed by the company combine an updated yet mostly traditional exterior with open floor plans and a slightly modern flair to their interior. Great rooms and other light and airy spaces that offer a visual connection to the homes outside are common. “Many of our homes are located in neighborhoods where modern architecture wouldn't fit as well, and we strive to be contextual,” Wilk says. “We can be more edgy for those homes that are on larger lots and not right next to other, older homes.” 

Wilk and firm partner Scott Fisher work to stay current on design trends. “We spend a lot of time reading magazines, looking at current publications and online, and keep our eyes open as we drive around to understand the context in which we work,” Wilk says. “We apply our skills to interpret that information and put our own twist on it.”

The company's eye toward design and other skills ensure that it stays busy. “We have a really solid company working in a highly competitive market,” Wilk adds. “I'm proud of the reputation we have built and that our clients are very happy with us.” 

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