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J. Bryant Boyd Architect Design-Build celebrates its 25th anniversary.

By Kat Zeman

J. Bryant Boyd loves history and architecture. When he formed his firm, he took inspiration from the pre-industrial revolution era. “When they built a home, the architect was also the builder. They were one and the same,” he says. “So we decided to take that idea and bring it back to life. After the industrial revolution, everything became compartmentalized.”

Since 1992, Georgetown, Texas-based J. Bryant Boyd Architect Design-Build has been a recognized leader in custom home design, construction and restoration. The company focuses on building authentic and energy-intelligent homes that keep with the housing traditions of central Texas while fusing modern technology and materials.

The company, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, prides itself on being a true master builder. It says that all construction begins with design and should be led with the same insight and vision as the design process itself. “What we offer is one-stop shopping,” Boyd says. “The people that are building your house are intimately aware of all the components of that house. The design team works closely with the construction team.”

This merging of art and technology allows for a seamless process that engages the client with the architect and tradesmen. A true custom home should be designed to the last detail, Boyd says. 

“When we say ‘custom home,’ we don’t mean that you get to choose your carpet. We literally design the home down to the doorknob,” he adds. “I love helping people create something they love. We want you to love your home and not just exist in a space.”

The company’s projects range from custom to speculative homes from 1,000 to 13,000 square feet. It also has experience in multifamily housing, interior decoration, remodeling, institutional, government projects and commercial development projects.


J. Bryant Boyd Architect Design-Build operates mainly in the Austin metro area. “If I can’t get in my truck and be at the jobsite, we’re not building it,” Boyd says.

The company builds between 10 and 15 homes per year that average in price from $450,000 to $1 million, though it has designed and built homes both for more and less.

“I think we can probably do 20 homes per year,” Boyd says. “But we want to be careful about balancing the amount of homes we build in relation to the quality of the homes. It takes more man-hours to put a custom home together. I don’t want to knock them out as quickly as possible because then you lose quality.”

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J. Bryant Boyd Architect Design-Build specializes in building what Boyd calls “hill country ranch homes. It’s a Texas term.” These homes have craftsman influences and generally feature lots of stone, metal roofs, exposed cedar, board and batten siding with expansive views and lots of windows. 

The company is also known for restoring historic homes, which is between 35 to 40 percent of its business. It is currently restoring a three-story home in Taylor, Texas. “I think it has the oldest residential elevator in the state,” Boyd says. “The house was built in the early 1900s or late 1800s. It is a very unique old house.”


Some people call it environmentally friendly. J Bryant Boyd Architect Design-Build states that it designs homes that are “energy-intelligent.” This means using energy-efficient products and locally sourced materials.

In addition, the company only uses spray foam insulation as opposed to fiberglass. Spray foam is know for creating a powerful airtight seal that has been shown to be 24 times less permeable to air infiltration than fiberglass and other types of insulation. Also, the company uses high- efficiency HVAC systems and energy-efficient windows.

“We believe it’s the right thing to do,” Boyd says. “We find that our energy-intelligent homes consume 40 to 50 percent less energy than standard homes. They have a much longer shelf life.”

A Humble Beginning

A Texas Tech University graduate, J. Bryant Boyd started his career building barns and stables on his dad’s horse ranch in north Texas. After high school, he began working in construction and then moved to the oil fields of Oklahoma and west Texas.

“I fell into architecture,” he says. “I thought I would be an engineer, but I became bored with that. Then one of my jbryantboydprofessors in college suggested that I go into architecture. It was like someone turned the light on. I found it fascinating.” 

J Bryant Boyd Architect Design-Build started in 1992 as an architectural firm that focused on residential projects in Austin. “We built homes mostly for ourselves and close friends,” Boyd says.

In 1997, Boyd moved his firm to Georgetown where he has earned a reputation for creating sustainable, site-oriented, buildable and beautiful architecture that acknowledges historic precedent and embraces modern performance. In 2008, the company became a full design/build firm after helping a number of builders in the Georgetown area tackle projects.

Boyd’s firm and his work have been recognized with local design awards and in several national design publications. One of the firm’s most famous projects was the restoration of a home built in 1919 in Georgetown. The company was recognized for this project in 2006 when it won the Southern Home Award presented by Southern Living Magazine.  


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