Reedy MIP Building

Memphis Investment Properties targets single-family homes in desirable areas of Memphis, Tenn.,

to help investors grow their portfolios.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Knighthouse Media

The housing marketing in Memphis, Tenn., is an investor’s dream. In addition to making Forbes’ best markets for real estate investment 2019, 43 percent of residents are renters and inventory is high. With more than 38 years of experience in the Memphis real estate market, Memphis Investment Properties offers local and foreign real estate investors compete turnkey service to grow and diversify their investment portfolio.

UrbanXWith the River Landing development, UrbanX Group is bringing retail to an area of Miami that has great demand.

By Staci Davidson, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media 

During the Great Recession, so many contractors and developers had to shut down, reorganize or figure out what else they could do. The market could not support everyone the way it was operating previously, and many companies struggled. This is not really news, but it is great to report on companies that were able to come out the other side of the recession and not only find success, but excel on an entirely new level. UrbanX Group is one of these.

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