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The many elements of building a home can be overwhelming, with city permits, insurance claims, and city codes and regulations to be kept track of. But San Francisco Developers Inc. simplifies all those factors for its customers by handling them all on its own, owner and President Fernando Barahona says. “We know what to do,” he asserts. 

Based in San Francisco, the company builds, develops and restores mid- to high-end custom homes in its home city. But San Francisco Developers also handles other tasks, including architectural and interior design, permit expediting, historical development, and even fire and damage insurance claims. “We try to handle [everything] under one roof,” Barahona says.

An 18-year veteran of the development industry, Barahona founded the company in 2009 after working at several companies, including Mission Housing Development, Caritas Management and Golden Properties. “I thought it [was] the perfect time to separate myself from the firm I was associated with,” he recalls. 

But to others, it may not have appeared so perfect, since the recession was hitting the construction industry hard. “People thought I was crazy for doing such a thing,” Barahona admits. But San Francisco Developers stayed strong thanks to its unique model, he asserts.

When clients come to the company, they usually deal with Barahona himself on their projects. This eliminates the headaches that can arise when dealing with multiple associates. 

“[I] meet with clients when it comes to designing layouts and construction, and components of how things are taking place,” he says. The firm also employs a team experienced in San Francisco construction, enabling it to offer more expertise than its out-of-town competitors, Barahona says. “We know the legalities and what the code regulations are in order to develop a project and how to maximize a development project,” he says. 

“Not knowing what the development process entails could take you two to three years [to develop most projects],” he says. But with San Francisco Developers, “from the get go, [the clients] know what they’re getting into.”

Project Pride

Barahona says he is proud of all of San Francisco Developers’ projects, which include 360 Arlington, a house built on a hill in San Francisco. Originally, he explains, it was a carriage house constructed in 1915 that had another section added to it years later. San Francisco Builders took on the $1.1 million project, he notes, with the vision of beautifying the façade and expanding portions of it.While the exterior was restored to its original splendor, “The interior ended up being a high-tech, very modern [environment],” Barahona says.

He also highlights a home the company restored on 22nd Street in San Francisco that had gone through a fire. Although San Francisco Developers did not restore the building to how it originally looked, “We brought in some design elements that blended [it in with a] row of Victorian homes,” he says, adding that the company had a budget of $1 million. “I’m extremely proud of the transformation.”

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