By holding true to its principles, The Viera Company has built Viera, Fla., into an exemplary master-planned community. By Chris Petersen

Developers often use the phrase “master-planned community” to describe their properties, but in many cases their scale is more modest than the term implies. However, that’s certainly not the case for Florida’s The Viera Company, which started with a single legacy property from parent corporation A. Duda and Sons, Inc. of about 38,000 acres and has developed and expanded it over the last 25-plus years into a true New Town community known today as Viera, Fla.

According to Senior Vice President of Land Use Planning and Development Todd Pokrywa, The Viera Company’s careful planning and stewardship of the land has created a thriving, vibrant community that is characterized by diverse living options, economic growth and an enrichment of the region’s quality of life.


Environmentally sustainable products come standard in all Stellar Homes Group’s homes as it works to change the south Florida market. By Janice Hoppe

Stellar Homes Group is revolutionizing real estate development in south Florida as it reshapes the residential landscape with environmentally friendly projects. “I thoroughly believe we are ahead of the curve in terms of renewable energy,” Vice President Tony Valle says. “We know it is coming and feel by 2018 sustainability will be in everyone’s business plans. The ability to create your own resources in your home is a thing of the future.”

The Fort Lauderdale-based company is building sustainable homes in Florida’s Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties that will allow people to handle their own energy consumption needs. Valle says he believes homeowners will one day not have the need to depend on the utilities for power or water. “Green products make economical sense by saving money on utilities and social sense because you are being environmentally friendly and making the world a better place,” Valle explains. “It’s now feasible for the consumer and the right social thing to do.”


Extensive internal expertise and strong external relationships allows BWi to develop, own, manage and construct affordable housing communities. By Eric Slack

With more than a decade of experience, BWi was created to provide sustainable housing solutions for under-represented communities. From its headquarters in Indianapolis, BWi understands how to oversee complex development processes and come up with ways to bring affordable housing projects to life in its markets.

“We started in 2005 and now have about 48 employees across our development, management and construction management divisions,” President and CEO Gary Hobbs says. “Our primary focus is on urban development for special need populations, including senior housing, assisted living, homeless, disabled, single parent families and those aging out of foster care. At the highest level, we really focus on community revitalization while emphasizing a pathway to self-sufficiency or improved quality of life for our tenants.”

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