Extensive internal expertise and strong external relationships allows BWi to develop, own, manage and construct affordable housing communities. By Eric Slack

With more than a decade of experience, BWi was created to provide sustainable housing solutions for under-represented communities. From its headquarters in Indianapolis, BWi understands how to oversee complex development processes and come up with ways to bring affordable housing projects to life in its markets.

“We started in 2005 and now have about 48 employees across our development, management and construction management divisions,” President and CEO Gary Hobbs says. “Our primary focus is on urban development for special need populations, including senior housing, assisted living, homeless, disabled, single parent families and those aging out of foster care. At the highest level, we really focus on community revitalization while emphasizing a pathway to self-sufficiency or improved quality of life for our tenants.”

Tom Rossi and John Blackburn’s vision for the Tilley Lofts was to create the next generation of apartment living. The co-owners of Redburn Development Companies LLC envisioned a historically preserved building that offered sustainable features as well as convenience. They achieved both objectives when they renovated the country’s oldest ladder manufacturing facility into 62 upscale apartment units.

The Tilley Lofts, located in Watervliet, N.Y., features 30 one-bedroom; nine one-bedroom plus den; 17 two-bedroom; and six two-bedroom, two-story loft apartments. The one- and two-bedroom apartments range from 750 to 1,150 square feet. Lofts range from 1,400 to 1,600 square feet. 


Renaissance Development Co. works with landowners to nestle innovative custom homes

into their land’s unique environmental character.

By Russ Gager

Instead of an adversarial relationship with landowners – trying to purchase land from a landowner at the lowest possible price – Renaissance Development Co. decided to work with the landowner to create a win-win opportunity for both parties. “We are unlike most traditional developers,” President and co-owner Douglas Swink declares.

“Traditional developers make their money on the buying, not the selling, meaning their primary role is to acquire property at the lowest value possible so they can maximize their return on investment,” he continues. “We started just like every other land developer. We wanted to buy land we thought was a good value with development potential, yet it was very awkward for us knowing how valuable a piece of property could be and then to pretend that wasn’t true in order to negotiate a low purchase price. It was contrary to our principles and beliefs.”

Construction sometimes has a reputation for high costs and, from a customer standpoint, not delivering on what was promised. But RBG Design-Build Inc. wants to do everything right the first time, building the highest-quality luxury homes in New York and New Jersey. And, according to President and CEO Charles Rose, quality doesn’t mean the most expensive home amenities and products; it means producing homes according to the customer’s requirements.

Because of that, RBG Design-Build relies on the design-build process to bring all parties – owners, architects, engineers, builders and interior designers – together in a more efficient and cooperative spirit of partnership. This can offer a plethora of benefits such as cost savings, more efficient communications and higher rates of customer satisfaction. 

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