The Lanwin Group celebrates its 40th anniversary, attributing its success to building outside of the box.

By Kat Zeman, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

Phil Evans is an old-fashioned guy with modern ideas. He believes that a handshake seals the deal and that promises matter. “In our day and age, even when we shake hands, we still need two pounds of paper for contracts,” he says. “But I think if you shake someone’s hand, it’s a deal.”

At the same time, he believes in innovative ideas and isn’t afraid to enter new territory or introduce unique designs when it comes to construction. As founder and managing partner of The Lanwin Group, Evans pushes his company to build outside of the box.


Traditions Building and Development Group evolves while remaining committed to its founding ideals.

By Jim Harris

Traditions Building and Development Group has made several significant changes during its 40 years of existence. Although it has evolved its services and adjusted to changing markets and demographics, there are several core elements to its business that have remained intact since it was founded in 1978.

“I think we have great founding principles and a sense of character that has always been a part of the company and I think we’ve tried to carry that with us,” Founder and President Tom Humes says. 

Traditions Group’s success can be attributed to a very simple philosophy — a commitment to building lasting value in land, property, the community, in business and quality of life in the region. That philosophy is reflected in every Traditions neighborhood.

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