Just as certain artists find they bring out the best in each other when they collaborate, certain developers and architects find that good things happen when they work together. That’s been true of Symmetry Developments and Teeple Architects, and their third project together demonstrates how the two firms complement each other. According to Teeple Architects Principal Stephen Teeple, the two companies have proven to be a good fit so far because they have a strong understanding of their cultures and goals. 

“We try to understand what they’re looking for,” Teeple says. He adds that Symmetry Developments Vice President Sayf Hassan has a strong, dynamic eye for design, which makes it easier for Teeple Architects to discuss its vision for a building and share ideas. 

That kind of close collaboration makes it possible for some very creative projects to emerge, such as the Origami Lofts in downtown Toronto. With its unique façade, Origami Lofts represents a unique type of urban infill project. 

As Ottawa’s leading home renovation firm, OakWood Renovation Experts is no stranger to receiving accolades for its work. In the more than 50 years the company has served homeowners in Ottawa, the fourth-generation family business has been honored numerous times by organizations including the Ottawa Better Business Bureau, the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association and the Ontario Home Builders Association. However, this year the company marks an important milestone with its nomination in two categories for the Canadian Home Builders Association’s SAM Awards. 

President John Liptak Jr. says the company’s nominations for “Home Renovation – Any Room and Home Renovation – Whole House Under $250,000” are a real feather in OakWood’s cap because they illustrate that the company is capable of competing on the national stage. OakWood is proud of its many local and regional awards, he adds, but the SAM Awards demonstrate to a broader audience what the Ottawa market has known about the company for decades. 

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