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Tony Prokop grew up in the construction business, and that lifetime of experience has been put to good use in Texas in Victoria, Cuero, Port O’Connor and surrounding areas. Having been in construction for more than 30 years, Prokop founded Prokop Custom Homes more than a decade ago and has been building award-winning custom homes ever since.

Prokop Custom Homes has grown through a combination of advertising and word of mouth. Prokop also has built many strong relationships during his years in construction, many that go back to his early days as a roofer.  “A lot of the subs I use are guys who grew up in construction like me,” Prokop says. “My key subs have worked with me for 20 to 30 years.”

Creative Thinking

Prokop Custom Homes is comfortable working on a variety of styles. From coastal homes to rural ranches, the company understands what it takes to build dream homes for its clients. 

The hallmarks of a Prokop Custom Homes project are craftsmanship, quality and communication. Prokop Custom Homes is a small company with only five employees, but it still manages to give complete attention to each home it builds by ensuring it is closely involved in each project. 

The company strives to combine creativity and experience on each project. Prokop Custom Homes understands how to help a client’s vision become reality by being a part of the process from start to finish. Everything from design and layout to choosing paint colors and selecting kitchen cabinets is part of the Prokop process.

“We stay on top of the trends to know what the good, new and different looks are and try to absorb it,” Prokop says. “We stay on top of trade publications and go to trade shows [and] builder shows, and we try to keep an open mind about any new concepts. We try to be creative and take ideas from homeowners and subs. Through creativity and working together, we can come up with solutions and make ideas work.” 

Best of the Best

Perhaps the most telling examples of just how well received the company’s work has been are the many awards it has won during the past 10 years. When Prokop Custom Homes first entered one of its projects into the Victoria Parade of Homes in 2004, it earned the Best of Show and People’s Choice awards. 

Since that time, the company has won numerous awards in the Victoria Parade of Homes competition, including taking Best of Show again in 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Prokop also was named the Best Builder in the Victoria Advocate’s Best of the Best Awards contest in 2011 and 2013.

“We’ve built a reputation for doing a good job,” Prokop says. “That means a lot to me, and it leads to repeat business and referrals.”

The downturn in the economy challenged Prokop Custom Homes, but Prokop says the company is busier now than ever. However, the company faces a challenge related to access to manpower. The improvement in the home construction market, along with a boom in other industries such as the oilfields, has meant that the demand for skilled labor has outstripped supply. But Prokop is confident that the reputation the company has secured will continue to serve it well in the years ahead.

“We will never lower our quality standards,” he says. “We have a good reputation, and we can resolve problems for our clients. We are well known in the area, and we will continue to be readily available to all of our homeowners.”

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