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Richard Reyes knows the construction business in Miami, having been involved in it since he was 13 years old. As Reyes explains, he was living on his own at the time and needed to find an opportunity to make as much money as he could quickly. He learned the ropes and eventually gained enough experience to go into business for himself as owner of R2 Construction. Today, it’s safe to say that Reyes has risen from the bottom of the industry to the penthouse, because R2 Construction is one of the most successful contractors building high-rise condominium developments in Miami’s high-end South Beach market. 

The experience that Reyes brings to R2 Construction is a major component of the company’s success in a highly competitive market, but that’s not the only reason for its lofty position. He says that for a contractor to be successful in South Beach, it needs to be flexible, capable and able to communicate effectively with clients from many different backgrounds. All of these are qualities that Reyes says R2 Construction has in abundance, and they will continue to be the foundation for the company’s success going forward.

Full Service

One of the most important contributors to R2 Construction’s success is the depth of services the company brings to the market. Reyes says the company has experience in design/build and project management as well as handling construction itself, and this flexibility means it can offer clients peace of mind that their projects will be in good hands from start to finish. “We are a turnkey construction company where we do the designs, space planning, layout [and] we do the renderings and animation of the projects,” Reyes says, adding that the company sometimes even goes as far as furnishing the condos once they are built.

Reyes has been a Miami resident his entire life, and he says the allure of the South Beach market brings in a constant influx of outside contractors looking to take advantage. However, very few of them have the inside knowledge of the Miami market that Reyes and R2 Construction have. Reyes says knowing how to work with the diverse customers in the South Beach market is essential for any contractor. “South Beach is a pot of different people from all different types of the world,” he says. “You have to put different caps on all the time to relate with them.” 


Keeping up with the latest trends in the marketplace is another way in which R2 Construction’s close ties to South Beach serve it well. Reyes says clients are looking for designs that are inspired by European influences that combine rustic and finished materials. “The trend right now is definitely a more streamlined, minimalist type of apartment, with a combination of light tones and dark woods to bring that kind of warmth into them,” Reyes says. 

Another significant trend taking place in the South Beach market is the return of property values that haven’t been seen since before the recession. Reyes says property prices are exploding at the moment, and the construction industry in Miami is moving as fast as it can to keep up. “I see us definitely having more work because right now we’re getting back to where we were before the big market crash,” Reyes says. 

Reyes says R2 Construction doesn’t advertise, preferring to let its portfolio of projects speak for itself. As long as the company continues to focus on making its customers happy, Reyes says those clients will spread the word to others. “We’re all word-of-mouth, and I guess it’s like being in the right place at the right time,” Reyes says.

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