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It takes passion and commitment to continually deliver custom homebuilding projects that are known for superior quality. Benco Ventures has been doing just that in British Columbia’s Comox Valley since President Ben Christensen started the company 12 years ago. 

“This is a family company that has experience working in this market for years,” Christensen says. “We understand this industry and have experience inside and outside the country, and we have established ourselves as one of the largest custom homebuilding companies in the valley.” 

Christensen’s extensive experience has been a positive for Benco Ventures since day one. He is a second-generation craftsman with more than 25 years of expertise in the construction industry. His family came from Australia to Canada in 1988, and Christensen previously ran a framing company that worked on custom homes and multifamily projects.

Today, Christensen takes a proactive approach to Benco’s projects. He provides strategic direction for the company and oversees planning, coordination, implementation and management of the firm’s construction activities. His belief in quality, design and value helped Benco Ventures establish a reputation for exceptional homes and service excellence. 

“What sets us apart is the fact that I am very hands-on with all projects,” Christensen says. “I am very accessible to the buyers, which is something people expect when they are building their dream home.” 

Striving for Control

Based in Courtenay, B.C., Benco Ventures specializes in custom home construction in and around the Comox Valley. The company has built in various subdivisions in the Comox Valley, but the majority of the company’s projects have been focused within the Crown Isle Resort & Golf community. 

On each of its projects, the company holds itself to high standards of design, finish and quality by providing innovative designs and architectural details that are overseen by an on-time, on-budget construction process. One of the reasons the company is able to maintain its standards is because it has chosen to bring many aspects of project construction in-house.

“As a construction company that specializes in custom homes, we work to streamline the process through our in-house trades,” Christensen says. 

Benco Ventures possesses in-house capabilities for the majority of construction, from the excavation, structure and exterior cladding to the interior finishing with painting and custom cabinetry. The company works with subcontractors in areas such as electrical and HVAC. 

“When the market is as brisk as we have found it over the last decade, the subs are busy, and quality and timing can be an issue,” Christensen says. “About seven years ago, we wanted to take control of these issues. Having always provided the framing and foundation aspects, as that is my background, we’ve brought other capabilities into the company to help us control cost and ensure high quality, as well as to improve our ability to serve customers for callbacks after projects are complete.”

For those areas where the company does work with subs, it looks for volume pricing and service agreements that include aftermarket service. “We look for companies that have good reputations and are known for quality,” Christensen says. “We want to work with subs that are looking for long-term relationships.”

Showing Off

To help the company illustrate its capabilities to potential buyers, it has constructed a number of display homes with design and sales centers. These allow Benco Ventures to showcase its design, construction and finish capabilities, and they give the homebuyers a tangible experience when planning and designing their custom home. 

“It gives the customer the chance to see what they like and to let us know what they’d want to change,” Christensen says. “It helps us stay current with design, product and colors.”

In the years ahead, Benco Ventures will continue to do its best to stay on top of what remains an active market. It is regularly acquiring lots to develop, and it has close ties with the largest developer in the area. It will stay on top of developments related to building sustainable homes, and it will continue to work to find employees with experience who can help the company keep up with demand. 

“The residential housing market has been so busy here that we haven’t needed to diversify into commercial work, or into other geographic areas,” Christensen says. “We have created a niche for ourselves here in the largest subdivision in the area. As a company, we will watch the market for slowdowns and will diversify into renovations when needed to provide steady cash flow. We are trying to stay on top of this market, buying up as many lots as possible and putting new display homes out every few years to keep things fresh.”  

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