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Vancouver Island is a 285-mile-long stretch of submerged mountain range that is anything but ordinary. Its landscapes include serene coastal waters, rainforests and snow-capped mountains that can be seen from its curving beaches. It’s only natural that Camelot Homes, based in the island town of Qualicum Beach, would design/build luxury custom homes with extraordinary views. 

“Our success is defined and determined by the satisfaction of our clients,” President Dan McLeod says. Camelot Homes has been building custom and luxury homes on Vancouver Island since 1979. The company’s focus spans from renovations to family ranch homes to unique multi-million-dollar estate properties that range in price, McLeod says. 

To differentiate itself, Camelot Homes built a 6,000-square-foot workshop where its team creates custom millwork. “We can do more in-house and have more control,” McLeod says. “It allows us to maintain better quality and offer custom products our clients desire and expect. If you can imagine it, chances are we can do it.” Outside of the workshop, Camelot Homes works with local artisans, such as Coastal Carvings to create everything from customized staircases with a playable harp to French Victorian fireplaces.

Invaluable Experience

Camelot Homes believes its biggest asset is its experienced team, many of whom have been with the company since it began. “All of our employees demand a certain quality,” McLeod explains. “You don’t get that by subcontracting everything out.” 

Retaining experienced employees who are skilled in performing advanced homebuilding techniques allows Camelot Homes to install exotic wood trims without the use of nails, which takes away from the natural beauty of the wood.

With experience also comes the knowledge of how to make homebuilding an easy process for its clients. Camelot Homes provides its clients with an interactive web-based process that guides them through product selection and in which order they are required. “It gives our clients proper direction,” McLeod says. “Most people find it overwhelming. With our experience, we try to see how things have been in the past and constantly improve the system to make construction a positive experience.” 

Building in Paradise

A major change recently in Camelot Homes’ market has been the dramatic increase in homebuying. Because of this, land on Vancouver Island is going fast and there is a shortage in the number of lots available. “We work with people who are financially secure and travel the world, but it’s here that they want to build a home,” McLeod says of Vancouver Island. “It’s a nice spot and the lack of lots is driving the price up.”

For those lucky enough to secure a parcel of land on Vancouver Island to build their dream homes, Camelot Homes will design/ build to its clients’ specifications. Although every home is different, a majority of the company’s homes include open floor plans and stonework inside and out. “The homes can be very earthy [or include a lot of natural elements] and are always timeless,” McLeod says. “They will always feel comfortable and you won’t feel like you have to renovate in 10 years. This will always be a nice home.” 

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