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Haselwander Homes built its first custom home in 1965, and nearly 50 years later the family owned and operated company continues to receive rave reviews for the work it has done over the years. Principal Greg Haselwander is part of the second generation of family leadership with the company, and he says he continues to be amazed by the positive reactions it gets from people whose houses were built many years ago. “It’s remarkable to stand at a home and garden show and have people come up that are of my dad’s generation and have them say, ‘Your dad and uncle built my home, and we’re still there today,’” he says. 

Creating long-lasting relationships with customers has been Haselwander Homes’ primary focus since its inception, and that’s a major part of the reason why the company has built more than 1,200 homes. In many cases, the company has built multiple houses for the same customer, and in one case it ventured out of its usual territory to build one home for a client who insisted on a Haselwander-built home. Haselwander says this is because the company understands what customers want and does everything it can to ensure they get it. “They don’t forget; they know how they were treated then,” he says. 

The company was founded by Haselwander’s father, Neil; his uncle, Charles; and his mother, Kathryn. Based in Eau Claire, Wis., Haselwander Homes specializes in building custom homes ranging from $250,000 to more than $1 million. “We’ve done a lot of unique and different homes, many different styles,” Haselwander says. “We handle pretty much all different levels of the spectrum when it comes to building custom homes.”

Experience Counts

Even though the competition in the custom homebuilding market is strong around Eau Claire, Haselwander Homes holds its position as the area’s premier homebuilder because it has something most other contractors in the area do not: a rich history. “What distinguishes us more than anything is our experience,” Haselwander says. The company’s slogan is “Our Family’s Passion is Home Building” and it is highlighted by its history, second generation and now the third generation working on the crew. Its passion for building custom homes is on display with each home it builds through the quality craftsmanship and attention to every specific detail. “There are no shortcuts in building a custom home,” Haselwander says.

With nearly 50 years of experience and more than 1,200 homes under its belt, the company brings a considerable amount of knowledge to the job site, and the fact that it employs its own in-house crews to perform much of the work contributes to that. “What we provide is custom homebuilding to the general public, and with that we are actual hands-on people,” Haselwander says. “We don’t outsource the building of our homes.” 

The quality of the company’s work is evident just by taking a look at its trophy case. Haselwander Homes has amassed an impressive collection of awards over the years, including being inducted into the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) Hall of Fame. Other honors received by the company include WBA State Home Builder of the Year, Local Builder of the Year and Small Business of the Year from the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce. 

Lifetime Customers

The company’s team of skilled carpenters and other craftsmen can see a custom home project through from the initial design to the moment the homeowners first step through the door. Haselwander says that’s an essential component of the company’s culture, which is based on creating strong bonds with the customer from start to finish. He says the company’s goal is always to create something of lasting value that will forge a lifetime relationship between the company and the customer. “When they look back, they say that it was a good experience working with Haselwander,” he says. “The ultimate goal is that they build with us again somewhere down the line or they recommend us to others.”

Because his father remains heavily involved in the company’s day-to-day operations, Haselwander says Haselwander Homes can maintain its focus on its long-term customers as well as ensure the next generation of the company carries on the tradition. Unlike other custom homebuilders who simply build and move on, Haselwander Homes understands that building a custom home requires a connection between the builder and the customer. “We’re not building just to build,” Haselwander says. “We’re building a custom home for the client.”

Exciting Future

Thanks to the company’s internal culture based around customer service, Haselwander says the company’s primary challenges mostly are external factors such as more regulation and having a good solid economy. Although the economy has been rough for the past several years, Haselwander is proud to say that the company has never had to lay off any of its crews due to inactivity. 

That’s good news for Haselwander Homes’ employees, their families and the company itself. According to Haselwander, many of the company’s employees have more than 20 years of experience that they are beginning to pass on to the next generation of workers. That means the company can continue to focus on delivering homes of lasting value. “We take huge pride in where we’ve come from and we’re truly excited for where we’re going because of our experience and what the future holds,” Haselwander says.

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