Sadler Building Corp.

When Ed Sadler started Sadler Building Corp. in 1987, he was the entire operation. Today, Sadler Building Corp. is recognized as one of the leading custom homebuilders in Virginia, known for building high-quality custom homes and diversifying into other areas of the homebuilding market. Having built the company up from a one-man operation into the regional powerhouse it is today means Sadler knows what it takes to stand out in the marketplace. “We really have to work hard to differentiate ourselves,” he says. 

Fortunately, Sadler Building Corp. has the experience and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of homebuyers in and around the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. Sadler began gaining that knowledge in the late 1970s, when he entered the real estate market after years as a high school teacher and coach. Sadler concentrated on selling new construction through the early 1980s, when the market took a downturn. It was during that time that Sadler was approached by a savings and loan he had worked with to finish development of a subdivision it had acquired from a developer who couldn’t finish the project. Sadler jumped at the chance to finish building the rest of the subdivision, and Sadler Building Corp. was born.

The market Sadler Building Corp. serves includes communities such as Suffolk, Isle of Wight, Virginia Beach, Hampton and Norfolk. In those areas, the company specializes in custom homes but serves a wide range of customer bases. “We build a broad range of homes,” Sadler says. “We are custom builders but have diversified over the last 10 to 12 years building entry-level homes.”

Innovative Features

Sadler says the company’s No. 1 goal is to offer homebuyers houses that live up to and exceed their expectations, and to that end the company works continuously to bring new and innovative amenities to its floor plans. “We are constantly value-engineering our homes with the latest innovative features and systems,” he says. 

The company’s focus is on high-end finishes and features that are consistent with today’s active lifestyles. Sadler says sustainability and green construction are a major component of this focus, as well as energy-efficient features such as windows and doors. Because of the rough conditions caused by the Atlantic Ocean and the high winds in the area, Sadler says the company also concentrates on building homes with durable, low-maintenance exteriors.

To help homebuyers choose exactly what they want, the company has created a design center concept at one of its current in-development communities. Sadler says the design center offers homebuyers the opportunity to see and feel the finishes and other elements available for their new homes first-hand. He adds that this is another way that Sadler Building Corp. can distinguish itself from the competition in the area and give its customers more control over their homebuying experience. 

Even though the recession put a damper on the housing market for the last few years, things are looking better. Sadler says the company’s reputation for high-quality homes has helped it pick up right where it left off before the downturn, and should help it continue to gain momentum in the region. 

“I see some great opportunities,” Sadler says of the company’s future. “We have projects that are coming to fruition that have otherwise been put on the shelf during the recent economic downturn.” 

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