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UAG Construction builds high-end to luxury homes in the Miami area that have sustainable features. By Russ Gager

For clients who like organized precision, the custom homebuilding process as practiced by UAG Construction is budgeted and supervised carefully with the latest software. “We are very detailed, very organized and very open with our clients,” owner and Principal Daniel Buraglia declares. “We want them to feel that we are all on the same team and striving to achieve the same goal. We document and track our schedules, and we present our budgets in a way that is a little bit more sophisticated than a contractor that doesn’t have the resources we do. We bring a more institutional approach while still maintaining a very competitive, cost-conscious service.”

UAG Construction’s project schedules are generated and tracked using Primavera project management software from Oracle and are updated monthly and integrated along with a project’s budget, invoicing and payments. “We provide updates and progress pictures to our clients,” Buraglia notes. “It’s a little bit different than some of the smaller-scale builders that we have down here.”

UAG Construction builds middle to higher-end custom homes mainly in the Miami neighborhoods of Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne and Coral Gables. Approximately half of the company’s homes are full, gutted renovations with additions, while the rest are new construction, usually on an existing site where a previous structure was demolished.


One-Stop Building

UAG Construction acts as construction manager and as an intermediary among the client, architect and interior designer. “We guide clients through the whole design/build process,” Buraglia says. “Instead of the client going back to an architect for questions, we go directly to the architect and coordinate the entire process.”

To determine the type of home a client desires, UAG Construction requests that clients provide UAG with sample photos from the Internet or social media sites such as Houzz or Pinterest of the type of home they want. Based on that information, UAG Construction selects a third-party architect from a group of five with which it works. The selection is based on the project’s style and the team best-suited for the client.

Costs are calculated before a design is completed by preparing a detailed budget from the initial schematic plan phase. “Once those plans are completed and the scope, size and style is identified, we continue detailing the plans and specs and refining the cost,” Buraglia says.

Most of UAG Construction’s residential projects are for homeowners moving up from a previous home rather than developers, although the company also works on spec homes projects.

Florida Construction

The typical UAG home is from 3,000 to 4,000 square feet with a single or multiple levels. Most homes in Miami are built on concrete slabs on grade. Most of UAG Construction’s homes are built with exterior walls of concrete masonry block and metal studs for interior walls. UAGInfo

Roof framing usually is prefabricated wood trusses unless a different style of roof is designed, which then is built onsite, as are hand-framed or concrete roofs. Concrete tile often is chosen for traditional homes’ roofs or a single-ply membrane for flat roofs, which frequently are used on contemporary-style homes. Exteriors usually are painted stucco.

UAG believes that sustainability is part of the norm of construction for the houses that it builds. The company emphasizes that all the products and materials it uses are environmentally conscious, and it strives to make all its homes as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. They are sustainable not only in a renewable sense but also from a high-quality and longevity standpoint.

Some of the products and construction methods that are commonly seen in the homes UAG builds are items such as spray foam insulation on the underside of the roof deck, foil-backed rigid insulation board against the exterior walls and low-e windows, which keep ultraviolet rays out to minimize heat gain. Batt insulation is used in interior walls for sound attenuation. Skylights and solar tubes that transmit light from the roof through a tube that can be angled keep artificial lighting needs low during the day.

Split or mini-split HVAC units are mounted in a home’s ceiling to provide heating and cooling through ducts for one or more rooms. This allows for different temperatures in rooms that are used less than others. All of these items and more keep the home energy-efficient and help reduce its overall carbon footprint.

Sometimes decks are built from reclaimed wood pilings excavated from marinas. “We work with the local carpenter that sources these piles and mills them into planks,” Buraglia says. “Then we use those planks for our decks. The density of the wood is very similar and comparable to hardwoods like ipe and teak from Brazil at a very competitive price point. Other products such as bamboo flooring, engineered wood floors, glass and porcelain tiles and concrete countertops are also frequently used.”

Founded in 2010, UAG Construction is planning to continue its growth in the South Florida market. “We are a young company, but every year has been a growing year,” Buraglia maintains. “Our goal would be to get into the ultra-luxury market for some of these homes. The water here is a big amenity, and most of us in the company do love the water – we boat, we fish – and to be able to build some of the waterfront homes and be in that market would definitely be a goal on the residential side.”

Buraglia attributes the company’s success to hard work and high quality. “We do what we say we’re going to do,” he emphasizes. “We have good communication with clients and owners, being on time, honest and delivering. At the end of the day, people want to see results, and they want to know you’re there for them and you’re on their same team.”

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