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A belief in collaboration and timeless design has made Brightwater Homes a leading custom homebuilder in the Atlanta metro marketplace. By Eric Slack

Brightwater Homes has served the Atlanta market since 2011 by finding exceptional properties and developing the finest-quality homes and neighborhoods. By focusing on great architecture and taking a customer- and employee-centered approach to business, Brightwater proves every day that each project and every customer matters.

“Right now, we do two to three neighborhoods and two to three custom infill homes a year,” owner Charlie Bostwick says. “Our efforts are focused on select north Atlanta markets and in the Serenbe community south of Atlanta. Our goal is to pick areas where building special homes with distinct character and architecture will be recognized and appreciated in the market.”

Team Approach

As a company, Brightwater believes in creating architecture that is timeless so its work can be a point of pride and stand out for decades. Its homes and neighborhoods are designed with a fresh, clean aesthetic, imbued with character that speaks to what people want today.

To make this possible, Brightwater has put much emphasis on bringing the right people onto its team. The architectural capabilities and customer service it can provide allow the company to be a true design/build firm.

“We come from different backgrounds. I came from the commercial arena where it can be difficult to bring everyone to the table,” Architect Sam Boyd says. “Here, it is refreshing to see a truly collaborative design approach. On every home, we can get the entire team in along with the owner so we can go through the entire project and give everyone a voice. We are not just a bunch of architects or builders. Ours is a full team of people with different points of views weighing in and producing a better project.”


“Having architecture in-house is important, because the relationship between architect and builder is critical,” Bostwick adds. “We have our onsite supers and builders doing what is right for the homes and coordinating details to make sure what we do in the field matches the intent. Everyone is part of the same team.”

Brightwater also works with interior designers that understand finish details and can make sure the project interiors are the right blend between what is current and what is classic. “Most of our buyers are savvy in terms of design and architecture,” Bostwick says. “People like our products because they look for unique architecture and specialty interiors, and we can fill those niches.”

“When I am on the front line with customers, they tell me they are happy with how our floor plans work and take into account the way people live,” real estate Broker Adrianna Angelone says. “That is because we don’t approach things the same way a production builder does. We really think about how people live throughout the entire process.”

Raising the Bar

One of Brightwater’s recent standout projects was the Yonson Residence in Milton, Ga., which showcased the company’s ability to build in a modern farmhouse style, full of rich materials and textures, boasting simplicity and well-crafted architecture. The project was awarded a 2016 Residential Design Award of Honor by AIA Atlanta.

“The Yonsons had a vision and gave us the flexibility to do with it what we could,” Bostwick says. “We did the first design sketch sitting at the table with them, and we designed it as a collaborative experience and took it from there, building on different iterations to develop the project.” BrightwaterInfo

“It is another good example of a collaborative approach and working closely with the owner,” Boyd adds. “We tried to balance what they wanted to do in the house and make it a sensitive contextual experience for the area. It has traditional elements along with a balance of their lifestyle needs as a family. We learned a lot about them and vice versa, and it became a very nice design.”

The finished project blends seamlessly with the area in terms of its architecture. But the residence took that inspiration from the area and raised it to the next level. “We do that everywhere we go, building homes that fit with the classic architecture of the area,” Boyd says. “Each area has distinct styles that need to be respected and complemented.”

“They pushed us on some sourcing that was unusual, as the project had some specific material finishes,” Bostwick says. “We had to experiment and that took working closely with the designer, sourcing some materials and challenging our builder to do some different things. It takes a unique boutique design/build company to pull that off.”

Working in the Serenbe community south of Atlanta is another landmark undertaking for Brightwater. Billed as a pioneering a new community model connected to nature on the edge of Atlanta, Serenbe is not about creating big showcase homes. It is about being part of a community, connected to the outdoors and neighboring homes.

“It is a conservation zone, and they are trying to develop 300 acres and preserve 700 acres,” Boyd says. “That means there is a denser, village-like mentality that is different than a typical suburban solution. The challenge is to concentrate development into a tight little community and preserve open spaces.”

“Sustainability is part of our core and a pillar for us,” Bostwick says. “We want to be part of change, developing neighborhoods that can be more sustainable in terms of what you put into homes, how they function, how you design entire neighborhoods and work with sustainable suppliers.”

As the company looks forward, it knows there will be challenges. Most easy properties are developed, and infill properties can be tricky. But Brightwater plans to continue to approach the unique aspects of every home and every neighborhood it works in, designing styles that can suit the individual owners and connect to the community at the same time.

“We will look for opportunities where we can build in suburban developments and create walkable communities by having our neighborhoods situated nearby to amenities,” Boyd says. “It will always be a challenge to stay ahead of the curve in terms of land availability, but we will always be focused on finding ways to maintain our business plans.”

Brightwater also wants to be more involved with mixed-use projects because of the opportunities they present for high-quality architecture, as well as producing better ways of living for homeowners. Wherever the future takes them, Brightwater’s main focus will remain as it always has – a passionate approach to great design and great craftsmanship in creating better places to call home.

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