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Sunrise Builders brings a fresh design to each of its projects. By Alan Dorich

Some homebuilders repeat themselves on every project, but Sunrise Builders Inc. reinvents itself with each one, President Mahmoud Amercani says. “We don’t like to go with a certain set of plans that will fit every subdivision,” he says.

Jonesboro, Ga.-based Sunrise instead brings a new set of designs to each project. “We study the market, see what our competition is doing and we try to provide something a little different,” he says.

Amercani, who has been building for 31 years, started the company in 1993 and it has since constructed thousands of homes in metropolitan Atlanta. “We should be closing 150 this year and hopefully next year we will hit 200,” he says. “Our long-run goal is to eventually do 400 to 500 homes a year.”

The company also has a high rate of repeat business. “We have people that have bought their first, second and third home from us,” Amercani says. “They keep upgrading and going to a higher house.”

Sunrise’s recent projects include Providence Harbour, a luxury development in McDonough, Ga. “It’s a gorgeous, very small 65-lot subdivision,” Vice President of Sales and Marketing Carol Maker says. “For the dollar per square foot, there’s nobody that can touch us.”


Ahead of the Game

Sunrise is operating in a market where customers are more educated about their options in their homes, Amercani says. “It’s not like the old days,” he says. “They’re looking for more quality today.”

They are also looking for features such as well-equipped kitchens, brick exteriors and open floor plans that allow them to see their kitchen from their family room. “The family wants to be close together,” Amercani says. “We just try to stay ahead of the game when it comes to design.”

He also maintains an “open-door” policy, which fits well with the clients. “You don’t have to go through 15 layers to meet with him,” Maker says. “He’s very hands-on as the builder.”

Amercani also attends every project’s closing. “I’ll meet with the buyer and see if there are any issues,” he says. “[I’ll] be able to give the buyer what they want.”

Doing the Right Thing

After more than three decades, Amercani still loves the homebuilding industry. “It’s always been my passion,” he says, noting that considers it more than mere work. “It’s like a business and a hobby. It’s something you enjoy doing.”

He also praises his team, which includes several that have worked alongside him for more than 20 years. “You [need to] treat your employees as a family,” Amercani says. “You’re always there for them and sometimes you feel like you’re their father.”

But they also share his values of treating clients with respect and never cutting corners. “You cannot take advantage of anybody, whether it’s a subcontractor or a homeowner,” he states. “You’ve just got to do what’s right.”

He also requires high ethics from his base of subcontractors, which include many that have worked on his projects for more than 15 years. “They do a great job,” he says. “Before we hire anybody, we have to go and check their work in different subdivisions. If it’s satisfactory, then we hire them.” SunriseInfo

Finding Stability

Amercani predicts growth for Sunrise. The company previously focused on developing in the south side of Atlanta, but now, “We are going to the north side,” he says.

“Eventually, we will start to go more a little farther east in Atlanta,” Amercani says. “So we are just expanding our perimeter to where we can find good growth and stability in the market.”

He predicts that the homebuilding market will continue to stay strong. “There is still a lot of demand for homes, and we have to just keep pushing to supply people with good, quality products,” Amercani says.

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