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Artisan Communities strives to build homes that fit buyers’ lifestyles. By Alan Dorich

Artisan Communities is in the business of making its customers proud that they own one of its homes. In fact, it is so dedicated that it will physically go out anytime during the life of the home to evaluate issues or concerns. “If it was done wrong, they will fix it,” Senior Project Manager Androo Allen says. “If not, they will share the procedure to get repairs completed.

“We have put in our homeowner policy we will revisit a home at any time, whether it’s one year or 15 years after it is built,” he says. “I’m very proud of our customer service.”

Based in Reno, Nev., Artisan Communities has built more than 3,000 homes in northern Nevada. Allen notes that the company has positioned itself as a quality builder that works closely with its clients.

Artisan Communities, he explains, meets with them early on so it can understand their lifestyle and customize the home to their exact needs. “It’s all about setting expectations up front and making sure everyone’s on the same page,” Allen says.

The company also gives its associates the freedom to make decisions that solve clients’ problems during this process. “They don’t have to go anywhere else to get answers,” he says. “Employees are empowered to resolve issues.”

Success Strategies

Allen is originally from Mornington, Australia. He started as an apprentice carpenter and joiner on the Mornington Peninsula. After becoming a builder in Australia, he moved to the United States almost 20 years ago. He has been working in all areas of homebuilding for more than 30 years.


Allen joined Artisan Communities nearly 11 years ago. “I was recruited by the head of construction,” he says, noting that he previously served as the vice president of customer service. 

He is proud of Artisan Communities and its management team. “I truly enjoy working at this company,” he says. “There’s nothing but care and pride taken when performing all duties.”

In addition to his current role, he is the president of the Builders Association of Northern Nevada (BANN). Thanks to his role, “We’ve been able to access resources and to share struggles with other builders, opening up the opportunity to work together to get better building practices set in place,” he says.

BANN also has assisted local building departments in creating new code languages and reducing costs, including deferred fees. “The Builders Association was also instrumental in the new Construction Defect reforms which ensures fairness for homeowners and builders,” Allen says.

This has helped Artisan Communities rebuild in a challenging business and times, Allen says. “We’ve got to rebuild, but the solution is not to raise prices quickly,” he says.

Instead, Allen says builders need to follow a path of slow yet consistent growth. “We don’t need rapid spikes in price,” he says. “We’ve got to learn from what we just went through. The community can sustain without prices going above what the average medium price range is.”

He also stresses that Artisan Communities needs to keep up with trends, which include wireless features and more open living spaces. “It’s important to follow what’s going on and what people are asking for, and make those standard options,” he says. ArtisanInfo

Unique for Reno

Artisan Communities’ recent projects include Pebble Creek, a community in Sparks, Nev., bordered by the Hungry Ridge Mountains. Its homes range in size “from 3,163 to 4,3000 square feet,” Allen says.

The homes feature architecturally enhanced exterior elevation designs, Boral roof tile, and low-E glass windows. This community also offers one-, two- and three-car detached garages and double RV Garages.

“Everything sits on a one-acre lot, which is very unique for Reno,” he says, noting that the company is not finished building in the area. “We’ve got in the range of another 150 homes to build in that area and there’s more land that we’re looking at.”

Ready for a Boom

Artisan Communities will continue focusing on understanding its buyers in northern Nevada, Allen says. He adds that the company sees a boom ahead with Tesla Motors’ new Gigafactory, which is being built outside of Sparks.

With the factory bringing 6,000 jobs to the area, “We’ve got to be able to facilitate an environment that lends itself to people at all levels and luxury living,” he says. “At the same time, the challenge is how do we do that in a sustainable, consistent quality environment.”

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