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By exceeding both its customers’ and employees’ expectations, Rialto Homes aims to grow its company further.

By Bianca Herron

In 2006, Rialto Homes was created with one goal in mind: to build homes its customers dreamed of. Eleven years later, the San Antonio-based luxury homebuilding company prides itself on providing customers with choice and flexibility by offering customizable floor plans. To date, the company has built more than 400 unique homes in the San Antonio area.

When compared to the competition, there are three things that set Rialto apart — a dedicated workforce, strong financial footing and an unparalleled energetic approach to their trade, Partner Eyal Avnon says.

“Ultimately, we want to make our customers happy,” Avnon notes. “We’re a customer-centric organization, with regular and transparent communication practices focused on setting the right expectations, and delivering to meet or exceed those expectations.”

Rialto aims to eliminate its customers’ anxieties across its process from the introductory meeting through design and into construction. “We commit to an outstanding job servicing each client, beginning when they’re a prospect and continue doing so even after each home is completed and sold,” he says proudly. “We pride ourselves on holding to this great commitment before, during and after.”

Performance Driven

Rialto recently added a purchasing department and has increased production to nearly 70 homes this year. The company also added more seasoned veterans to its team of 26 employees.

“Today, our field and management teams have multiple decades of homebuilding experience,” Avnon says. “We’re rialtocontinually focused on our processes as there are big opportunities for us to stand out from the crowd. We also regularly talk about being [what we call] ‘accommodating spirits’.  We want to continue to be that, a principle which can be difficult to marry with traditional homebuilding disciplines.”

Although Rialto has a small but mighty team, the company’s “flat” organizational structure allows it to be nimble and make good decisions quickly. “The majority of our staff is out in the field,” Avnon explains. “As the support staff in the main office has grown, it has brought more buzz into that environment, an energy which has permeated the organization and made a very positive impact.” 

Rialto’s subcontractors are also critical to the company’s success. “These are the folks who bring our customers’ dreams to fruition,” Avnon notes. “We pride ourselves on having longstanding relationships with many of the vendors and trades we work with. Our financial disciplines allow us to pay them regularly and on time. That’s very important to us, so we try to keep that part of the business streamlined and fair. In turn, we’ve become dependable in the eyes of our trade partners.”

One of its vendors, Huber Engineered Woods, indirectly supplies the company with products. “Our relationship with Huber, and all of our subcontractors, is incredibly meaningful to us,” Avnon says. “Construction is not always a pretty business and so having the support of our trade partners is critical. On account of the trade relationships we have forged, these extensions of our team hold themselves to a high standard, in turn helping Rialto with our efforts.”

Making It Happen

Although Rialto has traditionally built luxury homes, the company started construction of a self-development community last year to help it grow further. Located in New Braunfels, Texas, the first half of Hillside on Landa has been completed and Rialto will break ground to begin the second half at the end of this year. The community will feature 110 homes at the end of its estimated three-year build out, according to Avnon.

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“We bought the real estate, installed the subdivision infrastructure and are now selling and building through the first unit,” he explains. “It’s somewhat of a departure for us price-wise as we typically sell homes for upwards of half-a-million dollars. However, in this community, we’re focused on the $300,000 and upwards price point. And so it’s forced us to put on a different hat, with higher emphasis on achieving value without a great departure from the standards that Rialto has become known for across our marketplace. The project is shaping up incredibly nice and it’s been well received so far.”

As Rialto moves forward, the company is focused on maintaining its customer relationships, as well as consistently providing opportunities for its employees. “That’s really on the forefront of our motivation for growth,” Avnon says. “It’s not because we want to be bigger and sell more homes, it’s because we want to provide more opportunities for the key employees that are in place right now.”

Avnon joined Rialto five years ago. He’s most proud that the company has been able to retain its employees. “I think that goes along way,” he says. “Relative to the Company’s age, we’ve got a lot of tenure amongst the team. We’ve retained skilled and motivated team members, and have been successful in recruiting others. The idea that we’ll be able to continue to create opportunity for these individuals, and for their families, is exciting.”

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