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Hess Construction LLC turns homeowners’ dreams into realities by creating the perfect places for families to come together.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Arden Hess has been passionate about construction for as long as he can remember. Hess discovered a love for heavy construction, fine detail and creativity that he was able to combine in 1984 when he founded what is now Hess Construction LLC to build distinctive custom homes. Hess’ passion is evident in every home he builds in the Park City, Utah and surrounding areas.

The attention to detail and hands-on experience are second-to-none in the industry. “Our homes will only be as good as what we accept,” Hess says. “Our standards are extremely high.” Hess Construction LLC only builds one or two homes at a time because Hess understands the full weight of what he is creating for someone and will not accept anything less than perfection. “I think about what matters most as a business owner and as a builder; it’s the family that we are building for,” he explains. “And what matters most to them is always their family. We usually are building a full-time or second home for them, so it’s their vacation time and the gathering point for when the family is all together.”Hess info box

Hess Construction LLC is owned and operated by the Hess family. Nick Hess has worked alongside his father for the past 18 years. He is actively involved in every aspect of construction and decision-making. The Hess family gets to know the families they are building for during the construction process. “We are invited to family functions, their children’s weddings and family events. I still associate with homeowners that I built for more than 20 years ago because they became our lifetime friends,” Hess says. “The thing I am most proud of is that I have not based our business on making a certain dollar amount. It’s the complete opposite. I have based it on a service to help families. My favorite thing is when they bring their families together in the home we have created and enjoy their time together.”

Built to Perfection

Hess2Homeowners in Park City are requesting mountain contemporary homes that feature timbers and steel construction. “When we construct a home, the appearance on the outside is as exact as possible and everything behind the drywall is the same,” Hess says. “Everything is built to the highest industry standards.” “Our subcontractors understand we will be working together throughout the whole construction process,” Hess adds. “Using the latest technology and innovations in the construction industry with our tradesmen, we use precise lasers to help control symmetry and layout all the features together.”

Hess Construction LLC works with the homeowner from concept to completion. Building a home with its clients, Hess Construction LLC first evaluates the concept and how it relates to access and environmental impacts on the lot. The company also helps determine the best positioning of the home to achieve optimal views. The company works closely with the architect and interior designers to create a collaborative unit that will achieve the homeowner’s vision. “It’s exciting for us to take someone’s ideas and visions and create a home for them,” Hess says. “It’s really rewarding for us because every home we build is unique.”

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