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Onshore Construction & Development takes on the challenge of constructing a one-of-a-kind estate home in Jupiter, Fla.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media 

Onshore Construction & Development has built a strong reputation over the past 25 years for owner satisfaction. “When they are done and the owners take over and move in, many builders wash their hands and move on,” COO Evan Anderson says. “We don’t ever move on and are always there whenever an owner needs us. They can call the owner and I on our cell phones if they need anything and that’s the culture we’ve had for years.”

Based in Jupiter, Fla., Onshore specializes in large custom estate homes in Palm Beach and Martin counties. President Dan Reedy founded the company in 1993, and since then Onshore has grown to employ a staff of about 40 and offers its clients a one-year warranty on their homes. “We’re in a bubble environment in Palm Beach County where bad news travels fast,” he says. “But so does good news.”

Onshore serves a base of well-known customers including PGA golfers and music superstars Céline Dion and Kid Rock. “The market is crazy right now,” Anderson says. “I think that’s somewhat due to the fact that we don’t have the state income tax and property tax issues like in the Northeastern part of the country. Folks from New England are coming down in flocks and driving the market. We are busy.”Onshore info box

Architectural and design integrity are key for Onshore as it tries to steer its clients into making design decisions that are timeless. The homes in the area used to be more Mediterranean-style designs with clay barrel-tile rooftops. Today, more clients are requesting contemporary architecture in Jupiter and on Jupiter Island while Palm Beach is more traditional with contemporary interiors.

A Place on the River

Onshore is building a mid-century modern home for a return client on Loxahatchee River Road in Jupiter designed by Dailey Janssen Architects. “This home is one that develops as it goes, so the timeline develops as it goes,” Anderson says. “We have been working on the home since the beginning of the design process, which is about a year-and-a-half ago, and we are now under construction.”

The company likes to get involved with a project at its inception to provide input throughout the design process. “We offer product suggestions and solutions where they are necessary, especially when dealing with custom items and technology,” Anderson says. “It’s much harder to make design elements appear clean and simple than would be required using traditional millwork.”

Some of the more breathtaking aspects of the home will be its height and the views of the river. “It’s going to be a tall house,” Anderson says. “It will be just under 35 feet, which is the building limit here in the county and our client is really maximizing on that whole volume with the use of flat roofs.”

Onshore2Pitched roofs on a home take up about one-third of the allowable building height, so the flat roof will utilize the full allowable height and create better views, Anderson says. “A third-floor hangout/lookout area will maximize the views over the water and you can see the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a landmark,” he notes.

When a flat roof comes into play, Onshore says waterproofing always becomes a big concern. “We have been using new products and techniques and developing our own techniques to deal with custom configurations of the house,” Anderson explains. “There is nothing simple about it.”

Amenities that Awe

The Loxahatchee River Road home incorporates a significant amount of glass. For example, there will be an 11-foot-tall by 14-foot-wide single-piece glass wall that operates pneumatically and opens like a sliding glass door. The home will also feature a center-stringer & glass rail stairway in the center of the entry space and a glass bridge will be built across the second floor.

A folding glass wall will separate the garage from the main living space. “This home is really complicated mainly because it’s all electrical and pneumatically operated,” Anderson notes. “Everything will move at the push of a button – the glass walls will open, swing or flush up against the wall.” In addition to the technical challenges of the home, Onshore must ensure the glass pieces meet Florida’s hurricane requirements, which need to withstand “160-mile winds and coconuts that can fly through the air like missiles in hurricanes,” Reedy describes.

Each glass piece is custom engineered one-by-one by the same supplier that built the custom glass work at the homeowner’s first Onshore home, which Anderson says was equally as complicated. The Loxahatchee River Road home will also feature a sunken bar that will have a pass-through out to the seats in the pool. “The way he’s designed the pool is a neat and very complicated configuration because it will be partially under the shade of the roof, feature stepping stones and a big sun shelf area to lounge in the water,” Anderson says. “The water level at the pool side of the bar will be well above the sunken inside bar and we will be installing height-adjustable stools inside the pool so everyone can feel comfortable pulling up to the pass-through.”

Onshore will construct a koi pond in the front of the house and a bridge to walk across to get to the front door. “We have a tight group of vendors, suppliers and subcontractors we use that know how we operate,” Anderson notes. “On this home, we are using the ones on the upper end of the spectrum who are suited to doing modern architecture and interiors. We have top-notch guys.” The home will feature a combination of natural and manmade stone and porcelain tiles throughout. The Loxahatchee River Road is expected to be completed in 2018.

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