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J. Hall Homes remains at the forefront of environmentally friendly custom home construction in the Fredericksburg, Va., region.

By Jim Harris, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media 

J. Hall Homes combines quality, design and environmentally friendly materials and methods in all of its projects. “We believe in reducing the carbon footprint on the Earth, reducing the energy needed to run a house, and in our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment in a home,” Founder and President Jeff Hall says. “We want to do the right thing.”

Founded by Hall in 1999, the design/build company builds custom homes in the region surrounding Fredericksburg, Va. The company’s homes average $750,000 and the majority of J. Hall Homes’ projects are on lots owned by its customers, Hall says.

Since 2006, J. Hall Homes has designed and built homes that exceed ENERGY STAR requirements. The company was the first in the Fredericksburg region to build and market such homes, Hall notes.

In 2007, the company began certifying homes through Virginia’s EarthCraft program, now known as Viridiant. Three years later, the company completed the region’s first Net Zero certified home, located in King George, Va.

Today, all of the homes built by the company are ENERGY STAR and Viridiant certified and receive Home Energy Rating System (HERS) ratings. Since 2007, J. Hall Homes’ projects have an average HERS score of 45, which is 55 percent more efficient than a home built to current prescriptive code, he adds. “When it comes to carbon footprint, we make the smartest and the most environmentally sound decisions possible on all of our custom homes,” Hall says. JHall info box 

At the Manor
J. Hall Homes has earned a number of awards for its projects over the years. Most recently, the company earned the 2017 Single Family New Construction Project of the year and the No. 2 spot in the Top Ten High Performance Homes of the Year from Viridiant/EarthCraft for its work on Zephyr Manor, a 9,000-square-foot custom home in Fredericksburg. “The owner came to me because he wanted green features in his home,” Hall says. “I helped him through the design process, and we were able to build his luxurious custom home in a responsible way, with a minimal carbon footprint.”

The French Country style home has five bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms as well two gourmet kitchens, 10- and 12-foot ceilings, outdoor living areas featuring a custom pool and pool house, a sauna, a fitness room and a number of other luxurious amenities.

Despite the home’s large footprint, J. Hall Homes achieved a HERS score of 12 by incorporating a number of green features including a two-zone geothermal heat pump system, a geothermal hot water heater exchanger with an insulated 50-gallon water storage tank, LED lighting throughout, and air sealing.

In addition, the home includes a 15-kilowatt solar array on its roof, blown fiberglass insulation in the attic, and exterior structurally insulated sheathing. In addition to having low energy bills, the home’s owner received a $45,000 tax credit for using solar and geothermal systems in his home.

JHall2Keeping in Touch
Hall and the company spend a great deal of time with clients both upfront and throughout the building process educating them on both construction science and green building. “Our clients come out of the building process with a much better understanding of what is important to them, ultimately feeling more secure and confident about making final selections,” Hall says.

The company keeps in regular contact with customers both before, during, and after construction using cloud-based online builder software. The system helps it manage project scheduling, specifications, change orders, communication with the client, purchasing and billing. Clients can make selections, see progress, browse photos, and review financial decisions and more using the system. A number of long-term trade partners help J. Hall Homes make its clients’ dream homes a reality. “I continually push my trade partners to change the way they do business by challenging them to incorporate new and innovative products, encouraging them to incorporate building science practices into their day to day work,” he adds.

The company also partners with local developers to locate lots. “I am proud of my building team and the reputation that J. Hall Homes has built in the community over the last 20 years with both my clients, trade partners, and other builders,” Hall says.

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