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Lifestyle Homes lives up to its name by designing and building homes that fit its clients’ needs.

By Jim Harris, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

Steve Overweg and his wife Lora are no strangers to homebuilding and design. Since 1990, Steve Overweg has owned and managed Overweg Construction Inc., a contractor that has completed more than 900 homes. Lora Overweg has more than 15 years of interior decorating experience, including working as an accessory buyer for a large furniture company as well as other design firms, before starting her own design and staging firm.

In 1995, after the construction company was on its feet, the couple started building and managing several rental properties near their home in Holland, Mich.  In 2000, they formally established O.C.I. Properties, LLC, a property management company that they still own and operate.

The Overwegs in 2016 took the largest step yet into the construction and development world when they founded Lifestyle Homes. The company’s first project was to design and build homes in Quincy Meadows, a neighborhood located on land owned by the couple between the Michigan towns of Holland and Zeeland.

The diversity of the couple’s investments has helped them finance and manage the multifamily project. “We are merging our skill sets,” Lora Overweg says. “This project has given us the chance to see each other use our gifts and talents more than anything we have done before.”

Satisfying Clients
When completed, Quincy Meadows will have 44 total condominiums in 22 duplex buildings. Lifestyle Homes’ contribution to the project entails building 36 units in 18 buildings. Eight units were finished prior to the Overwegs purchasing the development. Quincy Meadows units are between 1,700 to 2,000 square feet in size and an average price between $210,000 and $250,000.
Since taking over the development, Lifestyle Homes has completed and sold 12 units. Condo owners have the option of customizing room layouts and can choose all of their own fixtures. “Each unit is unique to the buyer,” Lora Overweg says.LifetyleHomesBOX

Each unit is built with quality in mind. “With his framing background, Steve has a lot of experience behind the drywall,” she adds. “He makes sure we are using quality materials and that the home is solid structurally.”

Although Lifestyle Homes self performs framing, it works with a number of specialty contractors on other aspects of its projects. “Many of the companies who are working with us are people we’ve worked with in the past or are friends of ours,” Lora Overweg says. “We like to use people we know well and who have been in the industry a while. We trust our partners to do the best job for our clients.”

Steve and Lora Overweg are accessible to all of their clients throughout the building process. “We are constantly at the job site, and I will even go to clients’ existing homes before their sell it to see their decorating style and help them through the process of selecting their finishes,” she adds. “We do everything in our power to help our clients make good choices and we make sure they are satisfied with their homes.”

Family First
The Quincy Meadows project is just the beginning for the Overwegs and Lifestyle Homes. The couple plans to develop additional properties and potentially build single-family homes once the duplex project is complete.

LifestyleHomes2The Overwegs are passing their entrepreneurial zeal on to their children. Their son, Colin, graduated from Michigan State University and now owns and operates a wealth management practice and, like his parents, is investing in real estate.

The Overwegs’ daughter, Morgan, is a marketing major at Central Michigan University who works with her parents as an intern. Her duties include working on Lifestyle Homes’ website and assisting her mother with staging model homes. “Our family is the No. 1 most important thing in our life,” Lora Overweg says.

“Feel incredibly blessed in our life in so many ways,” Steve Overweg adds. “I love that we have this opportunity to work together on this project and work as a team, we couldn’t do it without each other.”

Design Inspiration
The interior design of many of Lifestyle Homes’ condos are based around what co-owner and designer Lora Overweg calls “inspiration pieces.” This includes interesting items such as a spool, which she made into a clock and designed the finishes of a room around. “I find a lot of inspiration from HGTV and Pinterest, and also love to go picking at consignment stores and flea markets,” she says.

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