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J. Jordan Homes shows clients how creative their homes can get in new construction and renovation.

By Staci Davidson, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

It took the construction of her own home for Julie Laux to fully realize her passion. Laux was a CPA by education, and worked with a builder to build her home in Chicago. She enjoyed the process and worked with another builder to build a home in Hinsdale, Ill. She got to know that builder well, and worked with him in renovating a home from the 1800s.

“I realized I could do this and just kept going from there,” she says. Laux is now the owner and designer of J. Jordan Homes, a residential remodeling and construction contractor for clients in the Chicago suburbs of Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, Burr Ridge, Oak Brook, Western Springs and the surrounding Illinois cities.

The firm has been recognized with the Best of Hinsdale Award for being a quality local business; has received the Excellence in Housing Design Award from the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago; and was a winner of the Coverings Installation & Design Awards. “Everything we do is residential,” Laux explains. “I always say we build special houses for special people. The homes we do are high-end, high-quality, interesting and creative – we really pride ourselves in our creativity.”JJordanHomesBOX

Enhancing Visions

J. Jordan Homes executes its work with a small team. In addition to Laux, the team includes a construction manager, an office manager and several carpenters. It also works with a dedicated group of subcontractors and different architects, such as Moment Design. As a full-service remodeling company, J. Jordan Homes understands what types of additions and remodels will increase the value of clients’ homes.

The team works closely with clients throughout each project, and is dedicated to doing its work correctly the first time. “When we start with a client, we try to understand their vision, but also really enhance their vision,” Laux explains. “They come to us with an idea, and we might be able to upgrade it or show them something zippier than what they were originally thinking. We push people a little on their tolerance for style and design, because we want to show them how their home can really shine.”

JJordanHomes2Laux notes people tend to like things they’ve seen before and are comfortable with, but she doesn’t mind helping them get a little outside of their comfort zone. “Maybe their comfort zone can expand a little,” she says. “Often, clients will see something new and they start to appreciate it for what it is. We are happy to educate them about the possibilities and go a little more contemporary with their flair.”

J. Jordan Homes recently completed a new construction Hinsdale home at 400 E. 8th Street, which was customized for the needs of the family. “This was a custom home, and the client wanted a very interesting house,” Laux explains. “We definitely pushed them on the contemporary front, and they love the final product and we’re getting great feedback from the neighborhood. It has very interesting details.”

The company enjoys the positive feedback, and Laux credits that to the strength of her team. She notes the subcontractors are very coordinated because they work together frequently on her projects, and projects go well because no one ever cuts corners.

J. Jordan Homes completes about three or four new construction homes each year, in addition to about 10 renovations. “Our product really speaks for itself,” Laux says. “Our houses are as perfect as we can make them. I think everyone likes to work for us – our employees and subcontractors – and homeowners like us. I am very proud of that.”

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