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Sunset Homes’ founder shares his successful process for building a custom home.

By Kat Zeman, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

Pedro Ocana believes he has developed a proven process for building a custom home. Since founding Sunset Homes in 2009, he has been testing the methods for giving his clients the best possible experience when building a custom home. “We have developed a process that we call Sunset Homes Proven Process for a Successful Build,” Ocana says. “It’s certain steps that our clients follow to ensure that the process and procedures take care of the construction details.”


Sunset Homes specializes in designing and building custom homes in Canada’s Calgary market. As one of the leading custom home builders in Calgary, the company works on both infill properties and complete rebuilds. Its process for a successful build starts with a client questionnaire.

That’s where clients answers questions about the size of their budgets, desirable size of the home and what expectations they have regarding construction schedules. They also answer other questions that include quantity of bedrooms and bathrooms and preferences for lighting and plumbing fixtures.SunsetHomesBox

“Then we follow up with a meeting where we present to them a class three estimate, which is 20 to 30 percent of what we expect the final budget to be,” Ocana says. “We don’t want to move into the design and permit phase to find out that the project will be too costly for them.”

A Commercial Home

Sunset Homes prides itself on being a well-respected builder among the Calgary inner city home builders. It specializes in semi-detached, attached and single family homes. Its modern, state-of-the-art homes are known for spaciousness and a comforting atmosphere. One of the company’s most recent undertaking is Project Harmony, a unique custom home completed in December.

The 3,241-square-foot home features an open floor plan with a large reading area and certain commercial design style elements. “Our clients wanted a commercial look,” Ocana says. “They were also really involved in sourcing a lot of the materials used to build their home. Since they have family members in the steel industry, they got steel columns, steel paneling and there’s a lot of concrete and glass in the house. It was a very interesting project.”

For example, the stairs are steel pan with concrete poured inside the pans. The reading area features a massive custom-built bookcase and the home has an underground parking garage connected to a gym. Thanks to Sunset Homes’ partnership with local home builders and general contractors, the company also incorporates eco-friendly building techniques and components into the homes it builds.

“Building green is a part of our process,” Ocana says, adding that Sunset Homes has adopted green building techniques in its building process and aims to achieve a net zero label for its builds. “We show the client which aspects of the homes can be improved in terms of ventilation, windows, HVAC and solar panels. As soon as they sign off on the design, we can start these calculations.”

The company operates around six core values: education, transparency, communication, efficiency, improvement, building relationships. “Our core values are all focused on our clients’ best interests,” Ocana says. “Transparency is a big one. We will share all the quotes with our clients. Nothing hidden. Communication and relationships are another. Building a home takes anywhere from 8 to 14 months so we want to make sure the relationship works and we want them to be happy.”

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