DEAN Custom Homes

DEAN Custom Homes

The owners of DEAN Custom Homes have a winning formula for delivering homes.

By Alan Dorich

When DEAN Custom Homes Inc. builds a customer’s dream house, it avoids giving them “more of the same” that they could find elsewhere in the market. “We try really hard to keep up with the trends [and] add a level of uniqueness to it,” co-owner Noha Elbermawy asserts.


The Overland Park, Kan.-based company also makes sure to upgrade standard features, such as lighting, and add in the right components so that the homes are immediately ready for clients to live in. “It’s all about the fine details,” adds Anas Dalaq, co-owner and Elbermawy’s husband.

Dalaq founded DEAN Custom Homes in 2015, after growing up in a family of builders and gaining experience as a civil/structural engineer. Today, the company specializes in building quality homes in the Kansas City metro area. He and his wife split responsibilities at the firm.

“I try to come up with feasible ways of designing different floor plans,” Dalaq says, noting that Elbermawy focuses on home finishes for the interiors. “She plays a big role when it comes to that." DEAN Custom Homes recently built two homes that incorporated suggestions that the firm collected from customers over the last two years. DEAN Custom factbox

“We’ve come up with a design that suits the wide range of comments that we’ve received,” Dalaq says. This included an open plan concept for the homes’ kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. “People want to open the front door and see everything,” he says.

Elbermawy agrees. “You get that grand feeling when you walk in, [but] it has that level of coziness to it,” she describes, noting that both homes are unique. “The themes are very different even when the floor plans are similar.”

Open and Patient

DEAN Custom Homes stays close to its customers during the homebuilding process. In addition to providing them with site tours at specific milestones, “We always make sure we send out reports to the homeowners we work with,” Dalaq says. “We’re giving them a glimpse of what’s going on with the house as well as a look ahead,” he continues, noting that it also provides them with immediate updates via email or text message.

The company also is open to client changes. “One of the most important qualities for a builder to have is to be patient,” he asserts. “At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities. We do what we can to accommodate the needs of homeowners.”

Ensuring Consistency

When hiring subtrades, DEAN Custom Homes looks for experience. “If there is someone that has been around for a while but has not done many jobs, that usually rates as a red flag,” Dalaq says. Elbermawy agrees, noting that this has allowed the firm to develop a pool of contractors that it usually relies on.

“We’ve got people we’ve gotten comfortable with and stick to them,” she says. This has helped ensure quality in its projects. “If one were to go from one house to another and start from scratch using different vendors and subcontractors, that can take a toll on the consistency and quality of homes,” Dalaq says.

High Goals

Elbermawy is proud of DEAN Custom Homes and how she and her husband have successfully divided up the work. “I’ve seen homes where you can tell people have focused too much on the floor plan and not so much on the finish, or too much on the finish and not so much on the floor plan,” she says. “We try to make sure we focus on both and each of us focuses more on one of them.”

Dalaq agrees. “I view it as the perfect balance, he says, noting that he sees a strong future for the company. “I would like to see us expand the business and have a wider portfolio.”


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