Family is the foundation on which CB JENI Homes was built. In fact, the company’s name was derived from the initials of President and founder Bruno Pasquinelli’s wife and five children. The strong family culture throughout the company is fitting because families are its key focus when building high-quality, energy-efficient townhomes and luxury single-family homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

“Bruno created a family atmosphere starting with the name of his company and with the original four employees who had all worked with Bruno in the past,” Director of Construction Rick Davis says. “We all knew each other very well and are very close-knit. Our biggest asset is our people. Our award-winning team of seasoned professionals is committed to accomplishing our business plan and goals. As we grow, it is key to continue adding more people to our team with the same values.”

Capstone Development Group LLC believes in making a long-term commitment every time it acquires a new property. For the St. Louis-based developer, the success of its communities is measured over the course of several years and not just when its apartments begin to go on the market. “We develop land that we hang on to for a long time,” President Bill Luchini says.

The company specializes in affordable housing for seniors and families. For Capstone, “affordable” does not mean “cheap” when it comes to materials and finishes. “We’re able to build good-quality homes that don’t look any different than market-rate apartments because of the financial incentives we bring into the deal,” Luchini says. 

Bloomfield Development Co. owner Jim Schueller lives and breathes real estate. After spending years as a real estate attorney for a large law firm and developing a few properties in his spare time, Schueller realized his passion was in homebuilding. In 2003, he founded the Chicago-based custom homebuilding company. 

“I was involved heavily on the legal side of things from commercial to residential development and got to know a lot of developers, architects, engineers and brokers in Chicago as their lawyer,” he says. “I eventually decided to follow my passion to start my own company.”

Frank Cotroneo and his three brothers developed their passion for building at a young age. As children, they would watch as their father, Antonino Cotroneo, a native of Italy and a trained stonemason, would work on homes and other projects. “The pride he showed in his work and the work he was creating gave us insight into what we wanted to do when we got older,” Frank Cotroneo says.

Antonino Cotroneo would continue to guide his sons as adults by sharing the knowledge he had gained during his more than 60 years in construction. Frank Cotroneo and his brothers Enzo, Tony and Gino along with their brother-in-law Fabio, began to put this knowledge to use in 2003, when they founded Artista Homes.

Even in a down economy, you can still find quite a few upsides. At least that was the case for Idaho-based Tresidio Homes. The custom homebuilder was founded in 2009 by recent graduates Russ Van Wagenen and Jon Hastings. The two had interned and worked for a number of homebuilders in the past before launching their own business in the spring of 2009. 

“Things couldn’t get much worse for the market that year so we knew that if we could make it in 2009, we could make it in any year,” Van Wagenen explains. Another benefit to starting a business in a down market? “We felt like if we could come in and gain a little bit of marketshare, then as the economy rebounded, we wouldn’t have to increase our marketshare,” Van Wagenen explains. “We could grow by virtue of the economy coming back.” 

For the Skogman family, homebuilding is more than just a business; it’s a family tradition. 

The family’s involvement in the construction trade dates back to the early 20th century, when family patriarch Nels J. Skogman worked as a builder in Sundsval, Sweden. He moved to Perry, N.Y., in 1903, and worked as a carpenter. Skogman’s son Erick started working at the age of 13, delivering lumber with a horse and wagon to a local lumber yard, until the family moved to Omaha, Neb., in 1906.

For Simply Home, its business strategy is not complicated. It is simply to provide clients with quality custom homes.

Since merging in 2011 and starting Simply Home LLC, Patrick Gay and James McCloskey have constructed more than 40 new homes with still more currently under construction and in the planning stages. 

“Simply Home defines itself by providing top customer service and offering clients the opportunity to build homes that reflect their distinct styles, whether that be an elegant brownstone in the city or a colonial, craftsman or even modern single family home in a traditional neighborhood,” says McCloskey, managing partner. “We are proud of all of our work and have enjoyed being a part of the Amelia Square project downtown.”

Shorefront Construction belongs to the next generation of luxury homebuilders that are incorporating technology into their business practices to provide superior service. 

The Fairfield, Conn.-based company began in 2011 and specializes in building luxury custom and spec homes that range in price from $1.2 million to $5 million. “What sets us apart is that we are a young and energetic company that prides itself on our attention to detail when building each home,” owner Dave Kneisel says. “We are fast and effective because we work really well with our trades and focus on a team environment where everyone knows they are part of something much larger than just building a home. We are building a place for our customers to house their memories.” 

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