Haselwander Homes built its first custom home in 1965, and nearly 50 years later the family owned and operated company continues to receive rave reviews for the work it has done over the years. Principal Greg Haselwander is part of the second generation of family leadership with the company, and he says he continues to be amazed by the positive reactions it gets from people whose houses were built many years ago. “It’s remarkable to stand at a home and garden show and have people come up that are of my dad’s generation and have them say, ‘Your dad and uncle built my home, and we’re still there today,’” he says. 

Creating long-lasting relationships with customers has been Haselwander Homes’ primary focus since its inception, and that’s a major part of the reason why the company has built more than 1,200 homes. In many cases, the company has built multiple houses for the same customer, and in one case it ventured out of its usual territory to build one home for a client who insisted on a Haselwander-built home. Haselwander says this is because the company understands what customers want and does everything it can to ensure they get it. “They don’t forget; they know how they were treated then,” he says. 

Building high-quality homes is front and center in Far West Industries’ operations. “We are not about having the lower building price per square foot,” says Scott Lissoy, president and co-owner of the Santa Ana, Calif.-based company. “Our homes are built in a way that is cognizant of our costs while focusing on quality materials and construction.”

The company foregoes many of the marketing-related bells and whistles of home selling such as large, well-appointed sales trailers or ornately-detailed sales offices, concentrating instead on acquiring and installing top-of-the-line finishes and materials in the model and production homes. “We’re more interested in spending money on permanent features in the homes than building temporary facilities on a construction site that you eventually remove,” he adds. “We won’t spend $40,000 on finished carpentry for a sales office that we know will just be ripped out in the end. That $40,000 is better spent on the level of the standard features of a Far West home.”

Thanks to its boutique niche of multifamily condominiums and apartments of from 20 to 100 units in the Washington, D.C., area, Ellisdale Construction and Development’s projects can take advantage of urban infill locations that are too small for large investors. 

“You won’t get any institutional investors excited about 60 units – it’s too small,” points out Kevin Ash, president and founder of Ellisdale Construction and Development. “So that’s where we develop. We’re under their radar. We execute in that middle layer, and there’s a lot less competition. We don’t do cast-in-place buildings. We do light-gauge metal and wood buildings. It sets us apart – we understand the nuances of wood.”

Robert Carroll’s marketing professor at Louisiana State University pointed out that a company can specialize in offering only two of the following three business attributes: quality, service or price. “You can’t have all three, because either you will get so popular that you can’t keep up with the service, or for the best quality, you’re going to have to make some concessions on price,” Co-owner Robert Carroll remembers. “You can’t be everywhere at once and do all things at once, my professor would say. So you have to decide what is your target – what can you bring best to your client? Service and quality is where we’re going to focus.”

Edward Carroll Construction LLC is a family owned, residential homebuilder specializing in custom homes to fit any budget, from high-end custom housing through mid-range luxury homes all the way to starter homes. The company has been serving the greater Baton Rouge area and surrounding parishes since 1992.

The construction of a new community can bring many benefits to an area. The most obvious one is housing, but E5X Management’s Leyden Rock project is adding new jobs in the city of Arvada, Colo., President Chris Elliott says.

When people drive past the project site, “It looks like a huge manufacturing plant with all the folks out there,” he declares. “Through the land development effort, we probably have created 400 jobs.”

Leyden Rock is the latest masterplanned community of E5X, a land development company based in Englewood, Colo. When finished, Elliott says, the development will span 1,000 acres with approximately 1,500 living units.

Vancouver Island is a 285-mile-long stretch of submerged mountain range that is anything but ordinary. Its landscapes include serene coastal waters, rainforests and snow-capped mountains that can be seen from its curving beaches. It’s only natural that Camelot Homes, based in the island town of Qualicum Beach, would design/build luxury custom homes with extraordinary views. 

“Our success is defined and determined by the satisfaction of our clients,” President Dan McLeod says. Camelot Homes has been building custom and luxury homes on Vancouver Island since 1979. The company’s focus spans from renovations to family ranch homes to unique multi-million-dollar estate properties that range in price, McLeod says. 

Bluescape may be a relatively young company, but the experience of its principals has helped the company to build a strong portfolio in a short period of time. Lou Hack and Pat Sena founded the company in 2008. Hack has more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of construction, while Sena has more than 20 years of experience in residential high-rise and low-rise construction. Together, they have allowed Bluescape to build a reputation for excellent and cost-effective construction projects.

“Pat and I worked together since 2003 before starting Bluescape,” Hack says. “We focused on mid- to high-rise residential condos in the downtown Toronto area.” 

It takes passion and commitment to continually deliver custom homebuilding projects that are known for superior quality. Benco Ventures has been doing just that in British Columbia’s Comox Valley since President Ben Christensen started the company 12 years ago. 

“This is a family company that has experience working in this market for years,” Christensen says. “We understand this industry and have experience inside and outside the country, and we have established ourselves as one of the largest custom homebuilding companies in the valley.” 

Christensen’s extensive experience has been a positive for Benco Ventures since day one. He is a second-generation craftsman with more than 25 years of expertise in the construction industry. His family came from Australia to Canada in 1988, and Christensen previously ran a framing company that worked on custom homes and multifamily projects.

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