Setting expectations early helps Supple Homes satisfy its discerning Silicon Valley clients.

By Tim O’Connor

Sean Supple didn’t start out as a homebuilder. His first career out of college was as an attorney, but he decided after a year-and-a-half he didn’t like it. Supple then tried real estate brokering, but it didn’t grab him either so instead he became a laborer on home construction projects. Finally, he found something he liked. Supple advanced quickly in construction and within a few years was managing projects. After four years of working for another company, he decided it was time to get a contractor’s license and strike out on his own.

In 2005, he founded Supple Homes as a one-man business and his first project was a small bathroom remodel. Thirteen years later, the company has grown to seven employees building about six custom homes annually – five of which are ground-up construction.


V.I.P. Homes stakes its reputation on building quality homes at exceptional value and attracting good neighbors to all of its communities in southeast Michigan.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

V.I.P. Homes is a second-generation home building company, started by Vince Castellana in 1983. The company specializes in building new residential homes, condominiums and apartments. “We believe building our clients homes is a great privilege – a privilege that requires trust and a sterling reputation, both of which we have manifested year by year, brick by brick,” Castellana says. “Our confidence in our abilities have grown and accumulated over 30 years of attentive work.”

Castellana’s son, Vito Castellana, joined V.I.P. Homes in 2012 as a partner and now runs the full operation. “I’m nearly 30 years of age and have done well in my initial ascent, but am looking to grow exponentially in the years coming,” Vito Castellana says. “I knew that my career path resonated to real estate and building from my early years in college, so I started preparing ahead of time.”

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