Green Canopy Homes builds its homes to address environmental and social issues.

By Tim O’Connor

When Green Canopy Homes builds a new project, it gets the entire neighborhood involved. The company holds community meetings at the onset of every project, often before it takes ownership of the property.

“We’re talking to the community well before even design, usually during the feasibility phase,” President and CEO Aaron Fairchild says. Neighbors can even vote on the color of the home, giving them a voice in how it blends into their community.

The meetings serve to alleviate concerns and demonstrate to neighbors how Green Canopy’s social and environmental consciousness makes it different from many other urban infill builders in the Portland, Ore., and Seattle areas. “We’re not doing this to placate, Fairchild says. “We’re doing this because we want to learn from the community and talk about our mission.

“The brand comes through as an authentic brand,” he continues. “It’s because we are sincere.”


Salt Point Services’ owners enjoy tackling unique remodeling projects.

By Kat Zeman

When Ken Stratton and Jim France first met at a charity event in New York, they had no idea that they would one day share more than a just a beer.

Both men ran their own businesses with solid client bases. France operated Jemini Construction and Stratton owned Four Corner Repair Services. “We had different niches, but we were both in construction,” France says.

After their initial meeting, the men joined forces on a variety of projects and discovered that they worked well together. In 2011, they consolidated their businesses and formed Salt Point Services, a Cazenovia, N.Y.-based construction company specializing in remodeling, home additions, repair and design.

“I think what makes us different is that Ken and I are a 50-50 partnership,” France adds. “I feel that a lot of our competitors are sole proprietors. Ken and I split our duties and that gives us the ability to offer better customer service and a higher-quality product.”


Loudermilk Homes is leveraging technology to provide its clients with homes that are not just smart, but brilliant.

By Bianca Herron

Sherwin Loudermilk founded Loudermilk Homes in 2009 with one goal in mind: to improve the experience and process of luxury homebuilding. The Atlanta-based company has since found success by tapping into Loudermilk’s background in computer science.

As an executive at IBM earlier in his career, Loudermilk worked with telecommunications and web development companies on cutting-edge products and support services. That experience not only continues to differentiate Loudermilk Homes from its competitors, but also has allowed it to take homebuilding to the next level by integrating some of the most advanced smart home technology into the multi-million-dollar homes it builds today.

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 elev8 offers clients high performance design and construction.

By Tim O’Connor

eleV8 Builders is a luxury residential design-build firm specializing in high performance design and construction. Founder and president of eleV8, Chris Little states, “Our company believes the design+build methodology provides an innovative approach on the project delivery method offering a turnkey solution. eleV8 partners with AIA registered architects to deliver superior projects”. eleV8 is an integral part of the design team from the beginning at lot selection through final project delivery.

AustinModernAdamAmyUSETHIS copy

Husband-wife duo turns their passion into Austin Modern Properties. 

By Kat Zeman

Adam and Amy Mosier have built many homes together. Like a power couple, the husband-wife duo has a shared passion for the same craft. She knows design, marketing and has a keen eye for real estate investments. He’s interested in engineering and building. Together, they make up Austin Modern Properties, a Texas-based custom luxury homebuilder.

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