Phoenix Commercial Construction is entering the multifamily market in Idaho. 

By Kat Zeman

A favorable market and a suitable partner have steered Phoenix Commercial Construction to enter the multifamily arena in Idaho.

Nampa, Idaho-based Phoenix Commercial has been a power player in the commercial real estate and development market in Idaho’s Treasure Valley region since the company’s inception in 2014.

But its founder, Shannon Robnett, has tackled a variety of high-profile projects in the area since 1999 including work for police departments, fire stations, a city hall, offices and industrial buildings. Now the company is moving into the multifamily market.


Burke Builders is focusing on the multifamily market in Colorado. 

By Kat Zeman

Though it has always been known for single-family residential construction, Boulder, Colo.-based Burke Builders is expanding its portfolio to focus on multifamily developments.

“We earned our wings in single-family residential market and in remodeling,” says Matt Ward, director of operations. “But we’re starting to take on bigger projects.”

The company completed a $2 million dormitory for a university in Colorado this year. The three-story, 18-unit building broke ground in October 2016. It features a luxurious common area, community kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a glass wall to allow for a maximum amount of light, and lots of outdoor landscaping. 

LyndDevelop1Edison copy

Lynd Development Partners is responding to growing demand for high-tech living. 

By Kat Zeman

When it comes to carving out a niche in the multifamily housing market, Lynd Development Partners focuses on residential conveniences, quality design and smart home innovation.

The San Antonio-based firm is seeing increasing demand for technological advances from its target demographic, mainly millennials and baby boomers. For example, its clients desire sophisticated luxury conveniences like virtual fitness centers, electronic parcel delivery systems, smart learning thermostats, and electric car charging stations.  

DSC 0020 copy

Realty Center Management Inc. turns underperforming apartment properties into long-term cash cows.

By Tim O’Connor

When laws and regulations change, companies invested in the status quo have two options: to get out or go all-in. An accounting company formed Realty Center Management Inc. (RCMI) in 1984 to manage a group of real estate holdings that served as a tax shelter for clients. When rules regarding eligibility for depreciation changed, the properties no longer carried the same tax benefit so RCMI changed its focus to managing the properties to create value.


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