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Trane Parts – HVAC Supply Store Near Me

Trane Supply is much more than a house supply or parts store. Information is also a vital service rendered to clients to scale their businesses. Trane Supply’s team indeed is a reliable resource for information in the areas where answers are needed for the technical situation.

Trane supply desires to be more accessible to its clients and provide assistance to improve its clients’ customer service. The endpoint of this is to make its clients much more profitable in business. There are already quality answers for every project-related question ranging from small and large to residential and commercial projects.

The Trane Supply’s team is there to help start and complete clients’ projects successfully with the right solutions and answers from start to finish.

Trane Supply and Customer Service 

Trane supply works hard in ensuring that high-quality customer service is a priority and supplies, parts, and replacement equipment are provided when needed. Trane is both your partner throughout the service and information source for the project. A large and growing network exists within Trane Supply’s team, including wholesale distributors that are independent and complement the services provided.

Product Applications

Regardless of the application you seek, Trane has the products or knowledge to handle all your HVAC needs.

Trane has what you need from equipment needed for maintenance and servicing, or even systems enhancement and installation. From OEM replacement parts to other national brands, and Trane-branded wholesale lines, Trane is there to support you with the best quality.

Service First OEM

From start to finish, Trane offers its customers complete support. The compressor designer, the professional worker on the production line, and the associate of Trane’s over the counter all work for you! 

Reasons Why OEM Is A Good Bargain

  1. The OEM parts are guaranteed to reduce the cost of installation by functioning correctly from the beginning. There is also a strong warranty and vote of confidence passed over the Trane OEM. They are also sure to work correctly at first.
  2. The ServiceFirst OEM parts are unique in that it is manufactured to original specifications. Other solutions claim to be similar.
  3. The OEM parts are constructed with quality and durability in mind. They are highly efficient and sponsor proper system functionality.
  4. Customers are to expect nothing less than quality. The OEM parts are tested in the application, constructed for the application, and approved in the application.

OEM Parts – Advantage

OEM Filter Driers

The engineering team approves it to meet and exceed the company’s testing requirements, also going beyond current filter performance inflow, etc. Trane approves the OEM filter driers, and the OEM filter driers are also approved. 

OEM Belt Tensioner

These services are quite popular(precedent) air conditioning units. The following are the advantages of belt tensioner: Reduced time for belt replacement, increased efficiency for operation, increased belt lifespan, belt-squealing elimination at startup unit.

OEM Igniter

This OEM is involved in the servicing of the best-selling rooftop units in the market. That part has been constructed to meet the rigid parameters of operation, which are lower operating temperature, CSA-approved, Matched resistance. 

Data Center Sector

It is a known fact that system shut-downs can be a big block stumbling block and, in turn, affect your business. It could be a lot of work trying to meet the demands of design dynamics and efficiency and reliability as a work ethic. 

It is where Trane comes in. In pursuit of your facility goals, Trane would help you out by maintaining your HVAC systems for the highest possible efficiency and lifecycle reliability.

The company’s experience, e.g., applications knowledge, etc. are deployed for the customers’ data center’s optimal functioning. Trane supply helps to keep data centers cool yearly.

Trane Supply Solutions 

Hinged Waterbox

It reduces the cost of service by making regular chiller maintenance quicker and safer for the service technician. It also helps to reduce environmental risks.

IAQ and Filters

In order to keep coils clean and ensure the maintenance of adequate airflow, preventive maintenance is required. This company also helps to meet the need for filtration, needed sizes and schedule-for-replacement determination.

OEM and Wholesale Parts

The Trane supply carries all the needed supplies and parts to help keep the unit functional. From installation to possible repairs, Trane is there to help. The supplies needed for the job are also carried when the belts are being checked, or the coils are being cleaned. 

Trane Supply Can Be Trusted To Support You Throughout The Lifecycle Of The System

Making use of frequency drives can help save money and energy when the conditions are not at full-load.

Energy-efficient solutions and the team’s energy expertise makes Trane supply the perfect partner and advisor to its clients. The team members also develop a customized solution for clients’ facilities. 

Trane Supply and its Offerings to the K-12 Education Sector

Trane supply, through its maintenance team, also ensures that education goes on under a productive and comfortable environment. It is also hard to balance the fast-changing nature of the sustainability goals and energy efficiency requirements. It is well understood by the team as well as the funding that also poses a challenge.

Meeting Today’s Challenges

The listed challenges are surmountable with the partnership of Trane supply by keeping the HVAC systems well-maintained.

Why is Trane the ideal partner in the educational sector? 

Here are some of the reasons:

  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Proven success in the delivery of high-quality HVAC systems
  • Reputation for reliability
  • Maintenance record

Trane Supply and its Offerings to the Health Sector

When Trane supply helps the medical team, the aim is to give a welcoming, safe and healthy environment for both staff and patients. In other o achieve this, a great deal of attention is needed to go into indoor air quality and preventive maintenance. There is no space or chance for a system shut-down. 

Advantage of Preventive Maintenance

Since shut-down isn’t an option, Trane Supply is the ideal partner for temporary back-up solutions, part and supplies for maximum uptime and consistent efficiency.

Let the experts handle your HVAC systems in other for you to keep giving your best to the society with 100% focus.


The Witness Group

Witness Hospitality Management – Hotel Investment Opportunities Group

With its headquarters in Lewis Center, Ohio, The Witness Group is a hospitality management, mixed-use development, and real estate investment firm. Over the years, it has successfully handled lots of top-branded belongings in various regions of the United States.

This firm is definitely not the only firm that offers real estate investment, mixed-use development, and hospitality management in its region or in the United States. It, however, is a firm you can trust to always provide value.

The Witness Group has been in existence for more than 35 years and is a major force so long as hospitality management, efficient construction, and progressive design are concerned.

This company can easily be said to be different things to different clients. Regardless of how various clients see it, this firm is famous for building, managing, and investing in real estate and hotels. It gives its attention to assets that bring a good degree of growth and value to its communities and investors.  The Witness Group does not work in isolation. It has partners. Some of these partners are RHL Corporation, IHG InterContinental Hotels Group, La Quinta, Best Western, Wyndham, Marriot, and Hilton.

Launch of Fresh Website

Although The Witness Group has been in existence for quite a while and has had a website for a long time, it launched a fresh website to help it meet the needs of its vendors, partners, and investors. 

In a statement, Ohm Patel, CEO of The Witness Group said “this firm was launching a new website to mark the start of its 2017 digital strategy. He went on to make it known that this firm is happy to improve on what it has already launched and is planning on putting up a dynamic investor center alongside a digital marketing plan that is a lot of fun.

When visitors come to this website, they enjoy a detailed depiction of the brand identity of The Witness Group, its latest developments, its current portfolio, and its three basic solutions. 

This website was not created singlehandedly by The Witness Group. It was developed in partnership with a digital agency WOW1 brand based in Ohio. This brand is called Columbus.

According to Patel, The Witness Group is interested in providing the most relevant and updated piece of information for its potential employees, hospitality vendors, partner brands, and investors. This website features a revolutionary functionality, rich content, and top-quality design that is a representation of what this firm is and what it wants to be popular for.

How the Witness Group Came into Existence?

The Witness Group as it is known today is in existence because KB Hotel Group and Alliance Hospitality went through a merger. These two firms were able to merge because of the similarities in their business models. In addition to having values and goals that are similar, these two firms have been family operated for a long time and have been in the hospitality sector for up to 35 years.

Before merging to form The Witness Group, KB and Alliance were forces to be reckoned with in the markets they operated in. Due to their strengths, their merger made them a lot stronger. This is because it gave them a platform for discussing strategies and sharing the right practices.

Since the merger between KB and the Alliance, The Witness Group has become an enterprise that offers hotel management, construction, and investment.

Investment Chances

At the moment, The Witness Group has made it known that it possesses investment chances in Washington, D.C., Indianan, and Ohio. It makes it possible for stakeholders to find out what their investment potential is. It does this by simply outlining the quantitative and qualitative objectives of every investor.

Over the years, this firm has built a reputation for discovering the fresh value and obtaining good profits through acquisitions that add value, fresh development, and carefully planned multiplicity. This is possible because they are able to spot fresh opportunities at the right place and when the time is right.

The Witness Group does not end with the investment and allocation of capital. It goes on to provide stability and an increase in value for investors. It achieves this by integrating hospitality management solutions, construction, development, and investments. It aims at doing better than Standard & Poor’s 500 index by giving attention to capital preservation and long term returns.

Creative Ideas

The Witness Group has a great deal of experience in hotel management and construction. Due to this, it is certain it will be able to add a lot of value to clients’ projects and ensure these projects are successful. This firm has made it known that it has been able to offer top-quality properties with the right budget and at the right time because of a blend of precision, innovation, and experience.

Although there are various factors that contribute to making this firm successful, it has attributed the success it has enjoyed to its long years of experience in real estate construction and the relationship it has built with other firms. The Witness Group has successfully offered its stakeholders a great deal of value and reliability because of the long-term partnership it has with national and local vendors.

This firm is looking to evolve and it aims to do this through the use of aesthetic trends, design approaches, and fresh materials. As well as the latest technology to turn in perfectly executed projects. It aims at doing this without getting fiscally irresponsible. Projects can be delivered at the right time and with the right budget when a lot of attention is given to execution and site planning.

The Witness Group has claimed it has a reputation for going beyond clients’ expectations when offering services to its customers. Due to this, its management team members have been able to enjoy the opportunities to grow, the right level of development, and stability. Additionally, The Witness Group has made it known that it gives teamwork, consistency, and performance a great deal of attention as these three factors are responsible for the delivery of the right results over a long period.


Signature Streetscapes

Signature Streetscapes – Decorative Street Signs & Address Plaques

Signature Streetscapes is an architectural firm that is based in Michigan. It was set up in 2007 and is a branch of Port City Architectural Signage. It is a company that concerns itself with designing and manufacturing mailboxes, plagues, light poles, and decorative community signs. This firm can decide to develop unique designs with regular components and at affordable prices or could decide to manufacture custom-made products for its clients.

The appearance of a community says a lot about its quality. The presence of iron fences, its lampposts’ shape go a long way in characterizing it.

 A community can stand out from the other communities around it by the appearance of its streets. When a street has a certain appearance, the homes in such neighborhoods are valued higher than they would be in other neighborhoods. 

Since the appearance of a street can affect the value of the houses in its neighborhood, it becomes important that homeowners work with a manufacturer that has the ability to offer what they have in mind for their community. While there are quite a number of manufacturers that can give a street the appearance homeowners have always dreamt of, not all of them have the reputation that Signature Streetscapes has. 

For about 10 years, Signature Streetscapes has been in the business of delivering the vision that homeowners have for their streets. It has built a reputation for very detailed and top-notch jobs. According to the sales manager of Signature Streetscapes, this firm is in the business of manufacturing nostalgia and taking it to neighborhoods and cities.

Staying Continually Relevant in the Market

Signature Streetscapes might be famous for the creation of minute details that give a community a special appearance. There, however, is more to this firm. In addition to paying a lot of attention to details, this company works hand in hand with its clients. This way, it is able to make sure the decorations, as well as the signs manufactured for these communities, do not deviate from the standards that are locally accepted.

The staff at Signatures Streetscapes are not just good at creating amazing designs, they also are completely aware of the standards of various communities. This way, whenever there is an offer for a job, they do not need to ask questions about requirements. Instead of doing this, they play the role of consultants and help clients understand all that the project entails.

As a firm that is linked to Port City Architectural Signage, one would normally expect Signature Streetscapes to be into the construction of markers for the golf course. It, however, does not do this.

Why Is This So?

During and after the Great Recession, lots of businesses were affected. Of these many businesses, those that had a thing or two to do with recreational activities were some of the first to be affected. Due to this, one way to stay in business was to give anything that had to do with recreational activities a break and give decorative products and community signage a good degree of attention. This was exactly what brought Signature Streetscapes into the picture. According to Mills, this firm was interested in the sale of its own product instead of getting dealers to do the selling for it.

It is general knowledge that the best time to build a house was not during the recession. Additionally, the recession was the right time for the beautification of communities. Nonetheless, venturing into the business of designing communities during the Great Recession paid off for Signature Streetscapes. This happened because getting into this business during the Great Recession gave this firm ample time to right their wrongs and put the right structures in place before a boom came along. As soon as the economy started experiencing a recovery, Signature Streetscapes was ready with the steps needed to do very well so long as the development of communities was concerned.

Beyond just designing communities and homes, the decorative options offered by Signature Streetscapes are high-end. They usually range from $300, 000 upward. Furthermore, the development of downtowns is in the million-dollar range. Although this firm can sell to virtually anyone, it mostly services homeowners associations, developers, and builders in Canada and the United States.

Putting America First

Signature Streetscapes is known for the manufacture and sale of products. It does not just feature in certain stages of manufacture but takes part in every single stage. This includes the design of the materials used all the way to the quality and type of materials used in the manufacturing process. 

Unlike some of their competitors that source for their materials from Mexico or China, this firm is absolutely in charge of its manufacturing process.

Signature Streetscapes has a facility in Muskegon, Michigan. This facility is a 30,000- square-foot facility and houses the entire manufacturing process.  You, therefore, can be certain that every drilling and welding involved in the production of products used by Signature Streetscapes is produced under the watchful eyes of this firm. 

Although this firm handles the entire manufacturing process, the materials it uses are gotten from other firms in the United States. By doing this, Signature Streetscapes qualifies as a Buy American firm.

Although Signature Streetscapes has been doing very well, it has not remained stagnant. It has continuously gotten better over the years. At the moment its manufacturing process now involves the use of air set molding in making castings. This has brought about improved quality unlike the older process that was tainted with some degree of imperfection. Since the air set came on the scene, this firm no longer has to deal with crooked letters after its manufacturing process. The use of air set makes it possible to create casts that look like they were printed.

Since this firm has a reputation for making high-quality products, it has enjoyed a good level of patronage from various communities. This has led to rapid growth and the right comments from its clients.


Shop Drawings & Submittals 101

Construction Shop Drawing Review Process

Management of construction submittals is the primary job of any contractor before any project begins. This management helps determine the accuracy of the project’s completion, the line actualization of the proposed timeline, and the budget’s line items.

Understanding this term is crucial not only to save your neck in legal issues but also for your construction company’s rapid growth. This day is met with lots of competition; you make a single mistake, and you can end up struggling to get back up.

What Is Construction Submittal?

Understanding the terminology is equally as important as comprehending the technical and analytical aspects of the job.

A submittal is a document that the contractor submits to the architect to gain approval to implement in a project (according to bizfluent). Submittals are also defined as documents that consist of information, tendered to the contractor’s design professional for equipment approval. The project cannot go further without the approval of the submittal. 

The submittal process begins at the initial phase of the project to direct how the project turns out. This is quite different from other processes, such as as-builts and closeout. 

Components Included in A Submittal

The submittals are the avenue through which details such as material types and equipment, including paint color, are reviewed before construction. The construction submittals can be littered with lots of items depending on the project type. Some of the items include: 

  • Color charts
  • Material data
  • Product cut sheets that serve to identify manufacturer, model number and specs
  • Samples
  • Color and finish selections
  • Shop drawings, etc.

The submittals are vital because they give the project a simplified view where necessary adjustments can be made at a basic level. There first need to be approval before the items are made and supplied because after then, excesses cannot be curtailed. 

There is also a strong need for quality submittals. A successful project is determined by how accurate the submittal is. A very detailed one gives clarity to budget estimates and also project schedules.

The Submittal Review Process

It is a known fact in the construction world that the review process of submittals is very tiresome and tedious. Firstly, there has to be detailed data and accurate specifications for every part of the project.

This process can now be done electronically by project construction software. This gives a high-grade accuracy and submittal items quality.

The contractor and everyone working under his umbrella is responsible for designing every project detail and certain design elements. This is because engineers and architects are very limited in how they can go about each project’s designs. Therefore, there is room for most persons with greater expertise to handle certain parts of a project, but there are consequences. 

This is why it is important to have submittals and the processes for their approval and review.

According to the AIA, shop drawings are defined as diagrams or drawings and other specially prepared data that shows some parts of a work. Shop drawings and other documents are a method to communicate what has been designed by the subcontractors. They are also called submittals.

When a task is given, and the contractor wants to communicate how he intends to carry it out formally, he uses shop drawings. This process is a formalized method to communicate this plan. It also allows for a good design review and absolute compliance with the original intent.

It is also important to know what shop drawings aren’t. For a couple of years now, there has been no change in the items that make up contract documents: agreement, general conditions, drawings and specifications. The two items that are absent from the list include shop drawings and submittals.

According to the American Institute of Architects, submittals are regarded as contract documents.

Reduction of Risk

One impedance to projects is misunderstandings, and to avoid them, the role of submittals must be understood by contractors. Lawsuits can also be kept far from the contractor if there is a proper understanding of responsibilities in submittals. 

It is wisdom to be acquainted with one’s obligation. The documents of each contract give shop drawings to the contractor, and afterward, the professional designer. The contractor’s role is to review the submittals, even that of the subcontractors, in other to verify that it is in accordance with the documents. This should be done before it is submitted to the professional designer.

You are making a statement when you send the submittal to the professional designer to review. It means you have reviewed the submittal, approved it, verified the materials, e.g., field measurements, and compared the submittal information requirements.

On this issue of submittal contents, several contractors have been found guilty for worker hazards.

There is a limit to what architects can be held accountable for. Things like: equipment performance, installation instructions, quantities and dimension, fit that description. The AIA holds that architect review doesn’t involve the approval of safety measures or means of construction, procedures and sequences.

The contractor is meant to bring any deviations from what was originally in the contract document to the architect’s notice. When there is a deviation of the shop drawings from the documented contract, there must be a written approval from the architect. The contractor also remains at risk if the architect doesn’t give a full reason and report for the deviation.

No work should be carried out when there is no properly written approval. Until the engineer and architect approve a work governed by the submittal, no contractors can work. The contractor remains at risk outside proper approval. 

Be clear if the alterations in the work scope are shop drawings based. There are many examples of times when the court found the contractors responsible for additional labor costs concerning shop drawings.

Henke Constitution Co.46 and Other Cases 

In Henke Constitution Co.46, a certain contractor pressed for restoration for the expense of extra material and labor owning to the refusal of the government-owner to act upon some shop drawings. This general contractor stated that the failure to disapprove or approve the shop drawings brought damage. The installation stated that the work was shown in the shop drawings and showed unnecessary work not called for by him. 

The court was against the plaintiff, stating the plaintiff’s false assumption that the shop drawings were needed for the job.

In other instances, if there is a requirement for shop drawings, the approval might be a major factor affecting the job’s scope.

In another company’s case, the contractor stated that there was conceal work within its contract scope. The company won this case because of the conclusion that the areas in question were within the contract partially. Also, “details of the shop drawings” was referenced as the scope of work.

One thing to also note is to Act in good faith. It includes doing all you can do to follow through with the contract, specifically about those on reasonable timeliness. Recently in Missouri, there was a conclusion by the Supreme court that the reason for the contract’s delay was a late review of shop drawings by the state.

To have a successfully completed project, there has to be a proper follow-up and management of the submittal process. The shop drawings are not part of the contract documents. However, it is the guideline that ensures productivity from the designer, delivery to the owner, and strict adherence to the contractor’s rules. 

When the contractual obligations are fully observed, and proper attention is paid to the detail for submitting the review, correct project delivery and job is done.


Schwartz Custom Homes

Schwartz Construction & Custom Homes Builder

With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, Schwartz Custom Homes is a firm that is famous as a multifamily home builder that is a specialist in developing houses that are very energy efficient. Since coming on the scene, this firm has been able to put up a couple of outstanding projects in Austin, Texas.

This firm has worked on quite a number of projects. However, one of these projects stands out. This is the Haven South Austin Retreat condos project. Although yet to be complete, this project is already selling very rapidly. It is not a very big project. It is made up of ten two-story buildings.

While this project was being initiated, Mitch Schwartz, the owner of Schwartz Custom Homes, and his team felt only millennials would be interested in the project. Well, contrary to their anticipation, buyers for this project are from various generations.

The Haven South Austin Retreat condos project is not just successful, it is also a recipient of awards as proof of its success. One of the awards it has won so far is the Best in American Living (BALA) Awards which it got in 2018. It got this award in the Infill Community category. Furthermore, this award was presented by the National Association of Home Builders.

Every single unit in the Haven South Austin retreat condos features three bedrooms. This is in addition to one or two car garages, and two and half or three baths. Additionally, each unit begins with the $300, 000 benchmark. That’s not all. Occupants of the condos will enjoy tankless gas water heaters, LED lighting, HVAC system, and energy-efficient insulation.

Schwartz has this to say about the buildings, “The buildings are very energy-efficient”. “We started building energy-efficient housing before everyone else did. We go above and beyond”.

The Haven condo might seem isolated. The truth, however, is it is not isolated. It is just 15 minutes away from downtown Austin. Also, it offers residents a good number of outdoor activities, shopping, cafes, and restaurants.

Other Projects

Schwartz Construction might be most associated with the Haven Condos. It, however, is also involved in other projects. It is currently working on a 30 detached condos located in the Teravista community. This community is popular as one of Austin’s best-selling communities.

According to Mitch Schwartz, this community is properly planned and comes with a golf course. Furthermore, Schwartz Custom Homes is in charge of constructing the final 30 residential units of the 3600 available units.

This project is currently ongoing and is scheduled to be completed in 2021. Every unit in this project is expected to have a starting price point of $250,000 and feature three bedrooms. Additionally, the sale of units will start soon.

This project being carried out in the Teravista community features amazing amenities. These amenities are a golf club, a couple of centers built for socializing, a fitness center, pool complexes, and a golf club.

The Haven Condos and 30 detached condos located in the Teravista community are not the only projects that Schwartz Custom Homes has had a hand in. One other major project that this firm has handled is The Legacy at St. John condos. This firm is not the only firm on this project. It simply plays the role of a general contractor. This project started in spring and will be completed in about two years.

According to the plan of the Legacy at St. John, it is expected to be made up of 55 multifamily townhomes. These homes are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and calm. Also, it occupies a four-acre piece of land and is just 10 minutes away from downtown Austin. The price of this development will begin at$350, 000 for each unit and it is made up of 40 2-bedroom apartments.


Ryder Construction

Ryder Corporation – Construction Contractors

If there is just one quality that Ryder Construction is known for, that quality is excellence. Due to the excellence associated with its construction, Ryder Construction is popular is the tri-state area. This firm has been in the construction business for about 40 years and its clients benefit greatly from this high level of experience.

Beyond just being on the scene for four decades, Ryder has a strategy that has made it a force to reckon with so long as construction management, consulting services, and general contracting are concerned. This firm is not just involved in putting up new buildings, it can also be trusted to restore iconic landmarks.

Ryder Construction enjoys a prominent position in the construction scene. It does not occupy this position just because it has been around for a long time. Rather, the fact that it puts up buildings that are schedule conscious with the use of strategies that help save cost has made it occupy a prominent position in the construction world.

Who is Responsible for the Success of Ryder Construction?

Ryder Construction owes its huge success to Frank Mosomillo, its just retired founder, it CEO Bill Freeswick, and Principal Carl Jaccarino. Although Carl Jaccarino and Bill Freeswick have played great roles in ensuring that this firm is where it is today, the process all started with Frank Mosomillo. 

Ryder Construction makes use of a leadership style that has made its employees dedicated. Beyond just simply being dedicated to the firm, these employees are also long-tenured.

How Did Ryder Construction Become What it is today?

If there is one construction firm that takes pride in its work, that construction firm is Ryder Construction. It is a norm for this firm to discuss some of the projects it embarked on through its journey in the construction sector.

This firm is responsible for constructing the 30,000-square-foot condominium in New York.  It put force together with designers Roman+Wiliams to get this done. This building is in Little Italy, one of the bubbliest areas in New York. It is characterized by wood double-hung windows and red brick detailing. The combination of wood double-hung windows mixes well with the district which is up to a hundred years old. 

In the construction of this building, Yom, alongside his son worked closely with the owner of Bunkin Masonry, John McBride. Their approach to getting this building into shape did not go without an award. It got the Palladio Award, an award that is given to people that perform well when putting up traditional buildings.

Ryder has handled a good number of top-notch Broadway theaters. This goes a long way to prove how skillful it is in handling the different challenges associated with putting up extreme structures. Some of the challenges this firm has had to deal with through the years include revolutionary Coemar lighting, comprehensive historic preservation, and developing the most bizarre light show associated with Times Square. 

Ryder has successfully handled the restoration of five iconic theaters that belong to Broadway. It was able to do this because of the partnership between business development manager and construction project manager Sasha Durcan and Jaccarino.

Sasha Durcan has master’s degrees in construction management and theater production and she has taken good advantage of all she learned while doing her master’s program. According to Durcan, “building in the heart of the 42nd Street in the city that never sleeps requires precision logistics and an experienced team. We were able to provide historic restoration to some of the oldest operating theaters, as well as full façade technology, creating abstract collages of color and light through perforated metal blades and dichroic glass which, at night, play an infinitely variable sequence of colors.”

Ryder Construction is what it is today because of the strength of everyone on its team. Just like its key leaders, every leader in this firm brings a lot to the table. An example of the various leaders pulling their weight on different levels is Jason Zingales, a project executive that was the team leader during the development of the Stanford White Award Winner that is located at 151 E78TH Street. In addition to the role he played in the creation of the Stanford White Award Winner, he is also in charge of safety teams and Ryder’s technology.

This is what Zingaless has to say,” We’ve always prided ourselves on using the most effective technological tools including Bluebeam and Procore platform. “These tools allow us to be fully transparent with the ownership team. Paperwork is streamlined, and communication is simplified.”

Safety Concerns

Ryder Construction is interested in putting up amazing buildings. However, beyond just putting up buildings that look great, this construction firm is interested in a very safe process. It aims at totally taking out accidents from its operations. This way, everyone that takes part in an operation is able to get back home without being hurt. 

Due to its huge interest in ensuring its building process is totally safe, Ryder Construction has been able to put up lots of structures without having to deal with terrible accidents.


According to Durcan, in the last decade, there has been a major shift in the building landscape in New York City. This shift is majorly about qualified and skilled non-union labor. Now, Ryder Construction is not just one of the major construction firms in New York, its principal Jaccarino is one of the founding members of the New York Construction Alliance. This alliance was established to serve as a means of bringing together construction professionals at the highest level.

New York Construction Alliance ensures there is diversity, professionalism, and safety in the workplace.


Since becoming a major firm in the construction industry, Ryder Construction has been able to build a great bond with its clients. These clients are craftsmen, engineers, and architects that are proud of the teamwork they enjoy by working with Ryder Construction and have a great understanding of the value it brings to the table so long as construction is concerned.


Nexus Properties

Nexus Commercial Real Estate Property Management NJ

Most builders only see a project as another market opportunity. To them, it is all about investment cost, potential, and time. Even though these of parameters exist with the Nexus Properties project in Glassboro, it goes far beyond that. The CFO, Dante Germano, has a personal connection with the project. He had grown up in Glassboro and saw this developmental work as an opportunity to redevelop his town. 

It was due to Germano’s Glassboro background that made Nexus get awarded the project. Even though Germano had been out of the town due to his career, he kept in communication with the leaders, and when the Company managing the Town redevelopment failed to deliver on the master plan, the contract was awarded to Nexus. 

The main issue eschewed between the former developers was their inexperience in handling the new parking garage slated in the project. Nexus, on the other hand, were experts in creating parking solutions. Nexus Parking system was a subsidiary of Nexus, and with their experience as one of New Jersey’s finest parking partners, they were able to bring the experience needed to create a modern downtown.

Redefining Glassboro

The town of Glassboro has been plagued with various developmental challenges in the past. First there’s a town whose government wanted to look more like a modern town and there is a university community by the way whose student population affects the way the entire town will look like. 

The Glassboro project started around the early 2000s, where the towns need a developed downtown and a nearby University’s need for better accommodation facilities for their students intertwined. The initial play of the university was to build structures that could house 884 students, but soon after that, two medical schools were added to the university, and it became a research institution. As a result of this, the population of students being admitted into the school exploded.

This sharp increase in the population of students created a problem for the community as students who were not able to secure a hostel facility had to resort to renting a place off-campus. This was a challenge that soon blew out of the control of the school management and they would need the support of the community.

When the project was handed to Nexus, there was an obvious need to expand the housing project to meet students’ demands. Before exiting from the project, the previous developers had built 1,165 students, hotel, and multifamily beds. The scope of the project had to be adjusted to 2781 under Nexus and to achieve this without having to expand further, Nexus decide to build six-story facilities for the students.

According to Germano, the works they are doing at Nexus will benefit both the university and the town. For Germano, he feels fulfilled that Nexus helped the client achieve his goal and, at the same time, making money in the process. Learning from the founder of the company who happens to be his father.

Positioned for Success

The reason behind Nexus’ success in the project is their experience and financial power born out of a 40 years journey in the industry. Before undertaking the Glassboro project, most of the contracts they have handled were usually between the range of $5-15 million, and the highest ever was a $22 million project.

Ever since Sussman founded Nexus in 1979, he created structures and systems and paved the way for the continual growth of the Company. The Company is still obedient to the management philosophies that were laid by Sussman. 

Sussman had operated a steel service business before moving on to create Nexus. His success in the steel center made him acquire old warehouses and distribution facilities across the region. When he didn’t have much use for the facilities, he redeveloped the buildings into what is today known as Nexus Properties.

Sussman style was to hang on to development for a long period, rather than selling for immediate gratification. This strategy was part of what positioned Nexus to be able to handle the Glassboro project.

Family Philosophy

In 2010, Sussman decided to retire and left the Company in his children (Germano, Andrea, and Jeffery) to run. These children still stick to the philosophies of their father. Germano claimed that many times the sit together to rehearse some of their father’s principles.

Since Nexus is a family business, there is no much management bureaucracy involved in decision makings. This makes it easier for them to respond to opportunities. As they have learned from their father, they join heads together, brainstorming for a solution, and waste no time in implementing.

Jeffery Sussman handles the aspects of their work that deals with subcontractors while Andrea handles the aspects of marketing and leases. Germano claims that the subcontractors appreciate their level of direct involvement, and he says it boosts the confidence of the client in them. Their father, Sydney Sussman, taught them about the importance of owners’ involvement. During his time leading the Company, he was involved in every facet of the company decision-making to sign personally on loans against his lawyer’s counsel.

Creating Cooperation

With a wealth of experience in a public-private partnership, through several years of managing the Glassboro project by partnering with New Jersey Transit, Nexus has met the demand of both Rowan University community and Glassboro town. This process also involves keeping them abreast of the progress of their project and any important updates. According to Germano, since both the town and university have a similar goal, it makes the job of Nexus much easier to perform, and they all have established a cordial relationship with each other.

Even though the student housing occupies a bulk of their work, the borough still priorities the building of multifamily units for the sake of permanent residents. This part of the job seems to be the most difficult for Nexus to strike a balance on. 

The conflict in interest came to its climax in 2015 when Nexus Properties had just completed a 176,000 square foot, six-story building to accommodate 456 students and 57 multifamily units. Due to the shortage of accommodation for the students of Rowan University, the school management request that 22 of the 57 apartments should be converted for use by students. The magic challenge was that the request could only be approved by the Glassboro Borough council, who also had their interest to protect. It could have generated a lot of friction, but the council finally agreed to allow them to use the apartments for just a year. Germano noted that the borough realizes that it was the best decision to waiver the building for them.

Nexus maintains a healthy collaboration with its stakeholders, resulting in a huge success for the Glassboro. Germano noted that the ease of progress of the project is born out of the cooperation of the people. However, he noted that the Company needs to free up some of her liquidity and thus are not likely to do another $300 million project anytime soon again. They will prefer to focus on 50 million to 60 million range of projects. 

Nexus has learned valuable lessons from the Glassboro project that will further help them in managing complex projects. The project also opened them up to a new niche of student housing.  Germano further noted that the project opened them up to how a university is being run, even though on a smaller scale. It was a perfect opportunity for the three children to show how good a job their father did in mentoring them.


Larson Manufacturing

Larson Storm Doors & Screen Doors & Windows

Larson manufacturing has been at the forefront of creating materials for the beautification of the home for over six decades. They continue to thrive over the because they embrace dynamism and make products that can provide immediate solution to market demand. Their products are known for their rare aesthetics, functionality, and comfort that they add to the homeowner’s life. 

As part of their goal of providing the best home enhancement products, Larson’s manufacturing team continues to brainstorm on best solutions to the arching desires of home owners. They look forward to feedbacks from clients and make are keep abreast with survey data that can point them in the right direction as to where a need is and they go all out to fill that gap.

Scenix Porch Windows

The Scenix porch windows are the latest products from Larson storm doors manufacturing plant. Retailers and customers always look forward to any new product coming from this company and the Scenix Porch windows are not any different.

These windows introduce several outdoor qualities into the home, such as fresh air, warm sunshine, and several other breathtaking views. As if this was not enough, scenix porch avails you the privilege of a square footage all year round. This window opens you up to a more beautiful view of your environment that you would not get bored of. It makes you get the feeling that you are right there in the middle of nature but keep away every other unwanted things in nature such as unpleasant aroma, insects, uncontrollable weather e.t.c.

According to Bruce Thomas, the director of Business Development at Lawson, Scenix porch windows are a great way for homeowners to bring the outdoor experience into their homes.

In June 2017, Larson Manufacturing unveiled the Scenix Porch windows that feature retractable window screens. This product was made from tempered glass, which is very tough and durable. The dimension of this product was around 8 feet in height and 6 feet in width.  Once installed, the owners get to enjoy local scenery in a panoramic view. House owners do not have to compromise letting insects into the home for fresh air because even when the glass is slid, it unveils a retractable screen.

There are many cases staff and manufacturers of products go-ahead to use a product from other competitors for personal use. It is not uncommon to see a brand ambassador or sales representative of a gadget using another gadget or a model for a clothing line preferring to dress in another. This only goes to show that they are not confident in the quality of their products. How do they expect others to believe in the quality of what they are trying to sell when they done even use it? Fortunately, his is not the case with Lawson’s Manufacturing.

Due to the confidence, the manufacturers has in these products, the Director of business development, Bruce Thomas, volunteered to use his own house as one of the first places where the product was to be put to use and thus became one of the first persons to have it installed in their home. In an interview, he described himself as one of the Guinea pigs that was used for experimenting with this innovation. What’s more? His household quickly fell in love with this window with his wife making pleasant remarks about how the glass keeps them out of the elements even though they are enjoying the best of the outside while sitting comfortably indoors.

Retailer’s Review

Some popular retail partner for the scenix porch windows such as Lowe and Menards have attested to how the product has been performing in the market, especially the review from customers. When a product hits the market, the best place to get customers review is from the retailers because they have personal interactions with them.

Bruce Thomas confirmed that this product had satisfied the demand of customers for that niche in the market. Furthermore,  the contractors have been expressing excitement about scenix.

Builders and homeowners confirmed that before the coming of scenix into the scene, there was a huge gap in the market, and thus the product keeps gaining more popularity in the construction industry as the day goes. Even homeowners are starting to replace their windows or add it to the existing one.

Shawn’s Custom Homes’ Shawn Knapp noted that scenix has come to meet the demand of his customers as they have been looking for such a product for a long time. He further went on to reveal that a lot of lake homes have properties that are situated in an area that gives beautiful views, yet there was never a way to bring that outdoor experience inside the house. Therefore, since scenix arrived at the scene, the story is beginning to change. 

Perfect Timing

Proper timing is important for any business to succeed. Can you imagine if the electric bulb was invented before the discovery of electricity? It would just be a mere toy for children to play with.

According to Bruce Thomas, now is the perfect time for Larson Manufacturing to be in the business of making beautiful house fixtures. This is because more customers are currently a tune with decorating and investing in their homes.

He took a peek into some data available with the American housing survey when the company was about coming up with the new product. He found out that most customers had been investing hugely in patios, decks, and porches. These customers were willing to spend 2500$ to get more living space to themselves. Thomas holds the belief that homeowners will continue to place a premium on scenic views and large openings.

When it comes to the building industry, Bruce Thomas is no rookie. He has been involved in both building materials and millwork industries. He went on to cheer the Larson team for coming up with such an amazing product in Scenix porch windows. According to him, the addition of this product to Larson’s product line happened at the best time. He expressed optimism that many novel products that meet the aim of homeowners and building contractors will come up in the future. Afterall as he claims, Larson is a product of innovative ideas, and Scenix porch windows are mere expressions of the innovation Larson is known for.

More About Larson

Oscar Larson established Larson Manufacturing many decades ago. From the onset, the company has always focused on the application of innovativeness in tackling the everyday challenge. Mr. Oscar established Larson Manufacturing as a Storm door company and focused on upholding integrity, quality, and service. That vision remains up till today because Larson is still the biggest storm door manufacturing company in North America. 

Aside from their storm doors, they are a market leader in the production of efficient storm windows, retractable screens, and several doors and windows both for interior and exterior use in homes.

As part of the long-term vision of the founder to maintain customer satisfaction and excellent product delivery, Larson Manufacturing places a high premium on its employee’s training and welfare. A happy employee will produce a happy client. Its headquarters is situated at Brookings S.D while the other plants are located at Iowa, Mocksville, N.C, and Lake Mills.

Lawson Manufacturing owns and maintains a national sales team and distribution center. Their products are available everywhere on major home improvement vendors around the nation; some include Lowe’s and Menards and retailers in the U.S. and Canada.


Icon Building Group

IconGroup – Custom Homes Builder Construction Team Icon

A house is more than a place of abode, it carries a lot of memories and establish strong bonds that last for a lifetime. According to Charlie Murphy, the president and CEO of the Icon Building group, the company will stop at nothing to bring to reality whatever structure their clients wants created. 

Building from the standpoint Murphy goes more than joining of bricks and mortar to form a structure. For him, it is unveiling of the deepest desire in the heart of a client and giving it a physical expression. When Icon Building decides to create a structure, they make sure it perfectly meets the client’s dream.

The Icon building group is located at Kildeer, and it specializes in building of custom homes within and around their host community. Apart from building new structures, they also specialize in the rehabilitation and renovation of existing systems including lots.

Various Partnerships

Their partnership with leading architectural and interior design firms avails them the privilege to quickly give life to what only existed as an idea within the mind of their clients. Ever since the year 2008, when Charlie Murphy founded the company with one partner who invested some money in a subdivision of the company, it has grown beyond leaps and bounds. Even when Murphy and his partner had to partway along the line, he still never lost faith in the project.

Although at that time, Murphy was only a rookie in the real estate industry, it never deterred him. He went on to make several daring moves that has finally paid-off today.  According to him, he had to figure out the entire building process and how to sell it at the end on his own.

Murphy’s dogged spirit still spurred him to try his hand on several other projects, especially distressed real estate projects around Lake County, specifically Stevenson School District. He went on to acknowledge that this area was probably one of the best in the entire nation. Based on His experience, Murphy discovered the role that location played in determining the level of success he recorded in the Icon build group.

Another thing that made Icon building rise to prominence was the fact that they offered custom work. Charlie Murphy claimed that he never liked the idea of forcing people to choose from stock plans; after all, everyone is different and possesses different tastes. He, therefore, created the avenue where clients could share their unique desire, and Icon building will come up with a custom project to suit the client. 

Today, Icon Homes has done a myriad of a project across the nation including simply works like renovations to more technical ones as building both for private and commercial purposes. In the beginning, a lot of people though Murphy was getting himself into too much work and advised that he should take things a little slower. He couldn’t succumb to their plea because he saw too much similarity in the way the business was being run by the other and decided to bring some diversity and innovativeness into the business. This finally paid off obviously.

Icon building is now over ten years old since the time of creation in 2008, and within this period, it has successfully built a team of reliable staff that share the same passion and vision with Charlie Murphy. Murphy claims that he is surrounded by people who share a lot of similarities with him. As the CEO now, he doesn’t get the chance to visit project sites as he used to in his early days; he claims that he has no cause to worry because the jobs are capable hands. 

A Critical Process

Whenever Icon building is to develop a custom design for any client, they work closely with the client. According to Murphy, they first try to fully grasp the idea in the kind of their clients and look at all the indices that will be required to achieve it. Essential elements like house size, client budget, cultural requirement, etc. are looked into and discussed with the client.

Icon building understands that the relationship with their client is very critical in helping them achieve client goals without having to face numerous bottlenecks. For most clients, their home is probably the most significant project they will ever invest in, and have probably been saving for it for many years. A home is not just a building; it is a place where the family bond is nurtured and lifelong memories created. It is the job of Icon Building to make it a place everyone will love, and for this to happen, there must be Faith and trust between clients and the company.

Murphy noted that for this client and company relationship to be built and last long could take many processes and sometimes long distances. For example, when they made a home for a family far away in Singapore, they had to maintain regular communication with the client through modern technology.

Project managers are allowed to actively participate in relating to the client so that they can use their experience in a way that will meet the client’s specifications and maintain flow and functionality. The design and client budget will be weighed adjusted until everything aligns perfectly. As soon as the client finally assents to the project and appends his signature to the contract, Icon Building sets off on a journey to give life to the dream. However, even along the line, if the client still needs some adjustments to the project, there is always room for that. 

Nothing will be forced on any client; this was the model on which Charlie Murphy built the company, and it has not changed. The client is guaranteed to get whatever he wants when he wants it and how he wants it. 

More than a House

In a recent project, the extent Icon Building can go to satisfy a client was revealed. It was a luxury home, custom made to the client’s specification.

According to Murphy, the client was moving to Dallas with his family and needed a custom-made home so as usual, they had a heart to heart discussion with the client to determine what his heart aches for and how best to get it done to the client budget. 

The project was an interestingly themed farmhouse with lots of spaces connecting with the kitchen, family area, and casual eating area. It also featured a porch on both sides and a deck on another side.

The design team assigned by the company to handle the project worked tirelessly with this family to give them the home they have always dreamed about. Every detail down to the interior and exterior finishes were discussed with the client, and the result was a masterpiece.

As Murphy stated, Icon building does not just stop at the construction of homes, they also make sure they have a cordial relationship with the family, so they worked with this family to help their children schooling. The local district where the home is located doesn’t allow students to their schools except they have lived in the neighborhood. Therefore, Icon building got a temporary home for them to live in for some time. In the end, the goal was achieved, and a solid bond was created.

For Murphy, it is not all about being the CEO of a successful real estate company as it is about the joy in putting a smile on the faces of his clients. In his exact words, “I just love what I do.” He celebrates the privilege of working with other people to give them a place they can call home. He noted that he was pleased to be part of people’s retirement story. Many clients just want to build a home where they and their families will live forever after retirement.

Murphy noted that his company envisages several areas for innovation in building houses and the several components that come together to form what is known as a home. In a bid to stay relevant in the construction industry, Icon building keeps positioning itself at the front of the movement because they know that a lot will change in the way houses are built in the coming future. 

More than a Business

Icon building corp does not only build relationships with their client but with society and humanity in general. They have been involved in charitable works in a bid to make the world a better place. With the help of some of the Icons suppliers who gave them building materials for free and some at discounted rates, they could build a home around Vernon Hills and sold the house after completion. The proceed from the sale of the building was entirely donated to St Jude charity organization.

Icon building group has similar plans for several other charity organization and aim at achieving that for the sense of fulfillment they get when they realize that they are putting smiles on the faces of people around the nation.


Home Enrichment Company

Home Enrichment Company Inc – Custom Homes Builder

Home Enrichment Company was set up in 1987. It is situated in Hudson Valley, New York. Also, it services Western Connecticut, Columbia Counties, Orange, Dutchess, and Westchester. It is a firm that is run by high-level carpenters with over 80 years of experience between them. These carpenters do not just work together, they also have similar goals and believe in constant craftsmanship. Although these craftsmen are not the only ones in this firm, they play very key roles in ensuring the development of well-built structures that will last the test of time.

Since its inception, Home Enrichment Company has labored to enrich the communities, lives, and homes of its clients. Additionally, it strives to build long-lasting relationships with designers, architects, trade contractors, and clients.

What is this Firm Known for?

Home Enrichment Company is characterized by a professional demeanor. You, therefore, can be certain you will get jobs of high-quality when you let then handle your project. When this firm bids for jobs, the scope of their knowledge can be recognized. Due to the scope of its knowledge, clients are able to see a wide range of possible turnout of events.

If you are looking to handle seemingly difficult projects such as those that involve putting a new structure and an old structure together, you will encounter lots of possible difficulties. You, however, may not be able to tell what these potential difficulties are. However, when you work with Home Enrichment Company, you do not need to worry about the potential difficulties associated with your project.

Why is this so?

The reason for this is simple. This firm is aware of the potential difficulties of various projects, as well as solutions to these difficulties that will not put a hole in your pocket.

There are lots of factors that characterize Home Enrichment Company. While attention to detail is one popular factor, the rate at which this firm completes different projects and at an affordable price is one feature that makes it stand out from other firms that offer similar services. Additionally, when this firm outsources any jobs, it does so to excellent contractors. This way, you will have no reason to complain when the project is done.

Available Positions

Home Enrichment Company has always been interested in making communities and homes have improved appearances. It has also maintained an open position for skilled professionals that want to be a part of the team.  

So, if you are a skilled builder and are interested in working with this firm, you simply need to send a mail. Your mail should contain the things about the building that you are interested in.

Once you get accepted to work with this firm, you will be joining a team of master carpenters, carpenters, journey carpenters, and plumbers. You will also get an opportunity to interact with craftsmen like Timothy Link, Greg Wilsea, Josh Rich, Steve Schnaper, Chris Hansen, and Mark Palmquist. Although these are not the only craftsmen that work with this firm, they are some of the most prominent.