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Boar Wheel Company is a family-owned that is located in Hot Springs, S.D, and has been in operation for more than nine decades. It is a firm that is focused on ensuring trailers moving heavy loads are able to make use of the right tire always. 

Boar Wheel Company is interested in the welfare of truck drivers as it is aware of the challenges facing this sector of the economy. In the United States alone, over 3.2 trillion miles got on tires last year. This report was given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While this number is huge, crashes that were tire-related were responsible for up to 738 fatalities involving vehicles on highways in the United States.

According to the NHTSA, quality tires can go a long way in ensuring passengers, as well as drivers, enjoy a good dose of safety on the road. Although this is great, there is more quality tires are known for. With the use of quality tires, the amount spent on fuel is reduced significantly. That’s not all. The impact of the vehicle on the environment is also affected. 

Since Boar Wheel Company understands the challenges faced by trucks, it has taken it upon itself to provide wheels that heavy-duty vehicles can rely on. This firm aims at putting a stop to tire blowouts.

Boar Wheel has made it known that vehicles will not get the best from the simultaneous use of light-truck tires, special-trailer tires, and heavy trailer tires. When these tires are used together, they end up leading to unexpected tire failures.

How It Started

According to the owner of this firm, Joel Hawkins, Boar Wheel is where it is today because of the process it has gone through over the years. This firm started with the grandfather of its owner. In the 1970s, Hawkins’ father and grandfather owned a factory in Colorado Springs. Just like his father and grandfather, Hawkins spent a lot of time in the factory. 

Sometime in the 1980s, Hawkins’ father went to operate a business on his own. He went on to relocate to South Dakota in 1997. This split did not end with his father and grandfather as he and his brother stopped working with their father and decided to run their own business.

In 2006, Hawkins’ father was interested in downsizing. Due to this, he and his brother had to move back to South Dakota where they handled the business, made it big, and put it up for sale after they had brought it to a level they wanted.

While running his father’s business alongside his brother, Hawkins noticed that customers never seemed satisfied with the tires they owned. The tires they had access to did not seem good enough to deal with the weight they carried. They also were unable to deal with the stress. So, in an effort to meet the needs of customers, Hawkins and his brother came up with Boar Wheels Company.

What Quality Does Boar Wheel Company Offer

Boar Wheel basically meets the needs of people in the agricultural industry, construction firms, and people that make use of fifth-wheel campers. To ensure that these people have the right wheels for their vehicles, Boar Wheel ensures that its tires offer certain elements. These elements are;

A reduction in cost: Since the wheels produced by Boar Wheels Company put Blowouts out of the picture, they can help tires last much longer. The implication of this is users will not have to constantly change tires.

Elimination of Downtime: Unlike regular wheels, tires produced by Boar Wheel Company are very reliable. Due to this, users can actually spend time moving from one city to another instead of changing tires frequently.

A Stable Ride:  The tires designed by this company have a low profile design. With this design, sidewall distortion is eliminated virtually.

Boar Wheel Company makes commercial-grade heavy-duty trailer wheels. They are designed to work with axles that carry 7,000 pounds and above. Additionally, the rims, as well as the wheels are made from top-quality materials. That’s not all. Boar Wheel makes use of 19.5-inch tires. These tires are great for braking and towing. They also help with fuel efficiency during towing, they are resistant to wear, cuts, and tears, and also provide top-notch loading capacity.

According to Boar Wheel Company, lots of heavy-duty tires get over-distorted and twist easily when a vehicle is maneuvered because a lot of them are made with 16-inch constructions. Tires with this type of construction put the sidewalls under undue stress. Tires with 16 inch side constructions frequently experience blowouts when a vehicle is moving fast and is loaded. To avoid these unwanted occurrences, Boar Wheels focuses on using 19.5 inch tires.

Boar Wheel Company and Safety

Hawkins has explained that this firm stays in touch with its customers via social media. This way, it is able to tell the exact product they need and goes ahead to develop it. 

Due to the feedback it got while relating with customers on Facebook, Boar Wheel Company is working on introducing a 6-lug wheel soon. This wheel has never been produced. So, Boar Wheel will be making the first-ever 6-lug wheel. This wheel will meet the needs of small trailers and cargo. After getting done with the 6-lug wheel, this firm will move on to build a 19.5-inch wheel meant for 1-ton and ¾ -ton pickup trucks. This way, customers can easily upgrade their tow vehicle.

Additionally, this firm gets a ton of requests to develop 15-inch wheels. Although it will eventually design one, this will take a while.

Hawkins has made it known that Boar Wheels Company has begun dealing with trailer-tire blowouts. According to him close to 100% of the trailers that make use of Boar Wheels do not have to deal with the problem of trailer-tire blowouts. 

Since close to 100% of trailers that use Boar Wheels no longer deal with blowouts, one can expect this to increase to 100%. The truth, however, is blowouts might never get completely eliminated.

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