Fleetwood Windows & Doors

Fleetwood Company – Windows & Doors

The production of contemporary style windows and doors for luxury homes by Fleetwood Windows And Doors started in 1961. Today, the company stands out as the only consultant and specialist in this niche of the market. This is because of its unfailing commitment to architecture’s integrity and the polishing of the littlest of details.

There is a brand focus, “Fleetwood,” which is a picture of quality and class. This company aims to get products with strong similarity to fine furniture, even if others focus on just good products.

The company lasers in on making the United States’ core values a major ingredient for its manufacturing. The aim is not just quality but also speed, and the aim is not just products but also the American dream, which is a success.

Checking the company’s website and showrooms will help convince the prospect of the quality that is much bragged about. Checking what others have to offer would potentiate the belief that the company’s products are truly superior.

Not Driven by Profits

Fleetwood Windows And Doors is more interested in establishing and strengthening their brand above, making just short-term profits. This is personal to the company as it is indeed a family business. The focus is on decades and not just the short-term.

Genuine Lifetime Warranty

The company is so confident to stand by her product by her warranty, which it describes as Lifetime.


Many rival companies also offer sustainable products, but none can match this when the talk is about doors and windows. The many available alternatives brag about originality but this is the company’s strongest point.


The company is bent on making its product eco-friendly, which is evident in its “Greenest” sliding doors. The manufacturing of its aluminum product is from the use of recycled glass and aluminum. All the aluminum scrap is recycled.

Green and Sustainable

There is a common perception of wood in exquisite homes as a green product most often than not. The only time wood is green is when it gets harvested according to the proper forest guideline. The material which fits the term “sustainable,” however, is aluminum.

In the earth’s crust exists an abundance of aluminum, and the supply is much greater than what the world is currently demanding. Due to its easily recyclable nature, it is next-gen.

Long Lasting

Aluminum is long-lasting as compared to wood products. The energy expended while using wood products is unnecessary and can be utilized in using aluminum products.

Inert Coatings and Finishes

The company offers two types of finishes on aluminum and doors and windows. They include paint and anodizing. These processes lead to an environmentally safe product that doesn’t require finishing.

Prevent Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs are products of many materials that end up polluting the air around us. This is not so for the company’s products as proper heating of the painted finishes is carried out to about 400°F.

Recycling of Remnant

They make use of a waste-minimization strategy to manufacture new doors and windows. This process is energy-saving, and about 95% less energy is deployed in aluminum scrap manufacturing.

Sustainable Design

If sustainability is what you desire, then aluminum products are a great choice. Aluminum is easily recyclable.

Simple Logistics

The light-weighted nature of aluminum makes it easy for shipping to be done worldwide with minimal waste. Markets far and wide can also make purchases of the products.

The Manufacturing Process

A core value of the company is quality among others, and a great deal of focus is given to every stage of the manufacturing process of a product. COO Mark McCoy stated that from the point of the materials’ arrival to the point of packaging, it is quality control all the way.

They keep their standard of focus by building a team of those who are strongly convinced about the method. He stated how he is proud of the energy put in to get the team’s ideal product and creativity.

The company produces new windows and doors, especially for exquisite homes in the coastal region. The COO explains that the company began in 1961 with a big dream of making the only 9-foot tall sliding door for exquisite homes.

Only eight-foot doors were commonly seen in the market before then, said the COO. The architecture was experiencing a revolution, and the need for stronger sliding doors, especially in the Hollywood region, was a necessity, so he said.

The Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham luxury vehicle was the inspiration for the naming of the company. This showed that it stood for luxury, said the COO. More windows and sliding doors were produced by the company and were branded for modern exquisite home architecture.

The company’s products are eco-friendly in that the windows are manufactured from recycled materials such as glass and aluminum, including finishes and inner coatings.

The company’s target market is the exquisite home market, and in this, the company has set itself as an authority. The brand that stands for high quality is always put in mind first, which affects who the company sells to (boutique dealerships) and the work ethic. These were the words of McCoy.

The reach of the company is also defined. It covers places where contemporary home designs are found. McCoy also stated that the reach of the company spreads to the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico.

The company sets up its showroom in areas where the valued offered is appreciated.

Legacy Continuance

The company started with McCoy’s Father in the 1980s when as a boy, McCoy made sales books and did factory work.

McCoy went back and picked up the sales and architectural departments’ work after his degree in management. This was where he chose to remain functional until he finally took up the leadership of the company.

Fleetwood Windows is so successful because it is committed to being the standard in sliding doors (Cadillac). McCoy also made it clear that his contribution was to support the brand with other products and maintain its strength.

The company stands out because a family owns it; no boards, no shareholders, just family! Money is happily reinvested into it as a family business, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.


The years that have gone by didn’t leave the company without competition, with most competitors trying to copy the company. The company’s signature is that its products can merge large sheets of glass to promote great viewing of customers’ homes.

McCoy holds that the material that makes for a better view of the home and shutting out the weather is glass. He also stated that only a few companies worldwide could do a residential home installation at that level.

Companies who are in it just for profit do not get to produce hardware themselves, which cancels out uniqueness. Once there is an involvement in a third party in the production process, it is hard to sustain uniqueness. That is not the case of this company, in that the products end up silencing the doubts of discriminating buyers.

There is already a plan to keep the commitment ball rolling and growing. In a short space of three years, there is a plan to expand the business but hold on to quality firmly, of course!

The channel of the focus is on the improvement of operations for now. For example, the company just concluded an investment that cost millions of dollars on infrastructure and automation. With ease and speed, the products can now be manufactured.


Epoch Residential – Development & Properties Management

Epoch Multifamily Residential Development & Construction

Epoch Residential is a firm that is into the development and the management of properties. It is a force to reckon with in the multi-family sector. Epoch Residential was set up in 1970 and has been active for 50 years. Since being set up, Epoch has built more than 38, 000 apartment homes. 

This firm is led by a team that has a joint experience of 150 years in the multi-family industry. Although popular as a firm that concerns itself with developing and managing properties, Epoch Residential is more. It is also involved with rehabilitation, renovation, and financial investing. Over the years, this firm has been able to get a reputation for helping investors have the right level of profit.

Epoch Residential functions at the highest level because of the set of professionals on its team

Services Offered by Epoch Residential

As a world-class firm, Epoch Residential is about the development, construction, and the management of properties. Let’s look into these various roles in detail.


Since coming into the scene in 1970, Epoch Residential has been able to develop more than 38,000 gardens, mid-rise apartments, and townhomes in 55 cities and 155 communities in the United States. This firm is not the only multi-family developer in the United States. It, however, stands out from lots of other firms that offer the same services it offers. The reason for this is it is able to develop properties with amenity packages and architectural designs that are award worthy. Also, it has a reputation for selecting the right market to develop.

Epoch does not work in isolation. It relates very closely with design consultants in the apartment sector. Additionally, it has functioned with landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, and architects from various parts of the United States

Epoch has a good number of design professionals in its team. It, however, does not work with just these professionals. It also works with waterproofing, sound attenuation, and ADA consultants that play a role in the design process. This way, certain issues that are strongly associated with apartment industries are avoided.

Epoch Residential pays a great deal of attention to details and by doing this, it enjoys good dividends not just immediately after the construction but a long time after it is done with a particular construction.


Epoch Residential is famous for its ability to construct apartment homes of very high quality. In addition to the quality that these apartment homes are associated with, they enjoy world-class amenities, amazing floor plans, and luxury finishes.

Epoch does not just construct great facilities, it makes the best out of the environment and location the structure is in. It does this by ensuring there is a balance between the surroundings and what is being developed. Every structure put up by Epoch Residential is made from the best quality materials and is designed to meet the needs of people with high tastes.

Epoch is sometimes known as the “Giants of Housing” because it is one of the biggest firms involved in multi-family development in Florida. In addition to being one of the biggest development firms in Florida, this company is on the list of Central Florida’s Golden 100 list of Privately Owned Companies.


Management is one of Epoch Residential’s core services and it is one of the leading firms in this area. It is ahead of lots of other firms because of the strength of its management team. 

Members of Epoch Residential’s management team are very skilled professionals that focus primarily on multi-family. Due to the strength of this team, Epoch Residential has successfully managed more than 100, 000 units in over 90 cities around the United States. Beyond just managing a lot of buildings in many cities, Epoch is focused on revolutionary unit finishes and amenities. This way, it is able to do a lot better than other firms that offer management services. Two areas it has always done better than a lot of other firms are in resident retention and rental rates.

Epoch Residential has an approach to business that is totally service-based. By doing this, it offers assistance to investment partners and owners that are interested in getting the best out of the value of their assets through the maximization of their income. It does not stop at this. It effectively handles expenses.

There are lots of success stories associated with Epoch communities. Some of these stories include amazing residency retention rates, astonishing occupancy, and absolutely fast lease-ups. These stories have led to the receipt of a couple of awards. Some of these awards are seven Golden Key Awards which was gotten in 2017. This was gotten from the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando. This firm did not stop at getting awards in 2017. It went on to get some more awards in 2018 and 2019. The awards it got in 2018 were four Golden Key Awards. However, the awards it got in 2019 were Apartment Association awards.

You can be a Part of the Team

If you fall into the category of people that are searching for a place where they can grow on the job and learn from an experienced team, you just might want to consider working with Epoch Residential. This firm is interested in working with qualified people with the right motivation and talent. 

Although lots of people are interested in working with this firm, it only selects those it considers the very best because to operate at the highest level in multi-family management, construction, and development, you will have to work with the right employees.

While the various positions at Epoch Residential are important, the position of a community manager is key to its success. The reason for this is every community operation that gets carried out is directed by the community manager. So, in the right direction, things will go on well. However, if the direction is not apt, things might not go according to plan.

A community manager is responsible for personnel development and management. They should also have the right understanding of the market space.


Ellisdale Construction

Ellisdale Development Group

There are firms that can boast of having an approach that has the ability to bring a significant change in their sector. These firms, however, are very few and one of them is Ellisdale Construction.

Ellisdale Construction is a firm that is based in Leesburg, Va. It has been able to provide immense benefits to the projects of its many clients because it uses light gauge metal construction instead of concrete.

The use of light gauge metal construction might not seem like much to certain people. It, however, brings a great turn around to certain markets.  President Kevin Ash of Ellisdale Construction has made it known that this firm is meeting with architects and developers as it works towards constructing high rise buildings with less money and reduced labor.

About Ellisdale Construction

Ellisdale Construction has been existing for 15 years. When it came into the scene, it was simply into wood framework for restoration projects. It gained traction in Washington. D.C. Due to this, it handled some affordable housing projects while the Great Recession was on.

Ellisdale did not work as the average construction firm while it was on this project. It worked in a way that tenants could partly remain in their homes. It achieved this by working between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. This way, tenants did not feel the full impact of having to reside in a building being renovated.

After being active with wood frame work for a while, Ellisdale Construction moved on to light gauge metal framing. With this move, it was able to struggle for a favorable position with contractors that make use of casting-place concrete while constructing high-rise buildings. The use of light gauge metal framing has gone a long way in putting Ellisdale Construction ahead of its equals.

Why is this so?

The reason for this is the high cost associated with concrete construction. The cost of concrete construction is so high certain projects are unable to continue.

Although being stuck on a project because of the cost of executing such project is bad, things are not so bad because of the existence of Ellisdale Construction. The fact that Ellisdale makes use of light gauge metal has made it possible for some of these projects to continue.

Less Time and Less Money

Ellisdale Construction’s method of using light gauge metal needs prefabrication. This way, it has been able to carry out various projects with fewer funds and in a shorter period. This comes with lots of benefits. However, it is especially beneficial to firms because of the constant increase in labor rates.

When carrying out a building project, Ellisdale Construction Firm does not need to carry out every single process on the site of the construction. It can carry out the prefabrication of walls off the site. This way, it is able to position 15,000 to 20,000 square feet with labor from just 15 people. This is a lot cheaper than a concrete building which will need about 50people for 15,000 square feet to be produced. In addition to the number of people that will be needed to produce a 15, 000 square feet, the period needed to produce 15, 000 square feet of concrete is two times the time needed to produce the same dimensions of light gauge metal.

Over the years, Ellisdale has been able to get a lot of results. This has almost become a reputation and has attracted attention from clients that have a thing for being dubious. President Kevin Ash has made it known that lots of people do not want to be used as specimens. They need to see an idea executed with other people giving such an idea a chance.

President Ash has gone on to say oftentimes, Ellisdale Construction makes its clients spend $50 less for every square foot. And it is presently focused on equipping architects and developers on fresh ways they can get high-rise buildings standing without the need for so many hands and funds.

Completed Projects

Ellisdale Construction has handled lots of projects. Included in these projects is the biggest light gauge metal project in Washington. This project is the Aspen. It is 11 stories high and features 133 living units. Located in Washington, D.C., this building has apartment levels that are developed from light-gauge structural frame. Their decking is also made of corrugated metal decking.

This project did not just get completed in good shape, it was completed with less than the amount budgeted and before its deadline. The completion of this project brought Ellisdale Construction to a whole new level.

Apart from the Aspen, another popular construction handled by Ellisdale is the Adele. This project was executed in Washington, D.C. It has office space of 18,616, and 14 condominiums. It is a mixed-use building. This building is a residential and office complex.

The Adele was finished in 2018 and it was chosen in the category of Best Washington/Baltimore Boutique Condominium Community by Delta Associates’ 22nd Annual Apartment and Condominium Industry Awards for Excellence.

At the moment, Ellisdale Construction is working on New Carrollton. This is a 282-unit apartment building project located in New Carrollyom, Md. Although this project is not the only one carried out by this firm, its president Ash is especially fulfilled because the architect, as well as the owner of the building got the contractor to be a part of the project while it just got started.

At the beginning of this project, the plan was to build a structure at $140, 000 for each door. However, as the design went through the development phase, the cost of handling the project gradually increased. This was supposed to lead to an unwanted occurrence. Nonetheless, things were brought back down because of this firm’s ability to carry out top-notch constructions with a small budget.

Ash has made it known that developers and architects are interested in having contractors with them from the inception of a project. Due to this, with time, it will become normal for builders to be made a part of a project very early.



Build Sound LLC Seattle Development

buildSOUND LLC is a renowned building company which boasts of innovative architecture and sustainable building. They have various projects to their name, including six and seven units of terraces in Seattle. 

Their primary focus is on developing modern-day homes, which reckons with a unique taste via inspired and innovative design. They also call for the advancement of modern architectural designs by elevating and shaping the benchmarks of nifty livability within the Seattle neighborhoods’ coffins.

buildSOUND LLC has been in existence for long, so they have full building experience while still maintaining high quality. They merge a builder’s strengths with that of the Architect to render light-filled significant architecture with compelling spaces and articulated details. 

buildSound is a respectable company whose mission is to compose green, timeless, and inspired sustainable architecture, as seen in each of their homes.

The owner of buildSOUND, Rob McVicars, started as a painting contractor, but he has always had his eyes on homebuilding. He had been nursing this building passion since he was a kid when he used to work with his dad in the garage. Being a painting contractor familiarized him with building designs, finishes, and details, and later used the experience to develop his own.

buildSOUND began operation in 2008 and faced some tough times as the country was faced with a recession. They later learned from the challenges and grew stronger. They were lucky not to have started in 2006 as they would have been in massive debt because of inflation that happened afterward.

Over the years, people whose homes were built and designed by Build Sound have always sung their praises in various testimonials. People have made testimonials of how they are a reputable local company building beautiful, environmentally friendly, and modern homes with perfect finishing touches.

Rob McVicars believes that his company makes the most massive difference in the entry-level market. So they mainly build houses that give a warming home welcome to homeowners after purchasing and moving in.  

buildSOUND stands out from others as they build houses that differ from those of other builders as they add few additional details that give the house an edge. These few details like a well-designed fireplace, a built-in bookshelf, and a key throw can add so much comfort for the homeowner.

Although these added details contribute more expenses, they still serve the purpose. buildSOUND seeks to provide affordable accommodation for all sorts of people, young professionals, civil servants, and other likes. Some of their houses sell for $399,900 while still featuring the quality and details seen in their more expensive homes. 

The goal is to provide high-quality houses at prices lower than that of the competitors. 

buildSOUND has a timeless design that gives value to the homes they build such that the building maintains its high value if the owner decides to resell it later.

Recently, the company has adjusted its approach by planning lower price houses to cater to their buyers’ needs. This comes as a backdrop even as lands in the Seattle area are getting more expensive every day. Yet the company seeks to offer people affordable homes.

You can contact buildSOUND LLC through their office mail (, or you directly contact their key employees.


Boar Wheel Company

BoarWheel Wheels, Tires & Trailer Company

Boar Wheel Company is a family-owned that is located in Hot Springs, S.D, and has been in operation for more than nine decades. It is a firm that is focused on ensuring trailers moving heavy loads are able to make use of the right tire always. 

Boar Wheel Company is interested in the welfare of truck drivers as it is aware of the challenges facing this sector of the economy. In the United States alone, over 3.2 trillion miles got on tires last year. This report was given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While this number is huge, crashes that were tire-related were responsible for up to 738 fatalities involving vehicles on highways in the United States.

According to the NHTSA, quality tires can go a long way in ensuring passengers, as well as drivers, enjoy a good dose of safety on the road. Although this is great, there is more quality tires are known for. With the use of quality tires, the amount spent on fuel is reduced significantly. That’s not all. The impact of the vehicle on the environment is also affected. 

Since Boar Wheel Company understands the challenges faced by trucks, it has taken it upon itself to provide wheels that heavy-duty vehicles can rely on. This firm aims at putting a stop to tire blowouts.

Boar Wheel has made it known that vehicles will not get the best from the simultaneous use of light-truck tires, special-trailer tires, and heavy trailer tires. When these tires are used together, they end up leading to unexpected tire failures.

How It Started

According to the owner of this firm, Joel Hawkins, Boar Wheel is where it is today because of the process it has gone through over the years. This firm started with the grandfather of its owner. In the 1970s, Hawkins’ father and grandfather owned a factory in Colorado Springs. Just like his father and grandfather, Hawkins spent a lot of time in the factory. 

Sometime in the 1980s, Hawkins’ father went to operate a business on his own. He went on to relocate to South Dakota in 1997. This split did not end with his father and grandfather as he and his brother stopped working with their father and decided to run their own business.

In 2006, Hawkins’ father was interested in downsizing. Due to this, he and his brother had to move back to South Dakota where they handled the business, made it big, and put it up for sale after they had brought it to a level they wanted.

While running his father’s business alongside his brother, Hawkins noticed that customers never seemed satisfied with the tires they owned. The tires they had access to did not seem good enough to deal with the weight they carried. They also were unable to deal with the stress. So, in an effort to meet the needs of customers, Hawkins and his brother came up with Boar Wheels Company.

What Quality Does Boar Wheel Company Offer

Boar Wheel basically meets the needs of people in the agricultural industry, construction firms, and people that make use of fifth-wheel campers. To ensure that these people have the right wheels for their vehicles, Boar Wheel ensures that its tires offer certain elements. These elements are;

A reduction in cost: Since the wheels produced by Boar Wheels Company put Blowouts out of the picture, they can help tires last much longer. The implication of this is users will not have to constantly change tires.

Elimination of Downtime: Unlike regular wheels, tires produced by Boar Wheel Company are very reliable. Due to this, users can actually spend time moving from one city to another instead of changing tires frequently.

A Stable Ride:  The tires designed by this company have a low profile design. With this design, sidewall distortion is eliminated virtually.

Boar Wheel Company makes commercial-grade heavy-duty trailer wheels. They are designed to work with axles that carry 7,000 pounds and above. Additionally, the rims, as well as the wheels are made from top-quality materials. That’s not all. Boar Wheel makes use of 19.5-inch tires. These tires are great for braking and towing. They also help with fuel efficiency during towing, they are resistant to wear, cuts, and tears, and also provide top-notch loading capacity.

According to Boar Wheel Company, lots of heavy-duty tires get over-distorted and twist easily when a vehicle is maneuvered because a lot of them are made with 16-inch constructions. Tires with this type of construction put the sidewalls under undue stress. Tires with 16 inch side constructions frequently experience blowouts when a vehicle is moving fast and is loaded. To avoid these unwanted occurrences, Boar Wheels focuses on using 19.5 inch tires.

Boar Wheel Company and Safety

Hawkins has explained that this firm stays in touch with its customers via social media. This way, it is able to tell the exact product they need and goes ahead to develop it. 

Due to the feedback it got while relating with customers on Facebook, Boar Wheel Company is working on introducing a 6-lug wheel soon. This wheel has never been produced. So, Boar Wheel will be making the first-ever 6-lug wheel. This wheel will meet the needs of small trailers and cargo. After getting done with the 6-lug wheel, this firm will move on to build a 19.5-inch wheel meant for 1-ton and ¾ -ton pickup trucks. This way, customers can easily upgrade their tow vehicle.

Additionally, this firm gets a ton of requests to develop 15-inch wheels. Although it will eventually design one, this will take a while.

Hawkins has made it known that Boar Wheels Company has begun dealing with trailer-tire blowouts. According to him close to 100% of the trailers that make use of Boar Wheels do not have to deal with the problem of trailer-tire blowouts. 

Since close to 100% of trailers that use Boar Wheels no longer deal with blowouts, one can expect this to increase to 100%. The truth, however, is blowouts might never get completely eliminated.


3 Ways Air Pneumatic Jackhammers Are More Dangerous Than You Think

What is Pneumatic Jackhammering with Air Compressor

Even when they cannot be seen, they still can be undoubtedly heard. It is true for the jackhammers when they are being used in the construction site. They are tailored to break through rocks, concrete and stone with high power.

When they are not operated with expertise and care, they could harm the operator. The reverse is the case when they are used properly; they give good outputs.

Many Reasons Why Air Compressors in Jackhammers Are Dangerous

You cannot compare the air compressor you would require for your car tires to that which is needed for a heavy-duty jackhammer. The difference is both in size and in the function. The dangers posed by them are not usually obvious.

Towing and Heavy Lifting

A repeated process of loading and unloading the air compressors needs to be done on an active site. Towing the compressor is a valid option depending on the size of the pneumatic. The truth is air compressors have a lot of weight, and it is pointless trying to move them around without support.


Due to a long period of use, air compressors are bound to overheat. Other materials used on-site also have this quality. Air compressors are explosive when they overheat, so it’s best to keep them off heat sources.

Whole Body Vibration Phenomenon

It is believed that the “whole body vibration” phenomenon is a result of the use of vehicles during construction. Some reports now have it that jackhammer usage is a contributory factor as well. As it stands, this phenomenon (whole-body vibration) has not been properly investigated and researched.

The long-term effects have not been truly known yet, but the cost of this phenomenon is high. To talk in short terms is to count compressed discs and chronic back pain as possible consequences. Worst of all, a greater cost of neurological disorders can arise as well.

A time is coming when we look back and nod our heads in regret for how we harmed ourselves in ignorance.

But Jackhammers Are Needed for On-site Construction, What Can Be Done?

Hazards are most commonly overlooked in the construction sector. We most times cause more damage and set more traps, all in the name of trying to “build the future.” In times past, most construction workers were seen as dispensable, more like unimportant commodities.

What can be done when Jackhammers are needed at every time on the construction site?

How to Safely Use A Jackhammer

It takes lots of courage to wield and use a jackhammer. It takes time to gain mastery, and it’s not something you’ll be able to learn to use just immediately. It is intentionality in most regions that potential users must have first been certified before granted access to one.

The following are tips that can help make sure you utilize the jackhammer safely:


This is the first step to safely using the equipment whether or not you are a professional. Prior knowledge makes it much safer to use and so it is advised to learn.

Protect Yourself

It is crucial to put on personal protective equipment before wielding the jackhammer. The level of risk while operating the equipment is indeed high in the inexperienced hands.

These are meant to be part of your dress-kit:

  • Work gloves
  • Earmuffs
  • Googles
  • Hat
  • Respirator
  • Steel-toed shoes
  • High-visibility vest

Inspect the Jackhammer

Before and after using the equipment, ensure you cross-check the jackhammer for any faults. Make sure the components are complete and are perfectly working.

Inspect the cables for wear and tear, and also check the air ducts for fractures and cracks. In the long term, you get to save costs.

Compressor Placement

On their own, jackhammers make a lot of noise; now, combining this with the air compressor makes the sound hell. To dampen the noise, you should take the compressor far away from the work-site.

Position Yourself

The weight of jackhammers makes them potentially injurious to the user. The accurate positioning is to set the tool at an angle where the hammer’s body is leaning back to you. This will prevent jamming of the tip of the hammer. It also gives more control in the event of a malfunction.

The jackhammer should be carried with the thighs, protecting the user from terrible back injuries and strains. As you move from place to place, keep your hand on the lever. 

Clear the Area

Never make use of a jackhammer close to bystanders. Put off the machine if someone decides to come to you; you know it isn’t a toy. This is one equipment where it will be safe to say keep out of reach of children.

Inspect the Structure

Check the integrity of the structure from time to time. When there is a convergence of weak points, there can be a failure of the whole structure. The aftermath is usually a partial collapse or even worse.

Also, inspect the cement for any buried wiring or live piping.

Take Frequent Breaks

When you make use of the jackhammer, do ensure to rest intermittently. Due to muscle-vibration fatigue, there could be accidents. Break your work into bits, and don’t try to work non-stop. 

Make Use of The Right Points

Make use of the appropriate points for the appropriate material, e.g., Chisel points for concrete, Rock points for concrete, etc. Don’t make use of a broken point.

If you want to change the tool points, first turn off the air source to reduce the nozzle’s pressure.

The Future is Gas Power

Our statement “the future is gas power” is like what the moguls said about oil in times past; The future is gas power for jackhammers.

Of a truth, Pneumatic jackhammers have served their time. The new devices now in vogue are gas-powered. Over the last hundred years, there has not been a vivid change in pneumatic technology.

As we start to see a dawn of jackhammers powered by gas, we also see a reduced risk when stones, concrete and rocks are broken. Would you join the train?