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There are firms that can boast of having an approach that has the ability to bring a significant change in their sector. These firms, however, are very few and one of them is Ellisdale Construction.

Ellisdale Construction is a firm that is based in Leesburg, Va. It has been able to provide immense benefits to the projects of its many clients because it uses light gauge metal construction instead of concrete.

The use of light gauge metal construction might not seem like much to certain people. It, however, brings a great turn around to certain markets.  President Kevin Ash of Ellisdale Construction has made it known that this firm is meeting with architects and developers as it works towards constructing high rise buildings with less money and reduced labor.

About Ellisdale Construction

Ellisdale Construction has been existing for 15 years. When it came into the scene, it was simply into wood framework for restoration projects. It gained traction in Washington. D.C. Due to this, it handled some affordable housing projects while the Great Recession was on.

Ellisdale did not work as the average construction firm while it was on this project. It worked in a way that tenants could partly remain in their homes. It achieved this by working between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. This way, tenants did not feel the full impact of having to reside in a building being renovated.

After being active with wood frame work for a while, Ellisdale Construction moved on to light gauge metal framing. With this move, it was able to struggle for a favorable position with contractors that make use of casting-place concrete while constructing high-rise buildings. The use of light gauge metal framing has gone a long way in putting Ellisdale Construction ahead of its equals.

Why is this so?

The reason for this is the high cost associated with concrete construction. The cost of concrete construction is so high certain projects are unable to continue.

Although being stuck on a project because of the cost of executing such project is bad, things are not so bad because of the existence of Ellisdale Construction. The fact that Ellisdale makes use of light gauge metal has made it possible for some of these projects to continue.

Less Time and Less Money

Ellisdale Construction’s method of using light gauge metal needs prefabrication. This way, it has been able to carry out various projects with fewer funds and in a shorter period. This comes with lots of benefits. However, it is especially beneficial to firms because of the constant increase in labor rates.

When carrying out a building project, Ellisdale Construction Firm does not need to carry out every single process on the site of the construction. It can carry out the prefabrication of walls off the site. This way, it is able to position 15,000 to 20,000 square feet with labor from just 15 people. This is a lot cheaper than a concrete building which will need about 50people for 15,000 square feet to be produced. In addition to the number of people that will be needed to produce a 15, 000 square feet, the period needed to produce 15, 000 square feet of concrete is two times the time needed to produce the same dimensions of light gauge metal.

Over the years, Ellisdale has been able to get a lot of results. This has almost become a reputation and has attracted attention from clients that have a thing for being dubious. President Kevin Ash has made it known that lots of people do not want to be used as specimens. They need to see an idea executed with other people giving such an idea a chance.

President Ash has gone on to say oftentimes, Ellisdale Construction makes its clients spend $50 less for every square foot. And it is presently focused on equipping architects and developers on fresh ways they can get high-rise buildings standing without the need for so many hands and funds.

Completed Projects

Ellisdale Construction has handled lots of projects. Included in these projects is the biggest light gauge metal project in Washington. This project is the Aspen. It is 11 stories high and features 133 living units. Located in Washington, D.C., this building has apartment levels that are developed from light-gauge structural frame. Their decking is also made of corrugated metal decking.

This project did not just get completed in good shape, it was completed with less than the amount budgeted and before its deadline. The completion of this project brought Ellisdale Construction to a whole new level.

Apart from the Aspen, another popular construction handled by Ellisdale is the Adele. This project was executed in Washington, D.C. It has office space of 18,616, and 14 condominiums. It is a mixed-use building. This building is a residential and office complex.

The Adele was finished in 2018 and it was chosen in the category of Best Washington/Baltimore Boutique Condominium Community by Delta Associates’ 22nd Annual Apartment and Condominium Industry Awards for Excellence.

At the moment, Ellisdale Construction is working on New Carrollton. This is a 282-unit apartment building project located in New Carrollyom, Md. Although this project is not the only one carried out by this firm, its president Ash is especially fulfilled because the architect, as well as the owner of the building got the contractor to be a part of the project while it just got started.

At the beginning of this project, the plan was to build a structure at $140, 000 for each door. However, as the design went through the development phase, the cost of handling the project gradually increased. This was supposed to lead to an unwanted occurrence. Nonetheless, things were brought back down because of this firm’s ability to carry out top-notch constructions with a small budget.

Ash has made it known that developers and architects are interested in having contractors with them from the inception of a project. Due to this, with time, it will become normal for builders to be made a part of a project very early.

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