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The production of contemporary style windows and doors for luxury homes by Fleetwood Windows And Doors started in 1961. Today, the company stands out as the only consultant and specialist in this niche of the market. This is because of its unfailing commitment to architecture’s integrity and the polishing of the littlest of details.

There is a brand focus, “Fleetwood,” which is a picture of quality and class. This company aims to get products with strong similarity to fine furniture, even if others focus on just good products.

The company lasers in on making the United States’ core values a major ingredient for its manufacturing. The aim is not just quality but also speed, and the aim is not just products but also the American dream, which is a success.

Checking the company’s website and showrooms will help convince the prospect of the quality that is much bragged about. Checking what others have to offer would potentiate the belief that the company’s products are truly superior.

Not Driven by Profits

Fleetwood Windows And Doors is more interested in establishing and strengthening their brand above, making just short-term profits. This is personal to the company as it is indeed a family business. The focus is on decades and not just the short-term.

Genuine Lifetime Warranty

The company is so confident to stand by her product by her warranty, which it describes as Lifetime.


Many rival companies also offer sustainable products, but none can match this when the talk is about doors and windows. The many available alternatives brag about originality but this is the company’s strongest point.


The company is bent on making its product eco-friendly, which is evident in its “Greenest” sliding doors. The manufacturing of its aluminum product is from the use of recycled glass and aluminum. All the aluminum scrap is recycled.

Green and Sustainable

There is a common perception of wood in exquisite homes as a green product most often than not. The only time wood is green is when it gets harvested according to the proper forest guideline. The material which fits the term “sustainable,” however, is aluminum.

In the earth’s crust exists an abundance of aluminum, and the supply is much greater than what the world is currently demanding. Due to its easily recyclable nature, it is next-gen.

Long Lasting

Aluminum is long-lasting as compared to wood products. The energy expended while using wood products is unnecessary and can be utilized in using aluminum products.

Inert Coatings and Finishes

The company offers two types of finishes on aluminum and doors and windows. They include paint and anodizing. These processes lead to an environmentally safe product that doesn’t require finishing.

Prevent Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs are products of many materials that end up polluting the air around us. This is not so for the company’s products as proper heating of the painted finishes is carried out to about 400°F.

Recycling of Remnant

They make use of a waste-minimization strategy to manufacture new doors and windows. This process is energy-saving, and about 95% less energy is deployed in aluminum scrap manufacturing.

Sustainable Design

If sustainability is what you desire, then aluminum products are a great choice. Aluminum is easily recyclable.

Simple Logistics

The light-weighted nature of aluminum makes it easy for shipping to be done worldwide with minimal waste. Markets far and wide can also make purchases of the products.

The Manufacturing Process

A core value of the company is quality among others, and a great deal of focus is given to every stage of the manufacturing process of a product. COO Mark McCoy stated that from the point of the materials’ arrival to the point of packaging, it is quality control all the way.

They keep their standard of focus by building a team of those who are strongly convinced about the method. He stated how he is proud of the energy put in to get the team’s ideal product and creativity.

The company produces new windows and doors, especially for exquisite homes in the coastal region. The COO explains that the company began in 1961 with a big dream of making the only 9-foot tall sliding door for exquisite homes.

Only eight-foot doors were commonly seen in the market before then, said the COO. The architecture was experiencing a revolution, and the need for stronger sliding doors, especially in the Hollywood region, was a necessity, so he said.

The Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham luxury vehicle was the inspiration for the naming of the company. This showed that it stood for luxury, said the COO. More windows and sliding doors were produced by the company and were branded for modern exquisite home architecture.

The company’s products are eco-friendly in that the windows are manufactured from recycled materials such as glass and aluminum, including finishes and inner coatings.

The company’s target market is the exquisite home market, and in this, the company has set itself as an authority. The brand that stands for high quality is always put in mind first, which affects who the company sells to (boutique dealerships) and the work ethic. These were the words of McCoy.

The reach of the company is also defined. It covers places where contemporary home designs are found. McCoy also stated that the reach of the company spreads to the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico.

The company sets up its showroom in areas where the valued offered is appreciated.

Legacy Continuance

The company started with McCoy’s Father in the 1980s when as a boy, McCoy made sales books and did factory work.

McCoy went back and picked up the sales and architectural departments’ work after his degree in management. This was where he chose to remain functional until he finally took up the leadership of the company.

Fleetwood Windows is so successful because it is committed to being the standard in sliding doors (Cadillac). McCoy also made it clear that his contribution was to support the brand with other products and maintain its strength.

The company stands out because a family owns it; no boards, no shareholders, just family! Money is happily reinvested into it as a family business, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.


The years that have gone by didn’t leave the company without competition, with most competitors trying to copy the company. The company’s signature is that its products can merge large sheets of glass to promote great viewing of customers’ homes.

McCoy holds that the material that makes for a better view of the home and shutting out the weather is glass. He also stated that only a few companies worldwide could do a residential home installation at that level.

Companies who are in it just for profit do not get to produce hardware themselves, which cancels out uniqueness. Once there is an involvement in a third party in the production process, it is hard to sustain uniqueness. That is not the case of this company, in that the products end up silencing the doubts of discriminating buyers.

There is already a plan to keep the commitment ball rolling and growing. In a short space of three years, there is a plan to expand the business but hold on to quality firmly, of course!

The channel of the focus is on the improvement of operations for now. For example, the company just concluded an investment that cost millions of dollars on infrastructure and automation. With ease and speed, the products can now be manufactured.

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