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Larson manufacturing has been at the forefront of creating materials for the beautification of the home for over six decades. They continue to thrive over the because they embrace dynamism and make products that can provide immediate solution to market demand. Their products are known for their rare aesthetics, functionality, and comfort that they add to the homeowner’s life. 

As part of their goal of providing the best home enhancement products, Larson’s manufacturing team continues to brainstorm on best solutions to the arching desires of home owners. They look forward to feedbacks from clients and make are keep abreast with survey data that can point them in the right direction as to where a need is and they go all out to fill that gap.

Scenix Porch Windows

The Scenix porch windows are the latest products from Larson storm doors manufacturing plant. Retailers and customers always look forward to any new product coming from this company and the Scenix Porch windows are not any different.

These windows introduce several outdoor qualities into the home, such as fresh air, warm sunshine, and several other breathtaking views. As if this was not enough, scenix porch avails you the privilege of a square footage all year round. This window opens you up to a more beautiful view of your environment that you would not get bored of. It makes you get the feeling that you are right there in the middle of nature but keep away every other unwanted things in nature such as unpleasant aroma, insects, uncontrollable weather e.t.c.

According to Bruce Thomas, the director of Business Development at Lawson, Scenix porch windows are a great way for homeowners to bring the outdoor experience into their homes.

In June 2017, Larson Manufacturing unveiled the Scenix Porch windows that feature retractable window screens. This product was made from tempered glass, which is very tough and durable. The dimension of this product was around 8 feet in height and 6 feet in width.  Once installed, the owners get to enjoy local scenery in a panoramic view. House owners do not have to compromise letting insects into the home for fresh air because even when the glass is slid, it unveils a retractable screen.

There are many cases staff and manufacturers of products go-ahead to use a product from other competitors for personal use. It is not uncommon to see a brand ambassador or sales representative of a gadget using another gadget or a model for a clothing line preferring to dress in another. This only goes to show that they are not confident in the quality of their products. How do they expect others to believe in the quality of what they are trying to sell when they done even use it? Fortunately, his is not the case with Lawson’s Manufacturing.

Due to the confidence, the manufacturers has in these products, the Director of business development, Bruce Thomas, volunteered to use his own house as one of the first places where the product was to be put to use and thus became one of the first persons to have it installed in their home. In an interview, he described himself as one of the Guinea pigs that was used for experimenting with this innovation. What’s more? His household quickly fell in love with this window with his wife making pleasant remarks about how the glass keeps them out of the elements even though they are enjoying the best of the outside while sitting comfortably indoors.

Retailer’s Review

Some popular retail partner for the scenix porch windows such as Lowe and Menards have attested to how the product has been performing in the market, especially the review from customers. When a product hits the market, the best place to get customers review is from the retailers because they have personal interactions with them.

Bruce Thomas confirmed that this product had satisfied the demand of customers for that niche in the market. Furthermore,  the contractors have been expressing excitement about scenix.

Builders and homeowners confirmed that before the coming of scenix into the scene, there was a huge gap in the market, and thus the product keeps gaining more popularity in the construction industry as the day goes. Even homeowners are starting to replace their windows or add it to the existing one.

Shawn’s Custom Homes’ Shawn Knapp noted that scenix has come to meet the demand of his customers as they have been looking for such a product for a long time. He further went on to reveal that a lot of lake homes have properties that are situated in an area that gives beautiful views, yet there was never a way to bring that outdoor experience inside the house. Therefore, since scenix arrived at the scene, the story is beginning to change. 

Perfect Timing

Proper timing is important for any business to succeed. Can you imagine if the electric bulb was invented before the discovery of electricity? It would just be a mere toy for children to play with.

According to Bruce Thomas, now is the perfect time for Larson Manufacturing to be in the business of making beautiful house fixtures. This is because more customers are currently a tune with decorating and investing in their homes.

He took a peek into some data available with the American housing survey when the company was about coming up with the new product. He found out that most customers had been investing hugely in patios, decks, and porches. These customers were willing to spend 2500$ to get more living space to themselves. Thomas holds the belief that homeowners will continue to place a premium on scenic views and large openings.

When it comes to the building industry, Bruce Thomas is no rookie. He has been involved in both building materials and millwork industries. He went on to cheer the Larson team for coming up with such an amazing product in Scenix porch windows. According to him, the addition of this product to Larson’s product line happened at the best time. He expressed optimism that many novel products that meet the aim of homeowners and building contractors will come up in the future. Afterall as he claims, Larson is a product of innovative ideas, and Scenix porch windows are mere expressions of the innovation Larson is known for.

More About Larson

Oscar Larson established Larson Manufacturing many decades ago. From the onset, the company has always focused on the application of innovativeness in tackling the everyday challenge. Mr. Oscar established Larson Manufacturing as a Storm door company and focused on upholding integrity, quality, and service. That vision remains up till today because Larson is still the biggest storm door manufacturing company in North America. 

Aside from their storm doors, they are a market leader in the production of efficient storm windows, retractable screens, and several doors and windows both for interior and exterior use in homes.

As part of the long-term vision of the founder to maintain customer satisfaction and excellent product delivery, Larson Manufacturing places a high premium on its employee’s training and welfare. A happy employee will produce a happy client. Its headquarters is situated at Brookings S.D while the other plants are located at Iowa, Mocksville, N.C, and Lake Mills.

Lawson Manufacturing owns and maintains a national sales team and distribution center. Their products are available everywhere on major home improvement vendors around the nation; some include Lowe’s and Menards and retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

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