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With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, Schwartz Custom Homes is a firm that is famous as a multifamily home builder that is a specialist in developing houses that are very energy efficient. Since coming on the scene, this firm has been able to put up a couple of outstanding projects in Austin, Texas.

This firm has worked on quite a number of projects. However, one of these projects stands out. This is the Haven South Austin Retreat condos project. Although yet to be complete, this project is already selling very rapidly. It is not a very big project. It is made up of ten two-story buildings.

While this project was being initiated, Mitch Schwartz, the owner of Schwartz Custom Homes, and his team felt only millennials would be interested in the project. Well, contrary to their anticipation, buyers for this project are from various generations.

The Haven South Austin Retreat condos project is not just successful, it is also a recipient of awards as proof of its success. One of the awards it has won so far is the Best in American Living (BALA) Awards which it got in 2018. It got this award in the Infill Community category. Furthermore, this award was presented by the National Association of Home Builders.

Every single unit in the Haven South Austin retreat condos features three bedrooms. This is in addition to one or two car garages, and two and half or three baths. Additionally, each unit begins with the $300, 000 benchmark. That’s not all. Occupants of the condos will enjoy tankless gas water heaters, LED lighting, HVAC system, and energy-efficient insulation.

Schwartz has this to say about the buildings, “The buildings are very energy-efficient”. “We started building energy-efficient housing before everyone else did. We go above and beyond”.

The Haven condo might seem isolated. The truth, however, is it is not isolated. It is just 15 minutes away from downtown Austin. Also, it offers residents a good number of outdoor activities, shopping, cafes, and restaurants.

Other Projects

Schwartz Construction might be most associated with the Haven Condos. It, however, is also involved in other projects. It is currently working on a 30 detached condos located in the Teravista community. This community is popular as one of Austin’s best-selling communities.

According to Mitch Schwartz, this community is properly planned and comes with a golf course. Furthermore, Schwartz Custom Homes is in charge of constructing the final 30 residential units of the 3600 available units.

This project is currently ongoing and is scheduled to be completed in 2021. Every unit in this project is expected to have a starting price point of $250,000 and feature three bedrooms. Additionally, the sale of units will start soon.

This project being carried out in the Teravista community features amazing amenities. These amenities are a golf club, a couple of centers built for socializing, a fitness center, pool complexes, and a golf club.

The Haven Condos and 30 detached condos located in the Teravista community are not the only projects that Schwartz Custom Homes has had a hand in. One other major project that this firm has handled is The Legacy at St. John condos. This firm is not the only firm on this project. It simply plays the role of a general contractor. This project started in spring and will be completed in about two years.

According to the plan of the Legacy at St. John, it is expected to be made up of 55 multifamily townhomes. These homes are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and calm. Also, it occupies a four-acre piece of land and is just 10 minutes away from downtown Austin. The price of this development will begin at$350, 000 for each unit and it is made up of 40 2-bedroom apartments.

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