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Epoch Multifamily Residential Development & Construction

Epoch Residential is a firm that is into the development and the management of properties. It is a force to reckon with in the multi-family sector. Epoch Residential was set up in 1970 and has been active for 50 years. Since being set up, Epoch has built more than 38, 000 apartment homes. 

This firm is led by a team that has a joint experience of 150 years in the multi-family industry. Although popular as a firm that concerns itself with developing and managing properties, Epoch Residential is more. It is also involved with rehabilitation, renovation, and financial investing. Over the years, this firm has been able to get a reputation for helping investors have the right level of profit.

Epoch Residential functions at the highest level because of the set of professionals on its team

Services Offered by Epoch Residential

As a world-class firm, Epoch Residential is about the development, construction, and the management of properties. Let’s look into these various roles in detail.


Since coming into the scene in 1970, Epoch Residential has been able to develop more than 38,000 gardens, mid-rise apartments, and townhomes in 55 cities and 155 communities in the United States. This firm is not the only multi-family developer in the United States. It, however, stands out from lots of other firms that offer the same services it offers. The reason for this is it is able to develop properties with amenity packages and architectural designs that are award worthy. Also, it has a reputation for selecting the right market to develop.

Epoch does not work in isolation. It relates very closely with design consultants in the apartment sector. Additionally, it has functioned with landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, and architects from various parts of the United States

Epoch has a good number of design professionals in its team. It, however, does not work with just these professionals. It also works with waterproofing, sound attenuation, and ADA consultants that play a role in the design process. This way, certain issues that are strongly associated with apartment industries are avoided.

Epoch Residential pays a great deal of attention to details and by doing this, it enjoys good dividends not just immediately after the construction but a long time after it is done with a particular construction.


Epoch Residential is famous for its ability to construct apartment homes of very high quality. In addition to the quality that these apartment homes are associated with, they enjoy world-class amenities, amazing floor plans, and luxury finishes.

Epoch does not just construct great facilities, it makes the best out of the environment and location the structure is in. It does this by ensuring there is a balance between the surroundings and what is being developed. Every structure put up by Epoch Residential is made from the best quality materials and is designed to meet the needs of people with high tastes.

Epoch is sometimes known as the “Giants of Housing” because it is one of the biggest firms involved in multi-family development in Florida. In addition to being one of the biggest development firms in Florida, this company is on the list of Central Florida’s Golden 100 list of Privately Owned Companies.


Management is one of Epoch Residential’s core services and it is one of the leading firms in this area. It is ahead of lots of other firms because of the strength of its management team. 

Members of Epoch Residential’s management team are very skilled professionals that focus primarily on multi-family. Due to the strength of this team, Epoch Residential has successfully managed more than 100, 000 units in over 90 cities around the United States. Beyond just managing a lot of buildings in many cities, Epoch is focused on revolutionary unit finishes and amenities. This way, it is able to do a lot better than other firms that offer management services. Two areas it has always done better than a lot of other firms are in resident retention and rental rates.

Epoch Residential has an approach to business that is totally service-based. By doing this, it offers assistance to investment partners and owners that are interested in getting the best out of the value of their assets through the maximization of their income. It does not stop at this. It effectively handles expenses.

There are lots of success stories associated with Epoch communities. Some of these stories include amazing residency retention rates, astonishing occupancy, and absolutely fast lease-ups. These stories have led to the receipt of a couple of awards. Some of these awards are seven Golden Key Awards which was gotten in 2017. This was gotten from the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando. This firm did not stop at getting awards in 2017. It went on to get some more awards in 2018 and 2019. The awards it got in 2018 were four Golden Key Awards. However, the awards it got in 2019 were Apartment Association awards.

You can be a Part of the Team

If you fall into the category of people that are searching for a place where they can grow on the job and learn from an experienced team, you just might want to consider working with Epoch Residential. This firm is interested in working with qualified people with the right motivation and talent. 

Although lots of people are interested in working with this firm, it only selects those it considers the very best because to operate at the highest level in multi-family management, construction, and development, you will have to work with the right employees.

While the various positions at Epoch Residential are important, the position of a community manager is key to its success. The reason for this is every community operation that gets carried out is directed by the community manager. So, in the right direction, things will go on well. However, if the direction is not apt, things might not go according to plan.

A community manager is responsible for personnel development and management. They should also have the right understanding of the market space.

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