Build Sound LLC Seattle Development

buildSOUND LLC is a renowned building company which boasts of innovative architecture and sustainable building. They have various projects to their name, including six and seven units of terraces in Seattle. 

Their primary focus is on developing modern-day homes, which reckons with a unique taste via inspired and innovative design. They also call for the advancement of modern architectural designs by elevating and shaping the benchmarks of nifty livability within the Seattle neighborhoods’ coffins.

buildSOUND LLC has been in existence for long, so they have full building experience while still maintaining high quality. They merge a builder’s strengths with that of the Architect to render light-filled significant architecture with compelling spaces and articulated details. 

buildSound is a respectable company whose mission is to compose green, timeless, and inspired sustainable architecture, as seen in each of their homes.

The owner of buildSOUND, Rob McVicars, started as a painting contractor, but he has always had his eyes on homebuilding. He had been nursing this building passion since he was a kid when he used to work with his dad in the garage. Being a painting contractor familiarized him with building designs, finishes, and details, and later used the experience to develop his own.

buildSOUND began operation in 2008 and faced some tough times as the country was faced with a recession. They later learned from the challenges and grew stronger. They were lucky not to have started in 2006 as they would have been in massive debt because of inflation that happened afterward.

Over the years, people whose homes were built and designed by Build Sound have always sung their praises in various testimonials. People have made testimonials of how they are a reputable local company building beautiful, environmentally friendly, and modern homes with perfect finishing touches.

Rob McVicars believes that his company makes the most massive difference in the entry-level market. So they mainly build houses that give a warming home welcome to homeowners after purchasing and moving in.  

buildSOUND stands out from others as they build houses that differ from those of other builders as they add few additional details that give the house an edge. These few details like a well-designed fireplace, a built-in bookshelf, and a key throw can add so much comfort for the homeowner.

Although these added details contribute more expenses, they still serve the purpose. buildSOUND seeks to provide affordable accommodation for all sorts of people, young professionals, civil servants, and other likes. Some of their houses sell for $399,900 while still featuring the quality and details seen in their more expensive homes. 

The goal is to provide high-quality houses at prices lower than that of the competitors. 

buildSOUND has a timeless design that gives value to the homes they build such that the building maintains its high value if the owner decides to resell it later.

Recently, the company has adjusted its approach by planning lower price houses to cater to their buyers’ needs. This comes as a backdrop even as lands in the Seattle area are getting more expensive every day. Yet the company seeks to offer people affordable homes.

You can contact buildSOUND LLC through their office mail (, or you directly contact their key employees.

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