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A house is more than a place of abode, it carries a lot of memories and establish strong bonds that last for a lifetime. According to Charlie Murphy, the president and CEO of the Icon Building group, the company will stop at nothing to bring to reality whatever structure their clients wants created. 

Building from the standpoint Murphy goes more than joining of bricks and mortar to form a structure. For him, it is unveiling of the deepest desire in the heart of a client and giving it a physical expression. When Icon Building decides to create a structure, they make sure it perfectly meets the client’s dream.

The Icon building group is located at Kildeer, and it specializes in building of custom homes within and around their host community. Apart from building new structures, they also specialize in the rehabilitation and renovation of existing systems including lots.

Various Partnerships

Their partnership with leading architectural and interior design firms avails them the privilege to quickly give life to what only existed as an idea within the mind of their clients. Ever since the year 2008, when Charlie Murphy founded the company with one partner who invested some money in a subdivision of the company, it has grown beyond leaps and bounds. Even when Murphy and his partner had to partway along the line, he still never lost faith in the project.

Although at that time, Murphy was only a rookie in the real estate industry, it never deterred him. He went on to make several daring moves that has finally paid-off today.  According to him, he had to figure out the entire building process and how to sell it at the end on his own.

Murphy’s dogged spirit still spurred him to try his hand on several other projects, especially distressed real estate projects around Lake County, specifically Stevenson School District. He went on to acknowledge that this area was probably one of the best in the entire nation. Based on His experience, Murphy discovered the role that location played in determining the level of success he recorded in the Icon build group.

Another thing that made Icon building rise to prominence was the fact that they offered custom work. Charlie Murphy claimed that he never liked the idea of forcing people to choose from stock plans; after all, everyone is different and possesses different tastes. He, therefore, created the avenue where clients could share their unique desire, and Icon building will come up with a custom project to suit the client. 

Today, Icon Homes has done a myriad of a project across the nation including simply works like renovations to more technical ones as building both for private and commercial purposes. In the beginning, a lot of people though Murphy was getting himself into too much work and advised that he should take things a little slower. He couldn’t succumb to their plea because he saw too much similarity in the way the business was being run by the other and decided to bring some diversity and innovativeness into the business. This finally paid off obviously.

Icon building is now over ten years old since the time of creation in 2008, and within this period, it has successfully built a team of reliable staff that share the same passion and vision with Charlie Murphy. Murphy claims that he is surrounded by people who share a lot of similarities with him. As the CEO now, he doesn’t get the chance to visit project sites as he used to in his early days; he claims that he has no cause to worry because the jobs are capable hands. 

A Critical Process

Whenever Icon building is to develop a custom design for any client, they work closely with the client. According to Murphy, they first try to fully grasp the idea in the kind of their clients and look at all the indices that will be required to achieve it. Essential elements like house size, client budget, cultural requirement, etc. are looked into and discussed with the client.

Icon building understands that the relationship with their client is very critical in helping them achieve client goals without having to face numerous bottlenecks. For most clients, their home is probably the most significant project they will ever invest in, and have probably been saving for it for many years. A home is not just a building; it is a place where the family bond is nurtured and lifelong memories created. It is the job of Icon Building to make it a place everyone will love, and for this to happen, there must be Faith and trust between clients and the company.

Murphy noted that for this client and company relationship to be built and last long could take many processes and sometimes long distances. For example, when they made a home for a family far away in Singapore, they had to maintain regular communication with the client through modern technology.

Project managers are allowed to actively participate in relating to the client so that they can use their experience in a way that will meet the client’s specifications and maintain flow and functionality. The design and client budget will be weighed adjusted until everything aligns perfectly. As soon as the client finally assents to the project and appends his signature to the contract, Icon Building sets off on a journey to give life to the dream. However, even along the line, if the client still needs some adjustments to the project, there is always room for that. 

Nothing will be forced on any client; this was the model on which Charlie Murphy built the company, and it has not changed. The client is guaranteed to get whatever he wants when he wants it and how he wants it. 

More than a House

In a recent project, the extent Icon Building can go to satisfy a client was revealed. It was a luxury home, custom made to the client’s specification.

According to Murphy, the client was moving to Dallas with his family and needed a custom-made home so as usual, they had a heart to heart discussion with the client to determine what his heart aches for and how best to get it done to the client budget. 

The project was an interestingly themed farmhouse with lots of spaces connecting with the kitchen, family area, and casual eating area. It also featured a porch on both sides and a deck on another side.

The design team assigned by the company to handle the project worked tirelessly with this family to give them the home they have always dreamed about. Every detail down to the interior and exterior finishes were discussed with the client, and the result was a masterpiece.

As Murphy stated, Icon building does not just stop at the construction of homes, they also make sure they have a cordial relationship with the family, so they worked with this family to help their children schooling. The local district where the home is located doesn’t allow students to their schools except they have lived in the neighborhood. Therefore, Icon building got a temporary home for them to live in for some time. In the end, the goal was achieved, and a solid bond was created.

For Murphy, it is not all about being the CEO of a successful real estate company as it is about the joy in putting a smile on the faces of his clients. In his exact words, “I just love what I do.” He celebrates the privilege of working with other people to give them a place they can call home. He noted that he was pleased to be part of people’s retirement story. Many clients just want to build a home where they and their families will live forever after retirement.

Murphy noted that his company envisages several areas for innovation in building houses and the several components that come together to form what is known as a home. In a bid to stay relevant in the construction industry, Icon building keeps positioning itself at the front of the movement because they know that a lot will change in the way houses are built in the coming future. 

More than a Business

Icon building corp does not only build relationships with their client but with society and humanity in general. They have been involved in charitable works in a bid to make the world a better place. With the help of some of the Icons suppliers who gave them building materials for free and some at discounted rates, they could build a home around Vernon Hills and sold the house after completion. The proceed from the sale of the building was entirely donated to St Jude charity organization.

Icon building group has similar plans for several other charity organization and aim at achieving that for the sense of fulfillment they get when they realize that they are putting smiles on the faces of people around the nation.

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